Textile Testing Laboratory by xdi18574


									                            Textile Testing Laboratory
                                   C.S.T.R.I.; Central Silk Board
                                    IIHT campus, Chowka-ghat
                                 Varanasi [ U.P. -221 002 ]

              Informations pertaining to the Right of Information Act,2005
             [ as reguired under Chapter II –Para 4[1][b]- issues no.[ i ] to [ xvii] ]

           [ i ] Particulars of Organisation, function & duties ::::::::

              Textile Testing Laboratory [ TTL] ,Varanasi is a sub-unit of CSTRI--- a full
fledged laboratory having three sections viz. Physical, Chemical & Eco-parameter testing. This
lab. is recognized vide notification no.12 [RE-2001] /1997-2002, dtd.3rd May, 2001 of
the Min.of Commerce & Industry,Deptt of Commerce, Govt.of India.
             The Lab. is engaged in testing Physical, Chemical & Eco-parameters of
TEXTILES, TEXTILES AUXILLARIES, EFFLUENTS .. etc. with trained & qualified manpower &
sophisticated equipments in perspects of various NATIONAL / INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS,
on charge basis, as per customer’s request . Besides this lab. also provides technical
guidance to the related industries. A Quality System is maintained by different divisions of the
laboratory like : -
            Physical Testing Lab.
            Chemical Testing Lab.
            Eco-parameter Testing Lab.
             Apart from the above 01 DCTSC,at Dehradun [Uttrakhand ] is supporting the
activities of TTL, Varanasi. The DCTSC headed by Asstt.Director ise involved in training &
demonstration of the latest technology developed by CSTRI plus technical guidance to the

           [ ii ] The powers & duties of officers & officials ::::::

    Joint Director of the Textile Laboratory of CSTRI has the following important functions and
responsibilities under the laboratory quality system :

01.Define and approve the laboratory's quality policy and objectives.
02.Defining the responsibilities, authority and interrelations among the staff of Textile Testing
03.Overseeing the quality system installed in the laboratory once in a quarter.
04.Arranging and providing facilities and resources as and when required to upgrade the
05.Approval and commissioning of test methods.
06.Facilitating the purchase of equipment, chemicals, spares etc.
07.Facilitating inter-laboratory tests once in a year.
08.Reviewing the work load/manpower requirement and recruitment of staff for the laboratory.
09.Facilitating the participation of staff in seminars and training related to laboratory activities.
10.Facilitating the promotion of commercial textile testing.
11.Evaluating the needs of laboratory and discussing them with higher authorities and
introducing the new procedures.
12.Conducting Review meeting of the management.

He is responsible for :
01. Carrying out the testing work/sample preparation as assigned .
02. Maintaining lab and equipment in good condition on day today basis.
03. Maintaining log books and concerned registers/records.
04. Attending to other related works assigned by the superiors.
05.  Maintaining stock and recording their breakages.
06. Returning the remaining samples to the counter alongwith the relevant details, if
    necessary, and storing remaining samples with the proper label.
07. Having awareness about various standard methods, procedures for the analysis/testing.
08. Preparing standard and test solutions required and checking their quality
09. Assisting in the installation and commissioning of new equipment and checking
    their performance.
10. Collecting the test charges from parties either at the time of sample receiving or
    during the dispatch of reports.
11. Attending to the client's enquiries, complaints etc., recording and follow up of
    the same through Joint Director.
12. Ensuring that samples remaining after testing are handed over to concerned

Assistant Superintendent :

He is responsible for
01. Establishing and maintaining procedures for procurement of glassware consumables,
    chemicals and other accessories.
02. Establishing and maintaining procedure for vendor assessment and registration.
03. Meeting the requirements of laboratory such as renewal of AMCs, spares and
    repairs etc.
04. Establishing and maintaining procedures for verification, storage and maintenance
    of supplied products.
05. Ensuring the confirmation of the received material to specifications.
06. Arranging for the settlement of purchases made by the Technical staff of the
07. Arranging for the disposal if remaining samples/chemical bottles/old documents etc. as per
the procedure.
08. Carry-out any other work allotted by superiors.

Assistant Technician :
He is responsible for :
01. General cleaning of laboratory such as working tables, cupboards, etc.
02. Looking after the laboratory equipment, spares and all the items which belong to the lab. in
view of safety and security
03. Arranging for packing and dispatching of tested samples.
04. Attending the calls of superiors.
05. Assisting the Technical staff in arranging chemicals, glassware’s and other
06. Removal of empty bottles and used products etc. to the appropriate storing place.
07. Attending to all other works given by superiors.
           [ iii ] Procedures of decision making process


             Whenever the client is not satisfied with the test results, an appeal for re-testing of
the samples along with the test report may be given to the counter by the client. Counter Assistant
shall register the case in "Complaint Register". The analysis of the sample shall be taken up with
the remnants sample stored in the lab, if necessary.

