CURY An Improved Parish For PLAN PARISH Residents and by Nowandforever



         An Improved Parish For   Residents and Visitors   Young and Old

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The Parish of Cury                   1
A brief history                      1
Amenities                            1
Purpose of the Parish Plan           2
How the plan was produced            2
The steering group                   3
Vision statement                     3
The actions / policies               4
Glossary                             4

TRANSPORT AND TRAFFIC                5
COMMUNITY FACILITIES                 8
THE ENVIRONMENT                      11
WORK AND TRAINING                    17
HEALTH                               19

THE FUTURE                           20
Produced with the assistance of a
grant from:

                                        Lizard Pathways to Employment

                                        Rep Ltd

                                        Countryside Officer, Cornwall
                                        County Council

And with the assistance of the:

                                        cornwall rural community council
                                        9a river street truro cornwall tr1 2sq
                                        registered as cornwall community development
                                        company no: 4144745 charity registration no:
                                        1087550 vat no: 557 4489 96
The plan would not have been possible
without the contributions of:
                                        Cury Parish Council

                                        Parish Plan Steering Group

                                        Residents of Cury

                                                beaches and secluded coves of the Lizard        Goonhilly Earth Station, a small section of
                                                peninsula.                                      which is in Cury Parish.

Cury is a predominantly rural parish which
lies just inland of the Atlantic coast on the   A Brief History
western side of the Lizard Peninsula within
the Kerrier District. The parish is divided     In historical terms the 11th Century Church
into four hamlets: Nantithet, White Cross,      is dedicated to St. Corentin and has many
Cross Lanes and Churchtown. The parish          interesting features. The present Methodist
covers 1143 hectares in area and has a          Church was built in 1890 for the
population of approximately 400 residents.      Wesleyans, costing at the time £700 to
                                                build. It was refurbished in 1993.
Being a very rural parish made up of four
small settlements, Cury lacks a defined         The Village hall was originally a mess hut
centre and therefore has few services and       at the old RNAS Mullion and was moved           Amenities
shops - there are no big hotels, however,       to its present site in the parish at White
there are several self-catering                 Cross in 1921. Several organisations meet       The lack of a range of facilities in the
accommodation, Bed & Breakfasts and             at the hall on a regular basis, including the   parish means that many residents travel to
camping sites.                                  Women’s Institute, children’s groups and        nearby Mullion and/or Helston for shops,
                                                the Parish council. Events such as whist        services and employment. Current facilities
Cury is mainly a farming community, with        drives are held monthly and shows, such as      in Cury include:
fairly small family run farms. Before milk      the poultry show, annually.
quotas, dairy farming was predominant but                                                       White Cross
now, you are more likely to find the local      In May 1967 a new Church of England                • Village Hall
farmer diversifying into vegetable, flower,     school was opened, this was the third              • Methodist Chapel
beef or sheep production.                       school for Cury and is the present primary
                                                school.                                         Cross Lanes
The Lizard Peninsula lies within the                                                               • Wheel Inn Pub
Cornwall AONB (Area of Outstanding              There are 14 wind turbines producing               • Post Office / General Stores
Natural Beauty) and the Parish is blessed       electricity at nearby Bonython , they are
with both the beautiful surrounding             prominent features on the landscape near
countryside and the nearby picturesque

