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					                               BMDCGS Activities 2010

BMDCGS Supported Entry             Jan 16/17, 2010     Puyallup/Terri Z/terrizim@msn.com

General Meeting                    Feb 28, 2010        Sumner Vet/Susan A/sabramski@comcast.net

Seattle Kennel Club Public Booth   March 13/14, 2010   Seattle/Lisa B/lisa@shiretech.com

Health Clinic                      March 20, 2010      Renton/Nancy VanHorne/nancy.vanhorne@gmail.com

BMDCC Specialty (Canada)           April 1-5, 2010     http://www.bmdcc.ca/specialty_2010.htm

Herding Day                        Apr 24, 2010        Roy/Mona Hommel/monahommel@comcast.net

Maifest                            May 8 & 9, 2010     Leavenworth/ Michelle G/guerrini@aol.com

BMDCA Specialty (Wisconsin)        May 9-15, 2010      http://www.2010bmdspecialty.info/

Draft Clinic                       June 26, 2010       Stanwood/Paula S/paulasegale@msn.com

Roy 4th of July Parade             July 4, 2010        Roy/Ruth Johnson/ tundrabmd@comcast.net

30th Anniversary / Gen.Mtg.        July 17, 2010       Stanwood/Terri Zimmerman/terrizim@msn.com

Swiss Day Parade                   July 25, 2010       Bonney Lake/Pudge/thebrokenshovel@q.com

Berner Camp Out                    July 31/Aug 1       Penrose/Hedman’s/hedkat@comcast.net

Draft Match                        August 14, 2009     Snohomish/Kathy Max/maxberner@msn.com

Draft Test                         Sep 11/12, 2010     Graham/ Susan T/ forestwalkbmd@hotmail.com

Octoberfest at Broken Shovel       Oct 9, 2010         Orting/Pudge D/thebrokenshovel@q.com

Annual Banquet Meeting             Nov 13, 2010        Renton/Nancy/nancy.vanhorne@gmail.com

Montesano Parade                   Dec 11, 2010        Montesano/Diane R/360-249-4827

Berner New Years                   Jan 2, 2011         Graham/Hedman’s /hedkat@comcast.net

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