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									                 The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA

ACCA Professional Qualification Learnership: Chartered Certified Accountant
Learnership Code:   01/Q010005/00/780/7
NQF Level :         7

The ACCA Professional Qualification Learnership aims to equip the learner with the academic
and practical experience required to become a competent Chartered Certified Accountant
(FCCA).The qualification is designed to develop an understanding of the accountant’s role and
key managerial issues and also focuses on developing the ability to evaluate information and give
sound advice and recommendation within a professional ethical framework.

Entrance Requirements

    •   Matric Exemption (with D symbols in English and Mathematics), or
    •   A Business and Accounting related Diploma from a Technikon, or
    •   Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification


The ACCA Professional Qualification Learnership consists of 14 examinations and three years of
relevant supervised practical training, which can be gained before, during and/or after completion
of the examinations. Learners who hold a relevant tertiary qualification may be awarded a
maximum of nine exemptions/credits towards the 14 papers that comprise the ACCA Professional

Fundamentals (nine papers in total)
F1 – Accountant in Business                                                           (AB)
F2 – Management Accounting                                                           (MA)
F3 – Financial Accounting                                                           (FA)
F4 – Corporate and Business Law                                                      (CL)
F5 – Performance Management                                                           (PM)
F6 – Taxation                                                                        (TX)
F7 – Financial Reporting                                                            (FR)
F8 – Audit and Assurance                                                            (AA)
F9 – Financial Management                                                           (FM)

Professional (five papers in total)
P1 – Professional Accountant                                                         (PA)
P2 – Corporate Reporting                                                             (CR)
P3 – Business Analysis                                                               (BA)
Options (two to be completed)
P4 – Advanced Financial Management                                                (AFM)
P5 – Advanced Performance Management                                               (APM)
P6 – Advanced Taxation                                                            (ATX)
P7 – Advanced Audit and Assurance                                                 (AAA)


Paper-based Examinations
There are two examination sessions per year – June and December. Papers must be written in
their specific order and a maximum of four papers can be written in each session.

Computer-based Examinations (CBE)
Learners can choose to sit papers F1, F2 and F3 as computer-based examinations (CBE). CBE
offers learners the flexibility to sit papers outside the prescribed June and December exam
sessions, providing immediate access to results upon completion. Before taking any computer-
based examinations, learners must register with the ACCA.

Practical Workplace Training

Practical training ensures that learners acquire and demonstrate the necessary competencies in
a wide range of technical, management and personal skills. Learners must complete at least
three years of supervised workplace experience and meet the minimum competence
requirements. Learners provide evidence of having fulfilled the practical experience requirements
by regularly completing the Student Training Record (STR). The supervisor must review and
authorize the work undertaken.

Further Information

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
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Fax: (011) 268 6374
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