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MyiLibrary is a growing collection of e-books purchased by the Library, covering a broad range of subject areas.

What is an e-book?

An e-book is an electronic version of a printed book and can be viewed online from any computer connected to the
Internet. To be able to view MyiLibrary e-books you will need to have Adobe Reader on the computer that you are
using. Most computers have this software. If not, it can be installed for free from Adobe at

How do I access MyiLibrary?

You can access MyiLibrary e-books via the Library catalogue and the Find Database list in MetaLib.

Access via the Library catalogue:
   1. The catalogue is available from the Library homepage:
   2. When searching for books via the library catalogue, you will see some titles with the format e-Book.
       To access these titles click on the            button.
    3. The SFX screen will display a link to the full-text online version of the e-book.

    4. Click on the Full Text link, and if you are on campus, the MyiLibrary reader will open with the title you
5. Off-campus access. When you click on the full-text link from off-campus, you will be directed to the
   following page:

                                                                                        Ignore these boxes.

                                                                               Click on the Athens
                                                                               Authentication link.

    From the next screen select the Alternative login link:

                                                                                 Ignore these boxes.

    Follow the on-screen instructions to find Lancaster University and you will be directed to the library’s login

                                                                                    Enter your library
                                                                                    card number and
                                                                                    library password.

    You should now be taken to the MyiLibrary reader, and your selected e-book will be open.
Access via MetaLib:

   1. From the Library homepage click on the MetaLib link:
   2. From the MetaLib homepage select the Find Database option.
   3. Search for MyiLibrary in the titles search box, or browse the alphabetical list of databases by clicking on the
      letter M.

   4. Select MyiLibrary from the list of results and the database will open if you are on-campus.
   5. For off-campus access, you must first login to MetaLib and Athens via the Log In link at the top of the screen.

      Login with your library card number and your library password.
      Note: If you don’t know, or have forgotten your library password, please contact the library.
   6. Once you have logged in, select MyiLibrary from the list of databases.

Searching the collection

Basic search

                                                                                         Hint: Use * to search
                                                                                          for any number of
                              Enter your
                             search terms             The default search is full-         For example, religio*
                              in the box.             text but you can use the            will retrieve religion,
                                                        drop-down menu to                religions, religious etc.
                                                      search by keyword, title,
                                                           ISBN or author.
Advanced search
Use Advanced Search to do more specific searches by inputting a combination of search terms.

Search results
The Search Results page displays all the MyiLibrary e-book titles the library has bought containing your search terms.
Viewing an e-book

Once you have found the e-book you want to view, select Read Book and the e-book will open in the same window.

                                                         Click on the highlighted
                                                          page or Read Book to
                                                              open the title.

                           Browse Table of Contents:

                           Use the chapter headings to move quickly
                           to the section of the book you need.

                           Click on the + symbol to see sections             Menu Bar:
                           within chapters.                                  Search for specific words or terms.
                                                                             Make notes (create a profile first).
                                                                             Navigate backwards and forwards.
                                                                             Go to a specific page.
                                                                             Change the size of the page.
                                                                             Print or download pages.
                              When you have finished, click on
                                 back to search results.
Notes and Saved Searches

You can add notes to e-books so that you can easily go back to relevant sections at a later date. You can also save
your searches to re-run them at a later date. To make use of these features, you need to create an account and log
in. To create an account, click on the Notes tab within an e-book and select the Create a profile link and follow the
instructions on screen.

Copying and Printing

You are permitted to print or copy from an e-book but only in keeping with current copyright restrictions. In order to
protect the copyright of the authors and publishers, the MyiLibrary service is set up to detect and prevent excessive
printing or copying, so you will not be able to print or copy a whole work. If the system detects excessive activity you
will be issued with a warning on screen. If the activity continues you will be locked out of the e-book. You cannot
download files from this site.

The following warning screen appears if the system detects excessive activity.

              Enter the displayed code
             into the box and press the
                  continue button.

If you continue to ignore the warning messages the system will lock you out of the e-book.

You will find detailed information on using MyiLibrary by selecting the Help tab at the top of the screen. More help in
the form of FAQs can be found by selecting Other tools > Help from the top menu bar.

Further Help
For more assistance in using MyiLibrary, please contact the Library via the Ask a Librarian service or the
main Enquiry Desk:
Ask a Librarian:
Contact us:

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