Churchtown                                      The plan provides the mechanisms to             the group to a public meeting in January
   • Church                                     inform and influence the decisions of           2001. Issues such as low cost housing,
   • Cury Primary School                        statutory bodies, agencies, individuals and     community facilities such as the village
   • Jubilee Playing Field/Play                 organisations with regard to community          hall and the future of the village school
      equipment and Football Ground             priorities and identified local needs.          were raised. It was therefore proposed that
   • Riding Stables                                                                             the Parish council undertake a wide public
                                                The Parish Plan forms links with the            consultation exercise to clearly establish
                                                Kerrier District Local Plan, in the hope that   the opinions and views of the parishioners.
                                                local residents can have more of an
                                                influence on issues affecting the parish - it   At further meetings in March and May
                                                also seeks to attract funds to implement        2001 the parish council invited the CRCC
                                                them according to local needs, which KDC        to plan and run a community planning day
                                                should be able to support.                      consultation event in the parish. This took
                                                                                                place in August 2001 and a report was
                                                                                                published by the CRCC soon after.
                                                How the plan was produced
                                                                                                Further meetings were held after this to
                                                From an initiative through Kerrier District     facilitate public discussion of the report,
                                                Council Housing and Planning Services           where it was decided to apply to the
                                                and on behalf of Cury Parish Council, a         Countryside Agency as part of their Vital
The Purpose of the Parish Plan                  Local Needs Affordable Housing Survey           Villages scheme for a grant to produce a
                                                was conducted by the Cornwall Rural             Parish Plan for Cury. A steering group was
The objectives of the Cury Parish Plan are      Community Council (CRCC), and a report          formed to produce the plan by the end of
to set out an achievable and long-term          was published in March 2000, indicating a       2002. It was decided to hold a series of
vision for the future of the parish, covering   need for additional, affordable housing in      meetings, all open to the public and to keep
all issues that were identified as important    the parish.                                     all informed by distributing to every
within the parish, ensuring that the                                                            household in the parish a number of
community and local people have an              Also, there has been a Lizard based group       newsletters, with a questionnaire when
influence in the prioritisation and             working towards community regeneration          necessary.
implementation of measures to improve the       for some years, and the group has been
living environment.                             working towards the creation of a South
                                                Kerrier Plan. Cury Parish Council invited

Following the extensive community               Rex Beare                                      Rather, the plan reflects partly the desire to
consultation, the steering group produced a     Peter Bailey                                   regenerate those facilities that already exist
draft plan setting out actions, which was       Mrs P Oates                                    and are in urgent need of replacement, and
adopted by the Parish Council in                                                               the need to deal with issues, which are
September 2002. This final document has         Several other parishioners have attended at    increasingly having an adverse effect on
been produced by the Cornwall Rural             various times                                  the well being of the residents.
Community Council (CRCC) and
published in January 2003.
                                                Vision Statement
However, the publication of the Parish
Plan is not the end of the process. If the
plan is simply put on the shelf gathering       “An improved parish for the
dust, the whole process will have failed.       benefit of residents and
Throughout the document there are tables
listing local policies and actions to follow.
                                                visitors, young and old”.
There is the
opportunity for everyone in the community
                                                The above vision for the future, which has
to push these actions forward so that future
                                                emerged from the experience of the
improvements to the parish will be
                                                steering group, is essentially “keep the
                                                parish as it is – while improving where we
                                                can ”. This reflects the feelings of some of
                                                the newer members of the community, who
The Steering Group
                                                have made the positive decision to settle in
                                                Cury, and also many of the longer standing
The steering group first met on 28th
November 2001 and has had six further
meetings. The steering group comprised:
                                                The Parish Plan does not therefore
                                                advocate any substantial development, nor
Richard Finch (Chairman)
                                                does it promote any initiative that would
Bob Royds (Secretary)
                                                greatly increase employment opportunities
David Barlow (Previous Secretary)
                                                within the parish.
Diane Barlow

The Actions/Policies                         Glossary

The actions proposed for improvement of      AONB Area of Outstanding Natural
the parish for the future include:           Beauty
                                             CCC Cornwall County Council
   •   Addressing the ever-greater number    CPC Cury Parish Council
       and size of vehicles passing          CRCC Cornwall Rural Community
       through the parish and the dangers    Council
       brought about by the speed at         KDC Kerrier District Council
       which some vehicles travel.           KDLP Kerrier District Local Plan
   •   Improvements for pedestrians and      JPFC Jubilee Playing Field Committee
       those wishing to use public
   •   Helping the village school to
       become once again an essential hub
       of village life.
   •   Improving the natural and built
   •   Providing affordable homes to
       enable young people of the parish
       to continue to live here if they so


1.0 Introduction

The highway network of the Lizard Peninsula is typical of
predominantly rural areas in that it incorporates many winding narrow
rural lanes. Road use increases greatly during the busy summer tourist
season, which runs from Easter to the end of October. Cury lies off
the A3083 Helston to Lizard road on an unclassified road. The main
nearby town is Helston and Mullion village is close by. Public
transport includes a regular daily bus service through the parish,
providing links to Mullion, Helston and Truro, with connections to
further a-field. This bus service (route T1) should be retained (and
improved if the opportunity arises) to ensure continued access to
Helston and the facilities and services it provides.
                                                                         1.1 The Issues/Justification

                                                                         The issue of traffic/transport was the most mentioned issue at the
                                                                         Cury consultation day. 172 cards were placed on the model
                                                                         throughout the day. The most mentioned and contentious issues was
                                                                         the need to:
                                                                             • Slow traffic down and lower the speed limits through the
                                                                             • The need to provide pavements and footways.
                                                                             • Resurface of the car park.

