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									                                   The Tom Joyner Foundation Selects
                                   Bowie State University School-of-the-Month for April 2002

                                        he Tom Joyner Foundation has named                 Coca Cola has also joined in
                                        Bowie State University (BSU) as the          this exciting endeavor by offering
                                        School-of-the-Month for April 2002. The      to provide us with $1,000 for every
                                 Tom Joyner Foundation, which is in its fourth
                                                                                     Coca Cola Barrel we fill with Coca
                                 year of operation, provides scholarships for
                                 students attending Historically Black Colleges      Cola bottle tops. So save all of your
                                 and Universities (HBCUs). These efforts             Coca Cola bottle tops from Coke
                                 developed from a need identified by the Tom         Classic, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, and
                                 Joyner Morning Show, which is a nationally          the new Lemon Coke in 20 oz and 2
                                 syndicated radio program with over 7 million        liter bottles. They may be brought
                                 listeners. The Tom Joyner Morning Show is           to the Office of Institutional
                                 broadcast locally on 102.3 FM.                      Advancement, 14000 Jericho Park
                                       Over the past four years, the Foundation      Road, Bowie, MD 20715.
                                 selected a specific HBCU to be the benefactor
 BSU President Calvin Lowe & Tom of funds raised during their designated
Joyner                           month. By partnering with the college or
                                 university, the Tom Joyner Foundation opens
                                 its resources and fundraising avenues to its
ISSUE HIGHLIGHTS                 corporate sponsors and listening audience to
2 |Message from President raise scholarship dollars.
2 |Director’s Corner                   The benefits to BSU are numerous with
                                 the most important ones being: a significant
3 |Alumni Update                 increase in our pool of scholarship dollars and
4 |Announcements                 expanded national name recognition of our
5 |Campus News                   historic university. There are several activities
6-7|Athletics Corner             available for your participation. Join in the fun
                                 and excitement of the April Sky Shows, Special
                                 Meet & Greet Receptions with President
NEXT ISSUE                       Lowe and Tom Joyner and the President’s
Highlights                       Scholarship Gala featuring Tom Joyner on
                                 May 10, 2002. Bowie alumnus and Class of
| Telecommuting Center           1961 graduate and member of the BSU Anne
| Tom Joyner BSU Update          Arundel Alumni Chapter, Larry Johnson,
| President’s Scholarship        has joined the campaign with a $2,000
  Gala Update                    contribution and a challenge for other alumni         Mr. Arthur Brooks and Alumnus,
                                 to do the same. You may forward your check
                                                                                       Larry Johnson
                                 payable to the Tom Joyner Foundation to
                                 Bowie State University, Office of Institutional
                                 Advancement, at 14000 Jericho Park Road,
                                 Staff House, Bowie, MD 20715.

Alumni Journal | Fall 2001| 1
                                                                          Upcoming Events
                                                                          April 19, 2002
                                Join the BSU                              Tom Joyner Sky Show BSU
                                                                          6:00 am -10:00 am
                                NATIONAL ALUMNI                           Alumni Meet & Greet Reception
                                ASSOCIATION                               6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
                                                                          May 10, 2002
                                                                          President’s Scholarship Gala - 6:00 pm
                                                                          June 15, 2002
Name_____________________________________________                         Alumni Annual Meeting
Class Year________       E-Mail____________________
                                                                          CLT Auditorium - 10:00am -3:00 pm
Social Security Number                                                    Arthur Brooks
                                                                          V.P. for Institutional Advancement
Phone (Home)                                                              Monie Broadus
                                                                          Editor/Director of Alumni Relations
                                                                          Rosalind Muchiri
Phone (Work)                                                              Associate Editor
     Life Membership ($500)         Annual Membership ($35)               Dr. Joan Hillsman

