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									  Spring 2008
  Volume 1, Issue 1                                    Pawprints                               

                             The Newsletter of the Scott County Humane Society, Inc.

 Becky Bellamy,
 President                                   Tax Exempt Status Update 
                      The Scott County Humane         continued support of our      Please note: The SCHS
 Robin Hall, Vice
                      Society, Inc., is pleased to    programs.                     does NOT currently have
                      announce that we                                              a shelter or facility for
 276-386-9901                                         Tax exempt donations
                      received 501(c)(3) tax                                        animals in need of
                                                      may be mailed to SCHS
 Bob Barker,          exempt status from the                                        adoption. We rely
                                                      Inc., P.O. Box 1535, Gate
 Treasurer            IRS, retroactively effective                                  completely on foster
                                                      City, Virginia, 24251.
 276-386-2109         to our date of                                                homes to house animals
                      incorporation, June 28,         Other donations needed:       that come into our care.
 Suzanne              2004.
                                                          •   Food                  Therefore, one of our
 Kerney-Quillen,      We are THRILLED that                                          greatest needs is
 Secretary                                                •   Bedding Supplies
                      donations made by our                                         additional foster homes
                      members and donors are              •   Crates/Kennels        and donations earmarked
                      now tax-deductible. This                                      for our long-term goal of
 Board of                                                 •   Leashes/Collars
                      is a great advancement                                        opening a shelter for
 Directors:           for the SCHS and we                 •   FOSTER HOMES          animals in need of
                      hope that it will encourage                                   adoption.
 Ellen Barker

 Delta Purkey         Ft. Blackmore Man Charged with Cruelty to Animals
                      When Scott County               shelter; another later died   Supervisors, and the
 Lura Sheppard        Sheriff’s Deputies              in a foster home.             surviving two are
 276-386-2479         responded to serve a                                          expected to make full
                                                      Officer Barger contacted
                      warrant at a Ft. Blackmore                                    recoveries from their
                                                      Bob Barker, SCHS
                      residence on December                                         previously extremely
                                                      Treasurer, and requested
                      17, 2007, they found four                                     malnourished conditions.
                                                      assistance with care for
                      severely malnourished
                                                      the dogs. Barker promptly     Lane was convicted of all
                      dogs at the home. Animal
                                                      took the three surviving      four counts of animal
                      Control Officer Rick
                                                      dogs into his care. The       cruelty in Scott County
                      Barger responded and
                                                      SCHS provided all funding     General District Court on
Highlights:           charged the owner, Clyde
                                                      for the medical care and      February 21, 2008. He
                      Lee Lane, with four counts
                                                      upkeep of the dogs,           was sentenced to twelve
 Overpopulation 2     of cruelty to animals.
                                                      thanks to help from our       months of supervised
 Vet’s Corner     3   All four dogs were              generous donors.              probation, ordered to pay
                      transported to the Animal                                     court costs of $804, and is
 Safety First!    4                                   The three dogs were
                      Shelter and were later                                        prohibited from ever
                                                      treated by veterinarian Dr.
 Microchipping    5   relinquished by Lane to                                       owning companion
                                                      David Redwine, also the
                      the shelter. Sadly, one                                       animals again. The
 The Tail End     6                                   Chairman of the Scott
                      dog was in such poor                                          surviving dogs were later
                                                      County Board of
                      condition that it died at the                                 adopted from the SCHS.
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                                OVERPOPULATION: A PROBLEM YOU CAN HELP SOLVE!
                                       SCOTT COUNTY’S OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM
                              According to statistics from the Scott County Animal Shelter, in 2006, 572
                               dogs entered the shelter. Of those, 481 were euthanized and ONLY 16
                                                             were adopted.
                                                          DID YOU KNOW??
                                     Scott County’s Animal Shelter currently only houses dogs?
                              Unwanted cats have no place to go for temporary shelter in Scott County,
                                so thousands of unwanted cats remain homeless, with no chance of

                                                 Help Us Reduce These Statistics!!