                                                                         The most mentioned locations in the parish relating to traffic issues
                                                                         were Windy Ridge, followed by the village hall in relation to
                                                                         resurfacing the car park.

                     Transport & Traffic Issues





     lower speed limit/slow traffic   provide pavement
     surface car park                 improve street lighting
     no street lights                 create car parking
     accident spot                    cycle lanes
     road used as rat run             provide bus shelter

1.2 The Vision

To provide a safe environment for all road users and pedestrians, by
effectively lowering traffic speed in the parish, implementing traffic
calming measures and the addition of more pavements. To reduce
reliance on the private car and improve access to essential facilities
and services by the promotion of public transport and support for any
future improvements to the public transport service and/or similar
schemes i.e. community bus/car share.

POLICY                ACTION                                          PARTNERS                                      TIMESCALE

T1: Reduction of      a) Implement traffic calming measures e.g.      Liase with CCC and KDC to investigate         Current and ongoing long-
speed through the     rumble strips, electronic warning signs.        funding opportunities. Liase with the local   term action on all actions.
village               Have existing signs replaced or improved.       constabulary.
                      Additional “slow” signs for children and

                      b) Police radar traps on a regular basis.

                      c) 20mph speed limits by school and bend
                      by village hall.

T2: Provision of      a) Provide new footway pavements from           Liase with CCC and local land- owners.        a) Ongoing action on new
new footway           village hall towards the school, and from the   Funding to be sought from CCC and other       pavements.
pavements and         village hall to Nantithet.                      opportunities.
bus shelters in the                                                                                                 b) Now (Early 2003) for the
Parish.               b) Provide bus shelters at the village hall                                                   first bus shelter
                      and at the school


2.0 Introduction

Cury is a small parish with a few scattered community facilities; these

   •   Post Office/General Stores
   •   Primary school
   •   Village hall
   •   Church
   •   Methodist Chapel
   •   Pub
                                                                            The village hall at White Cross is an old mess hall dating back to
These facilities provide valuable local services. The Post                  1921; as such it is in need of updating. Village Halls are a vital
Office/General Stores and the Pub are situated at Cross Lanes, which        community asset. At the planning consultation day the village hall
means that those without transport can find these facilities difficult to   was the location in the parish that received the highest number of
access. However, as services in many rural areas are in decline the         issues cards, this reflects the importance of the village hall as a
facilities/services that Cury have should be supported and retained for     community asset and indeed the opportunities for expanding
the benefit of the whole community.                                         community use of the facility which would be more viable if the
                                                                            existing hall was updated and/or replaced.
KDLP emphasises that schools in towns/villages are a substantial
asset which can provide a range of out of hours educational, cultural       A community bus scheme was mentioned at the consultation event
and recreational opportunities for the local community. In this context     and although not currently viable, a bus/car-sharing scheme would be
the school at Cury Churchtown should be maximised for community             supported in the parish if such an opportunity arose in the future.
use, indeed the school is currently looking to make computers/IT
equipment available for community use at certain times and also run         The need for disabled toilets was mentioned at the consultation day,
evening classes for parents and children.                                   the village hall toilets have disabled access and the new changing
                                                                            rooms on the Jubilee Field will have disabled access and facilities.

                                                                      The locations identified as having the most need for additional
                                                                      community facilities were Windy Ridge, the school and the village
                                                                      hall. The village hall was the location where the majority thought that
                                                                      new community facilities should be located.

                                                                                             Community Facilities - Issues




2.1 The Issues/Justification                                                                 Better Links Between School & Community
                                                                                             Local Shops/Mobile Shop
                                                                                             Keep School
Community facilities was the second most mentioned issues at the                             Cash Machine
                                                                                             Information/Notice Boards
Cury consultation day. 141 cards were placed on the model                                    Youth Centre/Services
                                                                                             Community Bus
throughout the day. Issues included:                                                         Community Centre
                                                                                             Disabled Toilets
                                                                                             Community Cafe
   •   Better links between the school and the community (It should
       be noted that since the consultation day a new head teacher
       has taken over at the school)                                  2.2 The Vision
   •   Local shops/mobile shop
   •   Information/notice boards                                      To provide a community with adequate infrastructure in the way of
                                                                      sustainable services and facilities. To provide opportunities for new
   •   Community/youth centre
                                                                      community facilities, and to support, and where possible, enhance
   •   Disabled toilets
                                                                      present community facilities.

