Guides du Tchad by sjh18818


                                                            Guides du Tchad

Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting introduced       1963
Associate Member of WAGGGS                  2002
Full Member of WAGGGS                       2008
WAGGGS Region                               Africa

                                Guide                                                                Jeanettes
                               Age 12-14                                                              Age 8-11

Promise                                                              Promise
On my honour, and with God's help, I pledge to do my best to serve   I promise that I will do my best in order to be faithful to God, to my
God, my creed and Chad, to help others always and everywhere, and    country, to my parents, to the law of the Brownie pack' and to make
to live by the Guide Law.                                            someone happy everyday.

                                                                     A Brownie is always clean
                                                                     A Brownie is always active
                                                                     A Brownie is always merry
                                                                     A Brownie tells the truth
                                                                     A Brownie puts others first
                                                                     A Brownie is a friend of God

Law                                                                  Motto
A Guide tells the truth                                              To do our best, best, best
A Guide puts others first
A Guide is a sister to Guides of all races
A Guide respects the property of others
A Guide respects God's creation
A Guide does not do anything in halves
A Guide is obedient
A Guide is polite and smiles under all difficulties
A Guide has self-control
A Guide respects her body and makes others respect it.

Always Prepared

          Age Groups
Senior Guide      15-17
Guide             12-14
Brownie           8-11
Butterfly         6-7

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