                                     The SCHS, in conjunction with the Margaret B. Mitchell Spay &
 DID YOU KNOW??              Neuter Clinic in Bristol, Virginia, has hosted four spay and neuter clinics this
                             year throughout the county. The MBM Clinic offers spay or neuter surgery
The Humane Society of        for free or at a reduced cost to help combat the overpopulation problem in
   the United States         southwest Virginia. In 2008 to date, over seventy animals throughout
   estimates that 6-8        Scott County have been spayed or neutered through these events. Special
 million dogs and cats       thanks to SCHS Member Delta Purkey for all her hard work organizing
 enter shelters across       these events! Contact the SCHS at or call a
 the county each year,       member if you are interested in participating future spay/neuter
   and 3-4 million are       clinics.
                                    The SCHS is dedicated to continuing to combat Scott County’s
Reprinted by permission of   overpopulation probation through community education, hosting spay and
The Humane Society of the    neuter clinics, and offering limited financial assistance for spay and neuter
      United States.         surgery, based upon donations from the community. Further, every animal
                             that is adopted from a SCHS foster home MUST be spayed or neutered
                             within a reasonable period of time, or, depending upon age restrictions,
                             when medically recommended by a veterinarian.

                                   Please—spay or neuter your pet today!! You’ll help to decrease
                             overpopulation and contribute to the overall health of your pet!
                                                      How Can You Help??
                                  •   SPAY or               •   ADOPT a dog           •    DONATE to the
                                      NEUTER your               from the shelter!          SCHS so that
                                      pets!                                                together WE can
                                                            •   MICROCHIP your
                                                                                           make a difference
                                                                dog so that you
                                  •   FOSTER a                  can be reunited if
                                                                                           in our community!
                                      dog from the              he is lost!
                                      Scott County
                                      Animal Shelter!           (See page 5!)
 Page 3 of 6                                     Pawprints
     Advice from the Desk of… Dr.                   Nancy Broadwater, D.V.M.
                            Coronavirus) vaccine        For kittens, I advise a    adult cat vaccinations
                            should be given             vaccination series that,   boosted on a yearly
                            between 6-8 weeks of        when completed, will       schedule.
                            age, followed by a          protect your kitten
                            DHPP-C booster and a        against six common and     Routine worming of your
                            Bordetella vaccine at       very serious diseases.     pet for intestinal parasites
                            10-14 weeks of age. A       A CRD (Feline              is also recommended.
                            final booster including     Rhinotracheitis, Calici,   The Center for Disease
Vaccinations are an
                            DHPP-C, Bordetella and      Panleukopenia and          Control suggests worming
essential part of keeping
                            Rabies should be given      Chlamydia Psittaci)        our pets four times a year.
your pet healthy, and
proper timing can be        at 14-16 weeks.             vaccine should be given
                            Leptospirosis may be        at about 6-8 weeks of      Remember that the best
critical to providing
                            added at 10 and 14          age. A CRD booster         protection for your pet is
                            weeks, but since this is    and a Feline Leukemia      also the easiest—simply
For puppies, I advise a     the component that          vaccine should be given    complete the entire
vaccination series that,    causes most adverse         at about 10-12 weeks of    vaccine series. Finally,
when completed, will        reactions, you should       age. This should be        don’t hesitate to call your
protect your puppy          rely on your veterinarian   followed by a Feline       veterinarian at the first
against seven common        for advice. This will       Leukemia booster and a     sign of any change in your
and very serious            complete your puppy’s       Rabies vaccination at      pet’s appetite or attitude.
diseases. A DHPP-C          vaccine series. Adult       about 14-16 weeks of       Early treatment of
(Distemper, Hepatitis,      boosters are usually        age.                       problems, and boosters,
Parainfluenza,              done on a yearly basis.                                will be your pet’s
Parvovirus and                                          This should complete       foundation for a long and
                                                        the kitten series, but     healthy life!
                                                        remember to have your

Success Story: Danny Boy (above right) is one of the dogs surrendered in the animal cruelty
case described on page 1. Danny Boy was adopted and has a new loving home!