             If mistakes are not found then the analysis of the sample shall be allotted to a
different technical assistant. The results shall be compared with the previous test report. If there
are no deviations in results, Re-test report will be issued and testing charges are claimed. If there
is difference in results the new test report will be issued as "Re-Test Report" for which the testing
charges are not claimed.

          In case, if it is noted that the test report issued from his section is wrong due to various
reasons, he shall issue a fresh test report as "Amended Test Report" to the counter. In turn, the
counter personnel shall intimate the concerned party to consider the new test report.

Procedure for corrective action

             The competent officer shall examine the problem thoroughly for the cause. If the
problem is due to officials ignorance, suitable training shall be framed and given. If it is due to
his/her carelessness, suitable warning shall be given or issued with a memo and explanation
sought. If the problem is due to the equipments, it shall be checked and if necessary, the service
engineer shall be informed for its rectification and arrangements for performance checking &
calibration of the instrument. If the problem is due to unsuitable test method, the method of
testing shall be modified according to the nature of the sample, the officer may arrange for the
validation of the method & may amend the same.


         The sample collection counter is encouraged to collect feed back from clients regarding
testing service. The feed back or suggestions are used to improve the quality system.
     When clients are not satisfied with test reports, they may approach the laboratory for

   A suitable entry are to be made by complainant at Complaint register keeping information as
enumerated below. Accordingly necessary testing is to be carried-out & reported to concern .

          1.       Serial Number of Quality Problem                    :
          2.       Date of registration                                :
          3.       Name of the official who has observed the           :
          4.       Nature of the problem observed                      :
          5.       Reference of the file where follow-up               :
                   action is initiated (if any)
          6.       Date of completion of corrective action             :

    Subsequently Joint Director reviews corrective actions taken in respect of relevant problems.

     If the complaint is due to any deficiency in the laboratory, then the necessary corrective
action is taken. The Joint. Director examines the case including the corrective action taken. He
also checks the effectiveness of the corrective action taken. If necessary, amended test report is
issued to the customer after withdrawing the earlier report and/or necessary instructions given to
the laboratory officials.


    The causes for problems and deficiencies observed in the laboratory are identified, which are
classified in to four categories as given below :

    •   Personnel related
    •   Equipment related
    •   Methods adopted
    •   Miscellaneous reasons

   Miscellaneous reasons include energy supply / environmental / testing conditions,
consumables used during the testing of samples etc.


    The effectiveness of the corrective action taken in any of the cases specified above is ensured
by Joint. Director. The implementation of the proposed corrective action and the checking of its
effectiveness are duly recorded.


             In order to ensure the accuracy, precision, repeatability and reproducibility of the test
results reported by the laboratory, quality control measures described below are
             Certified reference materials and in-house reference material are used to verify the
calibration of various equipments used.

            Inter-laboratory testing of samples is carried out in order to ensure the accuracy of
the results obtained using different test equipments. This is also taken up in the event of any
complaints received even after re-testing, from the customer. This is done by sending part of the
samples to other laboratories once in a year.

            Internal cross verification of the samples are performed covering by and large all the
test parameters and technical staff once in a year. Cross verification is also carried out if any
suspect result is obtained at the time of reporting. A Cross verification register is maintained

           Whether the earlier test results are confirmed or not reference to details of the follow
up action taken in case of non-conformity of test results.

            Performance of the suppliers of chemicals, glassware and other items.
            Changes in the volume and type of work.
            Requirement of equipments, chemicals, glassware and other                    consumable
            Requirement of additional manpower.
                        C.S.T.R.I., VARANASI

                           JOINT DIRECTOR
                       Textile Testing Lab., Varanasi

     TECHNICAL ASSISTANT                                      ASSISTANT SUPDT.

           [ iv ] Norms set for discharge of its functions ::::::::

                          As per the set norms established by Central Silk Technological Research
    Institute, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles [Govt. of India ].

           [v]      The rules ,regulations, manuals and records used by its
            employees for discharging its functions ::::::::

                          As per the set norms established by Central Silk Technological Research
    Institute, Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles [Govt. of India ] in light of the established
    National / International standards for testing textile materials etc.

           [ vi ]   Categories of documents held by it or under its control ::::::::

                        The various National / International Standards for performing tests of
textile     materials viz.
                1. Indian Standards
                2. In-house test methods.
                3. ISO
          [ vii ]The particulars of any arrangements that exists for consultation
with, or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation
of its policy or implementation thereof.

             The relevant information to this point lies with our CENTRAL OFFICE Central
Silk Board , Min. of Textiles, Govt. of India, Bangalore .