POLICY              ACTION                                                           PARTNERS                         TIMESCALE

CF1: Village hall   As the existing hall has a limited life, opportunities will be   The Village Hall Committee,      New village
and car park        sought to work with the Church and Chapel in the provision       CPC, Church/Chapel to work       hall/community
                    of a new community building for the future use of the parish.    together. Seek advice on         building long term.
                    The resurfacing of the existing village hall car park to be      funding from organisations       Resurfacing of car park
                    supported in the meantime                                        such as CRCC                     short term

CF2:                The existing Neighbourhood watch scheme will be                  CPC, local residents, local      Current and ongoing
Neighbourhood       supported and encouraged to develop                              constabulary                     short/long-term action
watch scheme

CF3: Cury           Links to continue to be developed between the school and         CPC, Cury School, local PTA,     Now and ongoing long-
School              the community. School to be offered use of the new               Cury Football Club, JPFC,        term
                    changing rooms and play area when completed. The                 local residents
                    possibility of community use of the school IT facilities and
                    the running of parent/child evening classes

CF4: Parish         a) Expand Cury Newsletter by increasing funding and              a) CPC, Existing editor,         Ongoing
Communications      providing information.                                           volunteers

                    b) Provision of Notice boards including visitor information      b) CPC, TIC, LPTCA
                    at Village Hall, and/or Cross Lanes, Nantithet and Cury
                    School.                                                          C) Seek sponsorship from
                                                                                     local businesses/estate agents
                    c) Provide a Welcome Pack including info from parish
                    services/providers (doctors surgery, estate agents etc)

                                                                                            Environment issues

3.0 Introduction

The whole of the Lizard peninsula (with the exception of Culdrose            10
Naval Air Station) is situated within the Cornwall Area of
Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and therefore is a nationally              5
statutorily designated area which receives a high status of protection        0
with regards to scenic beauty and as the KDC local plan
                                                                             Plant Trees/Shrubs/Flowers       Create Village Green
acknowledges “conservation of the natural beauty of the landscape            Footpaths Required               Clean up!
should have priority over development”. The settlements within the           Recycling Facilities             Provide Seating
parish of Cury are small and reflect the rural landscape of the Lizard       Litter bins
Peninsula; the natural and built environment should be conserved and
                                                                         3.1 The Issues/Justification

                                                                         The environment was the fourth most frequently used issue card at the
                                                                         consultation day event, with the majority wishing to see more
                                                                         planting of trees/shrubs/flowers in the parish. The second most
                                                                         popular choice was to create a village green, followed by providing
                                                                         more footpaths, and cleaning up certain areas within Cury parish.

                                                                         3.2 Vision/Objectives

                                                                         The natural environment of the parish should be conserved and
                                                                         enhanced for the benefit of all. Any development should reflect and
                                                                         blend in with the surroundings as appropriate within a designated
                                                                         AONB. The village environment should be attractive as a living space
                                                                         for the enjoyment of all the community

POLICY                                      ACTION                              PARTNERS                             TIMESCALE

E1: Tree planting   Trees to be planted in various locations in the parish.     CPC and local residents/groups -     2003 - ongoing
                    Contact to be made with the Environmental Records           seek funding from environmental
                    Centre for Cornwall & Isle of Scilly (ERCCIS) for           organisations e.g. Sylvanus Trust.
                    wildlife information to ensure locations are suitable.      ERCCIS – 01872 240777

E2: Creation of a   Until a suitable piece of land can be purchased, the        CPC, local residents, access         Seat and rubbish bin
village green       provision of a seat and a rubbish bin be provided           funding through the CA (Doorstep     ASAP and ongoing
                    adjacent to the village hall on the inside of the bend at   Greens Fund)                         long-term action
                    White Cross                                                                                      towards a village green

E3: Tidy up the     “Tidy Up” teams to meet on a regular basis to remove        CPC, local residents / volunteers    Now and ongoing long-
parish              rubbish from the parish (roadsides etc)                                                          term