Hobo (above left) is a special needs dog looking for a new home! Hobo was rescued by the
SCHS from the Scott County Animal Shelter in April. He has since been neutered and had his
right front leg amputated due to a severe birth defect or injury. Hobo is a very sweet and friendly
boy, reports Foster Mom Ellen Barker, who needs a special home to care for him. Donations are
also accepted to help pay for his amputation surgery and medical care.
                                                         Pawprints                        Page 4 of 6
                                                             Safety First!
                                  Love your pets?            Traveling Tips            Use a leash!
                                 Keep them safe!                                       Unleashed pets
                                                          Traveling with your
                                 Here, we present                                      can become
                                                          pet in a vehicle can
                                some safety tips for                                   scared in new
                                                          present certain
                                   the pet lover.                                      surroundings,
                                                          hazards. Consider
   Be Prepared!                                                                        become lost, or be
                                                          the following:
 The Humane Society of                                                                 hit by a vehicle.
                                    In General               Secure your pet in
    the United States                                        a carrier or
recommends preparing a            Always make sure
                                                             specialty seat belt.    Natural Disasters
  disaster kit, including         your pet is
   the following items:           properly identified                               Thankfully, natural
                                                             animals can be
                                  with current                                      disasters don’t occur
                                                             seriously injured in
    Medications, first aid        contact                                           frequently in our area.
                                                             accidents. (Note:
    kit, and medical, and         information. It is                                However, major
                                                             some insurance
    vaccination records           important to                                      catastrophes like
                                                             carriers cover your
    stored in a waterproof        promptly update                                   Hurricane Katrina and
                                                             pets—ask your
                                  all address                                       the recent tornado in
    bag.                                                     agent for details!)
                                  information, even                                 Big Stone Gap,
    Current photos and 
                                  after renumbering          NEVER leave            Virginia, remind us to
    descriptions of your          for 911 purposes!          your pet in a          plan ahead to make
    pets in case you                                         vehicle on a hot       sure our pets are safe
    become separated.             Consider a
                                                             day, even with the     in the event disaster
    Sturdy leashes,               microchip for your
                                                             windows cracked!       does strike.
    harnesses, and collars.       pet! Give your vet
                                                             Otherwise, your
                                  a copy of the                                        Prepare a disaster
    Comfortable carriers,                                    dog risks serious
                                  microchip number                                     kit
    blankets, and bedding.                                   illness or even
                                  to put in your pet’s
    Favorite toys & treats                                   death due to heat         Contact local
    for comfort                                              stroke or                 hotels and motels
    Bowls, food, manual           REMEMBER—                  dehydration.              to find animal-
    can opener & water            your dogs MUST                                       friendly
                                  always wear a              Take plenty of
    Cat litter & box                                                                   accommodations.
                                                             water, food, and
                                  rabies tag, or they
    Cleaning items (paper                                    bowls.                    Keep a list of local
                                  may be picked up
    towels, trash bags,                                                                shelters to contact
                                  and impounded by           Stop frequently to
    bleach)                                                                            should your pet be
                                  the Animal Control         allow your pets for
                                  Warden.                    some exercise
Keep these items ready to                                    and to use the            ALWAYS take
go in a sturdy container                                     bathroom.                 your pets with you
that you can take with you                                                             in case evacuation
and your pet(s) at a                          Dog Tag Reminder!                        is necessary.
moment’s notice. 
                                 Scott County dog tags went on sale January 1,
 Reprinted by permission of
                                 2008. Proof of rabies vaccination is required.
 The Humane Society of the
                                 Dog tags are $5.00 & may be purchased from
       United States.
                                       your vet or the Treasurer’s Office.
 Page 5 of 6                                       Pawprints