          [ viii ]      a statement of the boards, councils, committees and other
bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the
purpose of its advice ……………

         The relevant information to this point lies with our CENTRAL OFFICE Central Silk
Board , Min. of Textiles, Govt. of India, Bangalore

          [ ix ]     Directory of its officers & employees ::::::::

          Officers & Officials working at Textile Testing Laboratory, Varanasi [

               1. Joint Director -- one.
               2. Assistant Supdt. – one.
               3. Technical Asstt -- Six
               4. Sr.F.A.          --one
               5. L.D.C.           –Three
               6. Asstt.Technician--one
               7. Chowkidar      -- Two

        Officers & Officials working at DCTSC, Dehradun [ Uttranchal]
              1. Assistant Director -- One
              2. Technical Asstt.    – Two
              3. U.D.C.              – one
              4. Asstt.Technician -- Two
              5. Technician         --One
              6. Sweeper           --One
              7.Chowkidar          --One
              8. Staff Car Driver    --One
        [x]     Monthly remuneration of its officers & employees ::::::::

        Officers & Officials working at Textile Testing Laboratory, Varanasi [

        SL.NO.         DESIGNATIONS               PAY SCALE             PRESENT
                                                                           [as on
           1.         Joint Director            12000-375-16500          15375.00
           2.         Asstt. Supdt               6500-200-10500          7900.00
           3.         Technical Asstt.[1]         5500-175-9000          7425.00
           4.         Technical Asstt.[2]         5500-175-9000          7250.00
           5.         Technical Asstt.[3]         5000-150-8000          6050.00
           6.         Technical Asstt.[4]         5000-150-8000          5300.00
           7.         Technical Asstt.[5]         5000-150-8000          5300.00
           8.         Technical Asstt.[6]         5000-150-8000          5300.00
           9.         Sr.F.A.                     4000-100-6000          4400.00
          10.         LDC [1]                     4000-100-6000          4200.00
          11.         LDC [2]                     4000-100-6000          4400.00
          12.         LDC [3]                     4000-100-6000          4000.00
          13.         Asstt.Tech.                 3,050-75-4950          3950.00
          14.         Chowkidar [ 1 ]              2750-70-4400          3730.00
          15.         Chowkidar [ 2 ]              2750-70-4400          3730.00

        Officers & Officials working at DCTSC, Dehradun [ Uttranchal.]

        SL.NO.         DESIGNATIONS               PAY SCALE             PRESENT
           1.         Assistant Director        10000-325-15200          12275.00
           2.         U.D.C.                     5500-175-9000           6200.00
           3.         Technical Asstt.[1]        5000-150-8000           5300.00
           4.         Technical Asstt.[2]        5000-150-8000           5300.00
           5.         Technician                  3200-85-4900           4475.00
           6.         Asstt.Technician            3075-75-4950           3950.00
           7.         Asstt.Technician            3075-75-4950           3875.00
           8.         Chowkidar                   2610-65-4000           3660.00
           9.         Safaiwala                   2610-65-4000           3510.00
          10.         Staff Car Driver           4500-125-7000           5000.00
         [ xi ]      the budget allocation ::::::::

Budget allocation [ Consolidated ] for
Textile Testing Lab, Varanasi [ U.P.] &
DCTSC, Dehradun Uttrakhand
for the year 2007-08.                                     [ Rs.in lakhs ]
       Sl.                  Particulars               Non-         Plan     N.E.Plan   Total
       no.                                            plan
        I          Salary & Allowances                45.00          0.00       0.00    45.00

        II         Wages & EPF [Employer’s             2.40.         0.00       0.00     2.40

        III        Travelling Expenses                 2.90          0.00       0.00     2.90

        IV         Contingent Expenses                 0.00        14.00        0.00    14.00

        V          ASSETS
                   1.Land                              0.00          0.00       0.00     0.00
                   2.Building & other Orig.Works       0.00          0.00       0.00     0.00
                   3.Tools / Plants / Machinaries      0.00          0.45       0.00     0.45
                   4.Furniture & other Office          0.00          0.50       0.00     0.50
                   5. Vehicle                          0.00          5.88       0.00     5.88
                   6. Library books & Scientific       0.00          0.05       0.00     0.05
                   7. Fans & Fixtures                  0.00          0.00       0.00     0.00
                        TOTAL ASSETS [V ]              0.00          6.88       0.00     6.88

        VI         Others
                   1. Pension & Gratuity               0.70         0.00        0.00     0.70
                   2. Recoverable Advances             0.00         0.80        0.00     0.80
                   3. Advance Deposites                0.00         0.20        0.00     0.20
                       TOTAL OTHERS [VI ]              0.70         1.00        0.00     1.70
                     GRAND TOTAL [ I to VI ]          51.00        21.88        0.00    72.88

         [ xii ]      the manner of execution of subsidy programme ::::::::

                      No subsidy programme are executed at this unit.

         [ xiii ]      Particulars of receipients of concessions, permits or
                       authorisations ::::::::

                      No receipients of concessions, permits or authorizations are with us.

         [ xiv ]       Informations available in electronic form ::::::::
                   No information in electronic form is available with us.

         [ xv ]    the particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining
                   information ::::::::

       Technical know how is extended to textile entrepreneurs on request.

         [ xvi ]    Name, designation & other particulars of the public information
                    officer ::::::::

    Our Director-in charge Sri Subrato Roy, CSTRI, Bangalore has been designated as
the Public Information Officer.

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