E4: Encourage       It is hoped that the one-stop recycling scheme can be       KDC                                  Current
more recycling      made permanent


4.0 Introduction

The parish is relatively small with a population of 400 residents,
therefore any large scale development would not be desirable or
indeed suitable due to the rural location, lack of adequate
infrastructure and the restrictions on development imposed by the
AONB designation. Furthermore, the KDC local plan sets out housing
allocation throughout the district in its policies H1, H2 and H3 with
the majority of new housing stock to be built within larger towns and
existing urban areas, limiting most new housing development in the
countryside and on Greenfield sites, with the exception of affordable   There is an identifiable need for affordable housing for local people,
housing for local needs. The Cury Parish Plan reaffirms these points    many of whom would have to leave the parish due to the high prices
and limits any development to the provision of affordable housing on    within the housing market.
one site within the parish.
                                                                        4.1 Issues/Justification

                                                                        Varied issues arose at the consultation day event from the need for
                                                                        wheelie bins, demolishing garage blocks, and the need for
                                                                        family/starter homes.

                                                                        4.2 Vision

                                                                        No further large housing development proposals within the parish,
                                                                        with the exception of the availability of affordable housing for local
                                                                        people, which are of a high standard of design and respect the
                                                                        surrounding area and existing buildings.

     POLICY                             ACTION                                   PARTNERS                   TIMESCALE

H1: Provision of     Small number (possibly 6) of affordable homes      CPC, KDC, local landowners,   Medium term -2003
affordable housing   within the parish – specific site needs to be      Kerrier Homes

H2: Housing          New housing development should be in keeping       CPC, KDC, local landowners,   Ongoing
design               with local area and include a high standard of     developers
                     design and use of materials

H3: Development      No large scale development proposals (present or   KDC local plan, CPC           Ongoing short and long term
restrictions         future) to be permitted within the parish.
                     Development should be limited to provision of
                     affordable housing as mentioned in policy H1.


5.0 Introduction

There are sport and recreational facilities in the parish, which are in
need of updating or replacing. The Jubilee Field is an important local
asset, which is for the use of all in the community. Facilities of a
larger scale are accessible to parishioners in nearby Mullion and

Kemp Consultants and Engineering have been commissioned to
design plans for the new changing rooms at the football ground. An
application (at the time of writing this plan) is going through the
Football Foundation for funding and the facility is to be built during
2003 and be available for use (provision date) late 2003. It is intended
that the facilities will be available for use by other community           5.1 Issues/Justification
organisations, in particular by the school, up to approximately 10% of
the total usage. It is intended to incorporate a small car par park for    The issues of leisure, sport and recreation were popular topics at the
use by those patrons using the Jubilee Field and also to be made           consultation day event. The issue of new changing rooms at the
available at specific times for the school and the adjacent burial         football ground was the most popular issue card, this was followed by
ground.                                                                    various suggestions including new play and sport equipment.
Plans have been drawn up by an organisation called “Record” and            5.2 Vision
funding advice is being sought for new play equipment at the Jubilee
Playing Field. The issue of new play equipment was a popular               Modern and safe recreational and sport facilities accessible and
concern at the consultation day, the present equipment is in a poor        available for all to use in the community
state and is impractical to maintain. The new plans are of a high
standard meeting all safety requirements and include fencing to
ensure the area is kept dog free.

    POLICY                              ACTION                                  PARTNERS                           TIMESCALE

L1: New changing     New changing rooms and car park to be          Football club, CPC, Kemp Engineering     Planning autumn 2002,
rooms and car park   constructed at the Jubilee Field               and Consulting                           build 2003

L2: New play         New children’s play equipment at the Jubilee   Jubilee Playing Field Committee, CPC,    Planning 2002/3, build
equipment            Field                                          Record, Playwise, Funding bodies –       2003
                                                                    Cornwall Playing Field Association,
                                                                    Lottery funders etc, consultation with
                                                                    local children.


