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									                             Brandeis University
                                                       Classical Studies

Why pursue                   What will your curriculum look like?                 Research Opportunities at Home and Abroad
                             The classical studies curriculum includes Art        In addition to the many research opportunities
classical studies
                             and Archaeology of Ancient Greece and of             at Brandeis, the Classics department selects
at Brandeis                  Ancient Rome; Topics in Greek and Roman              outstanding majors to become Lebowitz Cohen
University?                  History; Pompeii; Classical Mythology;               Fellows and work with a faculty mentor on
                             Greek Epic and Athenian Drama; Medieval              a year-long project of the student’s design.
Classical studies offers     Literature; Roman Decadence: Latin Literature        Opportunities for learning in the field include
the opportunity to           in Translation; and the Age of Caesar. Upper-        summer archaeological field research or
learn about all aspects      level Latin courses include Latin Prose Authors,     museum internships (e.g., Boston Museum
of life in Greece and        Roman Drama, Roman Satire, Lucretius’ De             of Fine Arts or the Peabody Museum of
Rome. Aside from its         Rerum Natura, Latin Lyric and Elegiac Poetry,        Archaeology and Ethnology in Cambridge). On
aesthetic, spiritual,        Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and Vergil. Upper-level        campus, our Classical Colloquium Series offers
moral, and intellectual      Greek courses include semester-long studies of       a lively, intellectual forum.
value, that study has        Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey, as well as courses on
practical applications       the works of Aristophanes, Euripides, Sophocles,     Classical studies offers much to the student
as well (e.g., the study     Aeschylus, Plato, Aristotle, Herodotus,              abroad, including the possibility of working
of Latin is a proven         Thucydides, and Demosthenes.                         on an archaeological dig. With departmental
key to communication                                                              approval, various archaeological excavation
skills in English and        The major requires a total of nine semester          programs may be substituted for some
in the Romance                courses, including the following three core         required courses. We encourage students to
languages). Both Latin        courses:                                            spend a semester or year abroad in exciting
and Greek have long          • One course in Greek or Latin language (level       programs in Great Britain, Greece, or Italy.
been, and continue              30 or higher)
to be, sources of            • One course in history (Greek for Greek             What kind of career and education options
technical concepts and          language students; Roman for Latin                will you have?
vocabulary in all fields,       language students)                                Studying ancient language, literature, art,
from cybernetics to          • One course in Art and Archaeology (Ancient         and history teaches you to reason and to
political economy.              Greece for Greek language students; Ancient       write. There is no straighter road to academic
                                Rome for Latin language students)                 and career excellence than in developing
The department                                                                    and harnessing these skills. After just two
offers courses in            In addition to these core requirements,              semesters, Greek students are able to read
the languages,               students are required to complete the following      Homer and Plato in the original; Latin students,
literature, history,         courses in their chosen track:                       Virgil, Ovid, and Catullus. You may also work
and archaeology of                                                                toward your Latin teaching license to gain
ancient Greece and           Greek or Latin Literature. Three semesters of        certification to teach Latin in secondary schools
Rome, two cultures           language courses (level 30 or higher), plus          in most states. Classics majors are a diverse
that are the intellectual,   three additional Classics courses.                   and talented group and are the recipients of
social, political, legal,                                                         major awards at Brandeis. Recent graduates
scientific, and artistic     Classics. Five additional language courses           have double-majored in anthropology,
origin of Western            (level 30 or higher) with at least two in each       biochemistry, biology, chemistry, computer
civilization. Their          language, plus one additional course in              science, economics, English, fine arts,
brilliance and beauty        classical history. Classical studies majors are      neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology.
have not ceased to           strongly urged to work in both Greek and Latin       After they graduate, our majors go on to work
beguile and inform for       languages since both define the field.               in public policy, social activism, teaching (at all
more than 2,000 years.                                                            levels), law, administration, the arts, and many
                             Classical Archaeology and Ancient History. One       other fields.
Department of                additional class each in classical history and
Classical Studies            in classical art and archaeology; one topics         How can you learn more?
Mailstop 016                 course; and three other electives.                   Visit the department website at www.brandeis.
Waltham,                                                                          edu/departments/classics or contact us at
Massachusetts                The minor requires five courses:                     781-736-2180. We welcome your questions and
02454-9110                   These courses may be taken in any                    inquiries. Please contact us if you would like to
Rabb 140                     combination of ancient language (level 30 and        hear from a current major or recent graduate.
Phone: 781-736-2180          above), classical literature, art and archaeology,   As Seneca the Younger cautioned: Non est ad
Fax: 781-736-2184            and history.                                         astra mollis e terris via.

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