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					             Colorado Marathon Traffic Control Plan for May 3rd, 2009

-Times for possible interruption 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Separate Plans for Each of the Following Areas:

   1) Start at Stevens Gulch Campground and Hwy 14
   2) West bound lane on HWY 14 from Stevens Gulch Campground to Cty Rd .5
      miles West of Teds, crossing 14 to shoulder East bound lane of HWY 14 s
   3) HWY 287 from HWY 14 to CR 54G to County Bike Path along CR 54G at Verns
   4) Bike Path onto Sidewalk along CR 54G to new bike trail by CLP Junior High
   5) Bike Path from CLP Junior, crossing of Taft Hill to Linden Ave.
   6) Linden Ave. at Bike Trail intersection to Walnut
   7) Finish Area on Linden and Walnut
   8) 10K Plan

General Plan for all the above:
-Race Officials, United Rentals and Law Enforcement will provide Traffic Controls
-Cones approx. every 150 ft, 30-35 36” cones per mile
-Race Officials at all minor intersections and larger population areas
-Law Enforcement Support at Major Intersections
-Official Lead Vehicles. Law Enforcement and trailing official vehicles
-Signage along course at least every mile and at intersections about event
-HAM Operates at most aids and mobile HAM operator in sag van
-Tripod “Runners on Road signs” throughout, plus “Mandatory, Runners stay to right of

For more detail see each section following: See all traffic control plans (Highway
Technologies). Highway Technologies will handle all traffic equipment setup and take
down with exception of 10K, they will place Linden Road closure signage, race officials
will put out barricades event morning, all signage in place prior.
1) Marathon Start Area: Stevens Gulch Campground and HWY 14
   Diagram available upon request or permit
   HWY open until 5:55 AM, close East Bound Lane to Rock Tunnel from 5:55 AM
   to 6:20 AM- Action with Coning and Colorado State Patrol

   Half Marathon start at 7:00 AM. Start at half marathon point on HWY14 with a
   one lane closure for 2 miles.

2) HWY 14 West Bound Lane from Stevens Gulch to Cty Rd .5 miles West of Teds
   Place. Use full West Bound Lane temporary closure from Start to Rock Tunnel
   Coning with 36” cones every 150’ approx. 1.5 miles ( 50 cones)
   After tunnel cone down 1/3 of West Bound Lane with 36” Cones ¼ Mile Past
   Cattle Guard at Mouth of Canyon then cone on White Shoulder Line. Use
   shoulder on both West and East bound lanes after cattle guard.
   Each resident area put signage stating “slow race in progress”.
   Course Officials at Poudre Park (Lower Poudre Canyon Association)
   Coning to start at 5 AM Sunday Morning with Aid placements.

3) HWY 287 to CR 54G.
   Coning on white shoulder line with 36” Cones down HWY 287 to Cty Rd 54G.
   Full Southbound lane closure of CR 54G from HWY 287 to CR 52E intersection
   point across from Verns. Move onto bike lane South side then moving onto
   sidewalk at end of bike lane to new bike trail at CLP Junior High follow trail

4) Bike Path from CLP Junior High cross Taft Hill Rd. to Linden Ave.
   Need support crossing Taft Hill first runner around 7:30 AM. 5k Start at 8:00 AM
   just North of trail crossing running down East shoulder of Taft Hill onto bike trail
   at intersection. 10K comes North on Taft Hill shoulder to bike trail.

6) Right turn off Trail on Linden will be coned. Coning on white shoulder line on
   Linden West Side heading South to intersection of Jefferson and Linden. Law
   Enforcement at intersection needed to stop traffic from 8 AM to 12 PM.

7) Linden St. finish area. Metal barricades on each side of Linden to Walnut.
   Traffic orange/white barricades at Linden/Jefferson, Walnut (both sides)/Linden.
   Only road closure will be this small section on Linden. No businesses open except
   Coffee House prior to race finish. Need 2 law enforcement officers (8:05 AM to
   12:30 PM) and course officials to help with crossing of Jefferson and in finish
   area on Linden. Official finish line is at stop sign of Linden/Walnut intersection.
   Finish banners, scaffolding, MC and music will all be in this area. Finishers will
follow finish chute directly onto Old Town Square north end. (See attached Map
for details/layout)

8) 10k start at Mason/Mountain Dr. Race officials will cone off section of parking
area on North side of Mountain. Start time is 7:30AM for 10K. Coning every 200
ft. on bike lane white line heading up Mountain to Grandview Ave. Race officials
at all 4 way stops. Need Law enforcement at Shields/Mtn West Bound
intersection (7:15 AM to 8:00 AM). Coning around turn need law enforcement
at Taft Hills/Laporte Ave. (7:30 AM to 8:15 AM) for crossing (East Side, North
bound). Coning down East side white shoulder line of Taft Hill to Poudre Trail
start. Then following Marathon Route in. Course Marshalls at Vine/Taft Hill 4
way intersection for traffic control. Signage at key intersection same as in