6.0 Introduction                                                           6.1 Issues

There are limited local employment opportunities within Cury with          The most often-used issue cards at the consultation day event were
the majority of the workforce commuting the short distance to              evening classes, community use of fax/photocopier/IT and local job
Mullion, Culdrose, Helston or further a-field. (Indeed Cury is             information/job search club.
classified as being in the Helston TTWA - Travel To Work Area).
The opportunity for more local job opportunities would be desirable        Evening classes within the parish would be supported if enough
although being a small rural parish within an AONB it would be             people identified a need at any time in the future; there may be an
impractical and indeed undesirable to accommodate any large                opportunity to run these at the school. (There are at present some
development intended for employment purposes. There are however,           available at Mullion Community School and a greater number at
rural workshops situated within the parish off the A3083 Helston to        Helston).
Lizard road near Cross Lanes, which should be supported especially
for local business/job opportunities. If at any time further small-scale   Community use of computers/IT is hoped to be available in the near
rural workshops are proposed, in a suitable location within the parish,    future at Cury school, this facility should be promoted, supported and
which would not have any detrimental effects on the visual and             encouraged to ensure that all in the community will be aware of this
natural environment, then they would be considered if it is shown          valuable resource.
they will be of benefit to the local economy/workforce of the parish.
The only other small business in the parish is the Cornish Spring          6.2 Vision
Water Company based at Bonython.
                                                                           The provision of opportunities within the parish for access to work
Any opportunity/schemes arising for new services/facilities which          and training related information and/or facilities i.e. computers/IT,
would generate local employment should be encouraged and                   and to support sustainable local job opportunities.
supported, as long as they are in keeping with the scale of parish and
where there are obvious and identifiable benefits to the local
community, either by diversification of existing services e.g.
pub/shop, or by new providers.

       POLICY                           ACTION                                    PARTNERS                        TIMESCALE

W1: Support and          Support existing rural workshops and         CPC, Local services/business,        Short and long term ongoing.
encouragement for        other proposals i.e. working from            employers, Lizard Pathways to
“small scale” business   home, that are sensitive to the setting of   Employment, Cury School, employees
and local employment     a rural parish                               etc.


7.0                                                                           Should at any point in the future, opportunities for health care
                                                                              provision become available within Cury Parish, such as
Health issues were mentioned at the Cury Consultation Day. There is           surgeries/health visitors, then these would be fully supported.
currently no doctor’s surgery or dentist in the parish; however,
parishioners use the surgeries in Mullion or Helston, both of which           Further health related consultation has been undertaken on the Lizard
provide good health care provision. It is important that there is             by the County Council. The Health Needs Assessment Team at the
adequate access to these services and this should be ensured,                 Primary Care Trust, and the Mini Rural Sure Start, all back up the
supported and where possible improved upon in the future. In this             need for good access to health services and improved, local based
way this point reaffirms the importance of bus serviceT1 and that it          health services.
should be retained and improved as previously mentioned in this plan.

      POLICY                               ACTION                                    PARTNERS                           TIMESCALE

H1: Good level of    Ensure health services in Helston and Mullion are        CPC, Health providers,         Short and Long term - ongoing
access to health     accessible to all in the parish at all times, and show   GP’s, Primary Care Trust,
care provision and   there is a need for more local based health services     Health Needs Assessment
support for                                                                   Team, Sure Start – Mini
improved local                                                                Rural Sure Start, Bus
health services                                                               service, Transport Access
                                                                              Patients (TAP), local

                                                             THE FUTURE
The publication of this Plan is not the end of the Parish Plan process, indeed it is the beginning of the action that is proposed within the plan. It is
the responsibility of the Parish Council and members of the community to ensure that actions, projects and proposals within the Parish Plan are
carried forward.

Some things will need outside help, while others can be tackled by and within the community. All the proposals and actions should be monitored,
reviewed and updated over time to ensure that any changes within the community i.e. needs, views, or issues, are incorporated into the Parish Plan
document, and process.

                                                                                        Action                      Partners                  Timescale
                                                                                 Continued action of     Cury Parish Council                  Ongoing
                                                                                 all the proposals       Parish Plan Steering Group
                                                                                 within this plan,       Voluntary and community
                                                                                 monitoring, review      groups
                                                                                 and updating over       Organisations within the parish,
                                                                                 time as needs and       School, Football Club etc
                                                                                 issues change           Members of the community
                                                                                 within the              Kerrier District Council
                                                                                 community               Cornwall County Council
                                                                                                         Other service providers

                                                                                   Vision: An improved parish for the benefit of all residents and
                                                                                   visitors, young and old.
 The assistance of Cury residents, organisations within the
 Parish, CRCC, KDC and CCC is greatly appreciated.


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