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Example of a Student Learning Plan Goals and Format by whattaman


									Example of a Student Learning Plan: Goals and Format

 Learning Need         Goals                      Objective/s                Implementation      Super-
                                                                               & Outcome          visor
To learn group     To plan, deliver   Week 2-3                               Literature review
presentation       and evaluate a     To research current approaches to      completed and
and facilitation   client education   chronic pain management and            discussion of
skills for         session on         application of relaxation and          research findings
running client     relaxation for     integrate findings into an education   presented at
educational        chronic pain       session plan, discussing content       supervision
program            clients,           with supervisor..                      session and OT
                   independently,                                            meeting.
                   by the end of      To familiarise self with functional
                   week five          and psychological implications of
                                      chronic pain by attending one or
                                      more education sessions with
                                      chronic pain client group and
                                      interviewing one or more clients re.
                                      current strategies and role of

                                      Week 3 - 4
                                      To practice effective teaching of
                                      relaxation technique to

                                      By Week 4
                                      To independently plan a one hour
                                      group session that incorporates
                                      education about pain management
                                      and relaxation for chronic pain and
                                      practice of relaxation techniques,
                                      and to develop formal and informal
                                      methods of evaluation.

                                      Week 5
                                      To independently deliver the one
                                      hour group session with distant

                                      To effectively evaluate the group
                                      session by gaining feedback
                                      (formal and informal) from client
                                      group, supervisor and self-

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