                         2007 Rewind
What did we do in 2007?        through “In His Hands         Rick Barger at a SCHS
Well, we’re happy to tell      Rescue”) and 19 cats          meeting, to learn more
 you we stayed busy!           found new homes!!             about the current state of
 Here’s a brief recap:                                       affairs in animal control in
                               Sadly, 1 dog was
   501(c)(3) Tax Exempt        euthanized under              Scott County.
   status achieved             medical direction due         Hosted Kingsport
                               to extreme behavioral         Humane Society
   Participated in the
                               issues.                       President Sue Lewis at              Purina® Weight
   Clinch Mountain
   Music Festival              Held information booth        our 10/13/07 meeting.               Circle Program
   (6/16/07) and Duffield      at Food City in Weber         Members Bob and Ellen
   Daze (9/1/07) with          City on 10/22/07.             Barker participated in a        Clip & Save Purina®
   booths, information,                                      TRAIN (Transporting &           Weight Circles from
                               Donated to the Smyth
   and animals for                                           Rescuing Animals in             many packages of
                               County Humane
   adoption at each                                          Need) event on 10/28/07,
                               Society for assistance                                        Purina® pet foods and
                               with the rescue of            helping transport several       send the weight circles
   Participated in the         many pets from a large        dogs from Meridan, MS,
                                                             to their new homes!
                                                                                             to the SCHS.
   Community                   puppy mill.
   Fellowship Block
                               Opened the doors of                                           Purina® Weight Circles
   Party on 6/30/07 with
                               communication with          Stay tuned to the Scott           can be redeemed by
   an information booth.
                               our local vets at a “get    County Virginia Star and          the SCHS for pet food
   Fostered 7 dogs and         to know you” dinner.          upcoming issues of              AND rebate checks for
   19 cats.
                               Hosted Scott County        Pawprints     to stay up-to-       veterinary services.
   Adoptions: 6 dogs (1        Animal Control Officer      date with 2008 activities!
                                                                                             You may mail weight
                                                                                             circles to: P.O. Box
     To Chip or Not to Chip? That is the Question….                                          1535, Gate City, VA
                                                                                             24251 OR you may
Microchipping your pet      While the debate              earlier this year that will        also leave weight
can be a wonderful tool     continues, many pet           detect EITHER type of              circles in a donation jar
for reuniting owners        owners will still have        microchip.                         at any Scott County
with their lost pets…IF     their pets microchipped,                                         vet’s office.
local shelters are          which greatly enhances        In addition, the SCHS is
equipped with scanners      the likelihood of a           exploring the possibility
AND if the scanner will     reunion with your pet.        of hosting a microchip
detect the type of chip     Collars and tags can be       event, to encourage pet
implanted in their pet.     removed or come off           owners to have their               Interested in participating in
There are currently two     your pet. Microchips,         pets microchipped,                a microchipping event hosted
types of microchips         however, are internally       which will, in turn, help                by the SCHS????
available, 125-kilohertz    implanted by a simple         reunite pets in the Scott
and 134-kilohertz, but      injection and, therefore,     County Animal Shelter             E-mail us & we’ll keep you
scanners will only read     cannot fall off or be         with their owners and             posted on the details of the
one type of chip—there      removed from your pet.        reduce the number of                        event!!
is no universal scanner                                   euthanizations there
that will read the          With help from the            each year. Details will    
frequency emitted by        SCHS, the Scott County        be announced in the
both types of               Animal Shelter acquired       near future.
microchips.                 a microchip scanner
                                                  The Tail End
                             We hope you’ve            animals in Scott          Future Events:
                             enjoyed our first issue   County and we want       See our booth at
                             of Pawprints, the         YOU to help us!          Clinch Mountain
    CONTACT US!              newsletter of the                                   Music Festival
                                                       Remember, all             June 14, 2008
                             Scott County Humane
                                                       donations are tax       Downtown Gate City
    P.O. Box 1535                                      deductible, as the
  Gate City, VA 24290                                  SCHS is an approved
                             We are dedicated to
                                                       IRS 501(c)(3)
                             making a difference in
         E-MAIL:             the treatment of
                                                        Donate to the SCHS via Food Lion MVP cards!

                                                        Here's how it works: Sign up on
                                                        to link your MVP card to our organization.
                                                        Every time you shop at Food Lion and swipe
                                                        your MVP card, a donation is made to us, at no
   COMING SOON!!                                        cost to you!! Go to then:
  A website for the Scott
 County Humane Society                                     •   Click on "Lion Shop and Share" under
    is in development!                                         the "In the Community" section on the
      Our address is:                                          left-hand side.                                      •   Click on "Register MVP Cards"
                             Upcoming Meetings…..          •   Click on "Select an Organization". Scroll
                             Meetings are held the             through and Click on VA and Gate City.
      For now, see our
                             2nd Saturday of each          •   Click on "Scott County Humane Society"
      available pets at:
                             month at 10 a.m. at           •   Click "Add MVP Cards"
    shelters/VA456.html      the Gate City Town
                             Hall. Join us July 12          *Complete the process by following the
                             & August 9.                      prompts and you're all signed up!!

    P.O. BOX 1535
 GATE CITY, VA 24251


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