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									Young Roots Project Plan – Worked example 1
The following example is indicative only of the type of detail
we are looking for; make sure that your project plan reflects
your project and delivers what your organisation wants to achieve.
Project title: Garage heritage
Project cost £26,500

 A [named] archive, in partnership with two [named] youth organisations, want to enable 30 hard to reach young people aged 13-18 and living
 in an inner-city area to explore their music heritage and its links to 20th century immigration to the UK
 1 Find out about different young people’s musical heritage and the origins of Garage music
 2 Find out what brings different people to [named] city
 3 Involve the local community in celebration of musical heritage
 4 Create a documentary film on DVD
 5 Provide opportunities for young people to gain accredited skills in filming, music and communication skills
 6 Evaluate project

Project Plan
What?                       When?               Where?               Who will carry out           Who is the activity           What will you achieve?
                                                                     the activity?                for?
List the individual         Give us the         Tell us where the    Tell us who will be          Tell us who the activity is   Explain in detail what you will achieve by
activities you will do to   dates you           activity will take   responsible for managing     aimed at (for example, a      doing the activity. Use target numbers where
meet your project aims      expect the          place.               the activity (for example,   particular group of young     possible.
(see 2b).                   activity to start                        young people, youth          people, local
                            and end.                                 workers or a named           schoolchildren, visitors to
                                                                     partner organisation).       a museum).
1. Work with a        Month 1 -2                [Named] archive      [Named] archive and          6 young people in             Research material to be used for the
history researcher to                                                history researcher           research group                next phase of the project. Learning
plan research                                                                                                                   what music to research and where
sessions with young                                                                                                             information can be accessed.
people                                                                                                                          6 young people gain understanding
                                                                                                                                of historical research.
2. Visit museums            Month 1 – 2         British Library/     [Named] archive in           6 young people in             6 young people supported to make
with music archives                             School of Oriental   partnership with             research group                visit to London; material collected
                                                and African          youth worker                                               and contacts made for future visits if
                                                Studies (SOAS)                                                                  needed.
What?                   When?         Where?             Who will carry out      Who is the activity   What will you achieve?
                                                         the activity?           for?
3. Training session     Month 1- 2    [Named] archive    Oral history trainer    6 young people in     6 young people gain skills in
on interview skills                                      [Named] archive         interview group and   interviewing. Record a minimum of
and interviews                                                                   members of family     12 interviews for the production of
about music people                                                               and friends           DVD
4. Interviews with      Month 2 – 3   [Named] archive;   [Named] archive, oral   6 young people in     6 young people gain knowledge on
1st,2nd and 3rd                       In the community   historian, history      interview group and   what brings people to Milton
generation                                               researcher              community             Keynes. Record a minimum of 12
immigrants                                                                       representatives       interviews

5. Research local       Month 2 – 3   [Named] archive;   [Named] archive;        6 young people in     6 young people gain knowledge of
archives to explore                   other [named]      local archivists        research group        Milton Keynes history as a new town
the development of                    local archives
Milton Keynes.
6. Film and edit mini   Month 3 – 4   [Named] archive    [Named] archive in      All young people      Creation of 10 mini films which
archive films                                            partnership with                              reflect project research
                                                         youth worker                                  Young people working towards OCN

7. Website created      Month 4 – 5   [Named] archive    [Named] archive         4 young people in     Website designed and live with 10
to support project                                                               website group         films uploaded
and host films

8. Interview            Month 5 - 6   [Named] archive    [Named] archive;        6 young people in     Minimum of 3 interviews recorded
musicians and                                            Music producers         interview group       for edit
music producers

9. Workshops to         Month 5 - 6   [Named] archive    British Library,        All young people      Understanding of how music has
break down the                                           SOAS,                                         travelled with migration; Learning
beats and rhythms                                        [Named] archive                               technical skills
of garage music to
find the source of
garage music using
the music recorded
from visits
What?                When?         Where?              Who will carry out     Who is the activity   What will you achieve?
                                                       the activity?          for?
10. Record music     Month 6 -7    [Named] archive     [Named] archive        10 young people in    6 recordings inspired by research
for soundtrack of                                                             music group           produced for use in documentary
DVD film
11. Edit film and    Month 7 – 8   [Named] archive     [Named] archive        8 young people in     20 minute documentary produced;
produce                                                                       editing group         All young people achieve OCN
documentary                                                                                         Level 2 accreditation in music,
                                                                                                    filming or communication skills

12. Launch of film   Month 8       [Named] cinema      [Named] archive,       All young people,     100 people attend public screening;
and website                                            [named] youth          friends, family and   100 copies of DVD circulated to
                                                       organisations          wider community       schools and youth clubs in city
13. Evaluation       Month 1-8     [Named] archive;    [Named] archive,       Young people, youth   Evaluation report produced,
                                   With partners       [named] youth          workers, project      including evaluations from project
                                   after site visits   organisations, SOAS,   manager, partners,    participants, audience at launch,
                                                       British Library        community             partners and schools in response to
                                                                              representatives       the DVD. Sent to HLF and partners
                                                                                                    and included on project website.

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