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					What is IFLA?                                        IFLA Membership                                      International Federation
IFLA (The International Federation of Library        Membership in IFLA is open to associations and       of Library Associations
Associations and Institutions) is the leading        institutions; affiliation is available for indivi-
international body representing the interest of      duals. For further information on joining IFLA       and Institutions
library and information services and their           and registering for the Rare Books and Manus-
users. Established in 1927, IFLA was one of the      cripts Section, contact:
first non-profit making, non-governmental or-
ganizations to further the cause of libra-           IFLA Headquarters
rianship.                                            P.O. Box 95312
Its primary function is to promote international     2509 CH The Hague
understanding, cooperation, discussion, re-          Netherlands
search and development in all aspects of li-         Tel.: +31 70 3140 884                                Rare Books and Manuscripts
brary activity, and to share its findings with the   Fax: +31 70 3834 827                                 Section
library community all over the world. Today          E-mail:
IFLA is present in more than 150 coun-tries.
Each year IFLA organizes an international con-
ference, the World Library and Information           For more information about the Rare Books and
Congress.                                            Manuscripts Section, please contact:

The objectives and professional activities of           Raphaële Mouren (head)
IFLA aim at universal application and compre-           Associate professor
hensiveness. To facilitate its work, the orga-          École nationale supérieure des sciences de
nization is structured in two types of units:           l’information et des bibliothèques
                                                        17-21 bd du 11 novembre 1918
•   five Divisions with professional groups of
                                                        69623 Villeurbanne cedex / FRANCE
    Sections and Discussion Groups, organized
                                                        Tel. +(33) (0)9 62 22 02 55
    by type of library or library activity;
                                                        Fax. +(33) (0)4 72 44 43 44
•   six Core Activities: Action for Development         E-mail:
    through Libraries Programme (ALP), Com-
    mittee on Copyright and other Legal                 Anne Eidsfeldt (secretary)
    Matters (CLM), Committee on Free Access             Academic librarian/Book historian
    to Information and Freedom of Expression            National Library of Norway
    (FAIFE), IFLA-CDNL Alliance for Biblio-             PO Box 2674 Solli
    graphic Standards (ICABS), Preservation and         0203 Oslo / NORWAY
    Conservation (PAC), and UNIMARC.                    Tel. +(47) (23) 276000
                                                        Fax. +(47) (23) 276010
In pursuing its objectives, IFLA supports the           E-mail :
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
that "everyone has the right to participate          Or go to the Rare Books and Manuscripts
freely in the culture of the community, to           Section homepage:
enjoy the arts, and to share in scientific 
advancement and its benefits".                       manuscripts/
Rare Books and Manuscripts                          General Goals of the Section                         UNESCO Memory of the World Programme

                                                    • Promote the understanding of the signifi-          The Section underlines the importance of the
Rare books and manuscripts are part of the          cance of rare books, manuscripts, and archives       UNESCO Memory of the World Programme,
global cultural heritage. Their significance as     for scholarly research, and as part of the heri-     which aims at safeguarding the documentary
intellectual creations, historic collections, and   tage of civilization, in an international context.   heritage of humanity, by contributing to the vi-
objets d'art exceed boundaries of language,         • Develop international standards in the field       sibility of this programme and by actively sup-
state or period. Scholars, librarians, book and     of rare book and manuscript librarianship, and       porting the IFLA representative at the Memory
art historians, bibliophiles, and library users     publish directories and bibliographies which         of the World Register Subcommittee.
from all over the world read, study, and admire     will assist rare book and manuscript librarians
them. Special collections preserve these trea-      in their work.                                       Advocacy
sures with great care. They are the sources of
history, the evidence that can be interrogated      Projects and plans                                   The section also aims to raise awareness for
by new researchers who ask their own ques-                                                               security issues concerning rare materials and
tions. Through archives and publications, pre-      Annual Bibliography of the History of the            for improving access to hidden collections.
vious generations speak to us with original         Printed Book and Libraries (ABHB)
                                                    Under the auspices of the Section a new              Conferences
                                                    volume of ABHB has been issued each year from
Scope of the Section                                1970 on. The Dutch National Library is the           A pre-conference and session were organized in
                                                    General Editor. Since 2001 an electronic ver-        Durban, 2007, in cooperation with the Preser-
The IFLA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section         sion, Book History Online, is available at           vation and Conservation Section, on culturage
provides a forum for discussion and exchange of                                       heritage in African libraries. In Québec in 2008,
information on matters of particular concern to                                                          the conference session focussed on Expanding
rare book and manuscript librarians in all types    Digitization activities                              frontiers of knowledge: documents of explo-
of libraries, including the collection, preser-                                                          ration, discovery and travel. In 2009, the
                                                    The section provides a forum for sharing expe-       section held a satellite meeting in Munich,
vation, digitization, bibliographic control, and
                                                    rience and expertise in digitization projects of     Germany, on Early printed books as material
use of such materials, and the management
                                                    rare books and manuscripts, especially with          objects; the congress session in Milan was
and marketing of special collections depart-
                                                    regard to standards and formats, selection, edi-     about Dispersed cultural collections. Preserva-
                                                    torial control, access, users feedback, copy-        tion, reconstruc-tion and access. In 2010 the
The Section monitors new developments and
                                                    right, preservation, funding and partnerships.       congress in Göthenburg will be devoted to
provides information to its members through a
twice-yearly newsletter, programmes at IFLA                                                              Reconstructing libraries : physical evidence for
                                                    Guidelines for exhibition loans                      the history of libraries and collections and a
Annual World Library and Information Con-
gresses, and RBMS workshops. It supports the        In 2004 the Section published the brochure           satellite meeting is proposed in Uppsala with
progress of professional projects. Currently 118    Guidelines for Exhibition Loans. It contains         the Preservation and Conservation Section on
institutions and associations are members of        principles and best practices based on a recent      New techniques to assist with conservation.
the Section. Business is conducted through an       survey of the loan policies of leading Iibraries
international Standing Committee of up to 20        in Europe and North America.                         Future conference sites
members, who meet at IFLA General Confe-
rences. The Section has a tradition of fruitful     Inventory of international activities                2010 Göthenburg, Sweden
cooperation with the Sections for Preservation                                                           2011 San Juan, Puerto Rico
                                                    An inventory of international organizations and      2012 Helsinki, Finland
and Conservation, Art Libraries and Special
                                                    projects in the field of Rare Books and Manu-
interest group Library History.
                                                    scripts can be found on the Section's website.

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