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									                                              JESSE KENDALL
123 Elm Street                                                                                      Mobile: 207.444.4444
Sanford, ME 04073                                                                       


Dynamic and focused human resource professional with a strong desire and drive to cultivate the necessary skills to
thrive in a demanding and supportive business environment. Recognized for drive, tenacity, and an indefatigable work
ethic. Effective communicator, leader, and problem solver who builds teamwork and possesses the initiative to meet the
demands of ambitious human resource objectives.

                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
ABC CORPORATION, Sanford, ME                                                                              20xx-20xx
Human Resources Coordinator
Assisted in developing departmental systems; administered terms and conditions of labor agreements and plant policies,
and aided in the processing of payroll. Managed and updated employee records and perfect attendance program.
     Analyzed and revised erroneous overtime labor policy calculations, resulting in a company savings of more
        than $10,000 weekly.
     Updated and simplified perfect attendance program, providing for a decrease in absenteeism by 15% and
        an increase in employee applications for perfect attendance by 20%.
     Summarized and eliminated unnecessary orientation topics, reducing training from five to three days.
     Created spreadsheet to track non-exempt performance evaluations, revealing an up-to-date designation
        for promotion and pay raises for qualified employees.
     Developed a spreadsheet database to track insurance premium payments during a three-month layoff,
        reducing processing time for refund checks for overpayment.
     Suggested the development of a basic mathematics course to assist quality technicians in passing
        mandatory testing.

BCD ENTERPRISES, Sanford, ME                                                                              20xx-20xx
Human Resources Coordinator
Provided benefits, payroll, HRIS, compensation, recruitment, and orientation to over 1,500 employees at 126 locations
nationwide. Utilized HRIS to process benefits, compensation, and census information; generated reports for decision
makers. Coordinated all staffing and recruitment programs for all locations. Facilitated and conducted new hire
orientations. Served on Activities Committee. Assisted in coordinating company events, new hire orientations, and
recruitment events. Managed ABRA system (HRIS), which provided a single-source employee information system used
extensively by the HR Department and senior executives.

       Played instrumental role in winning a company award as a member of the HR Department.
       Developed a reputation for meticulous attention to detail and creative event planning.
       Maintained 100% compliance with laws and regulatory mandates when processing all new hires, benefits,
        leaves, terminations, and payroll paperwork.

CDE COMPUTERS, Sanford, ME                                                                                 20xx-20xx
Human Resources Coordinator
Supervised five HR coordinators located in five separate states. Handled recruitment efforts, and implemented company-
wide policies. Collaborated with corporate human resources for an OFCCP audit during the shutdown of a key location.

                                           ACADEMIC BACKGROUND
 Master of Business Administration & Human Resource Management, UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX, Sanford, ME
                Bachelor of General Studies, WESTERN KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY, Sanford, ME
             Proficient in: Microsoft Office Suite, PeopleSoft, Lotus Notes, Kronos Timekeeper System
Creating a Compelling Cover Letter
A powerfully written cover letter is necessary to land most interviews and ensure job search success.
When an advertised position creates a pile of 100+ resumes, it becomes the responsibility of the hiring
personnel to shortlist the applications. Resumes without cover letters are usually the first to go, followed
by the ones with poorly written cover letters. Avoid this fate by following these effective strategies:

Address your cover letter appropriately:
Be sure that you get the name of the hiring manager before sending your resume, and address the letter to
that individual. The proper greeting will be either “Dear Mr. (Smith),” or “Dear Ms. (Smith).” Avoid
using Miss or Mrs., and do not address your letter to “Dear Sirs,” as it is considered inappropriate. If you
are unsure of your contact’s gender, address them by their first and last name, as in “Dear Pat Smith,” to
avoid an embarrassing mistake. If you don’t know the name of the hiring manager, simply use the
greeting “Dear Hiring Manager,”– it’s clear, to the point, and gender neutral.

Get to the point in your opening paragraph:
One of the most common interviewing questions employers ask is “Why should I hire you among other
candidates?” Provide an answer to that question right off the bat in your opening paragraph. This is a very
important section because it is the first thing the employer will read. It must be powerful and make an
immediate impact. Be sure sell yourself and your unique abilities. Do not use a generic opening paragraph
that can apply to any Tom, Dick or Harry.
Every line should sell you, so use aggressive language here and throughout the rest of your cover letter.
For example, instead of writing “My background is in finance management, making me well-suited for
your advertised Corporate Finance Director position.” you can write “A background in finance
management and a proven record of developing effective strategies that drive revenue, growth and
shareholder value make me a strong candidate for your advertised Corporate Finance Director position.”

Show your interest and sell your accomplishments in the body of the letter:
In this section, you need to show your interest in the job and the company. Research is a key ingredient to
a successful job search. The more you are able to demonstrate your interest and knowledge about a
company, the better your chances are to secure an interview. Get to know the company’s mission and new
corporate initiatives, and tell them how you can help them meet their objectives or resolve their problems.
Praise the company for public recognitions or recent accomplishments. The employer will surely take
notice of your active interest.
Use “I” and “my” sparingly. Try not to use these words more than six times in your cover letter. You need
to focus on what you will bring to the company and how you will help them improve their profitability.
Too much use of the word “I” will also make your letter look elementary and poorly written.
For executive-level candidates and professionals with substantial achievements, a bullet point format is
often the most effective and efficient way to highlight accomplishments. If you fall into this category, be
sure to keep the bullet point statements unique and fresh. Do not copy and paste the exact same phrases
from the resume as it will make you look lazy. All sentences and achievements transferred from the
resume should be rephrased.
Close your letter with a strong paragraph:
In the closing paragraph, you need to address several issues. At the very least, you need to ask for the
interview and provide contact information. This is also the ideal place to mention your salary
requirements (if the employer insists on it), or your desire to relocate.
To demonstrate your drive and interest, mention that you will call within a week to follow up. This is a
great way to ensure the resume was successfully received, and it creates an opportunity to establish a
dialog. However, do not mention this in your cover letter if you do not intend to follow up.

In summation, an aggressive and dynamic cover letter will help you stand out among the competition.
Remember that the goal is to market yourself – not to compose a dull biography.

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