                                    Local & National                      Scott Rouch
                                                                          Bulldog Club
 Please make checks payable to: BSUNAA (Bowie State University            Vivian Montague
 National Alumni Association) Mail to: Evelyn Wright, Financial           Roland Green
 Secretary P.O.Box 7078 Columbia, Maryland 21045                          Baltimore Sun
                                                                          University Relations & Marketing Staff
                                                                          Masai Design

                                                       Tel: (301)860-4302/4319
                                                       Bowie, MD 20715
                                                       14000 Jericho Park Road, Staff House II
                                                       Bowie State University Office of Alumni Relations

Permit No. 39
 Bowie State
   PAID by
U.S. Postage
                                    Dr .Calvin W. Lowe

                               his season brought many
                               of you back to Bowie for
                               Homecoming on October

                         27, 2001, when we defeated                                     s we approach a new academic
                         Fayetteville State. It was good to                             year, we look forward to the
                         meet and fellowship with many of                               upcoming opportunities and
                         you at the President’s Tailgate. I                       challenges. Thanks so much to so
                         am proud to say that we finished                         many of you for updating the alumni
                         the football season with a record                        profile sheets through our recent
                         of 7 and 3 and that BSU alumnus,                         two-way mailer. Please be reminded
                          Henry Frazier III, was named CIAA                       that you may retrieve a copy of the
Coach of the Year. Your contributions towards athletics                           profile sheet on the alumni web page
supported the recruitment of better and stronger                                  at The
athletes.                                                                         next issue and future ones will high-
      During November, I began visiting all alumni chap-      light information that you chose to share with your fellow
ters, beginning with the Tri-County Chapter in Southern       alumni.
Maryland where Mr. William Moore is president. There are           Join old and new alumni at the BSUNAA Annual
several more chapter visits planned from January through      Meeting which will take place on Saturday, June
March. Thank you for your great hospitality and the warm      15, 2002, from 10:00 am -3:00pm in the Center for
reception that you displayed during these visits, the pride   Learning and Technology (CLT) building. A nominal
you have for your alma mater is obvious.                      registration fee of $20.00 will include workshops,
      The month of November also provided us with a great     special guests, continental breakfast, a barbeque
opportunity to share some special time with Maryland
                                                              meal and door prizes. A tear-off registration form is
Legislators. Our Center for Learning & Technology served
as the venue for the Bowie State University National          included on page 5 for your use. Make your checks
Alumni Association’s (BSUNAA) Maryland Legislative            payable to BSUNAA and mail to Evelyn Wright @ P. O.
Reception on November 9, 2001. The Honorable James            Box 7078 Columbia, MD 21045. Please note which
Proctor, The Honorable JoAnne Benson, The Honorable           workshops you would be interested in attending.
Carolyn Brown and The Honorable Darren Swain -- all           There will be a prize for the chapter with the most
BSU Alumni -- were in attendance. I want to thank Ms.         members in attendance.
Beatrice Tignor and the BSUNAA Legislative Committee               Mark your calendars early for Homecoming 2002
for a splendid affair.                                        where the Bulldogs will host Elizabeth City on October
      The highlight of the fall season was being named        19, 2002, at 1:00 p.m. at Bulldog Stadium. Class
the Tom Joyner Foundation School-of-the-Month for             reunion receptions are planned from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
April 2002. This exciting opportunity provides us with a      in the Wiseman Center at a cost of $25.00 per person.
mechanism to increase scholarships for a larger number of
                                                              A Homecoming Mixer is also being planned in the
students as we meet our growth challenges and expand
Bowie State University’s national name recognition.           Wiseman Center from 7:00 p.m. to midnight for a
      Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to make a         donation of $10.00. If you are interested in chairing
difference in the lives of our students.                      your class reunion or would like to be on the Alumni
                                                              Homecoming Committee, please contact the Alumni
                                                              Office at 301-860-4302/4319. Registration forms will
                                                              be provided in the next issue of the Alumni Journal.

                                                                  Peace & blessings!

         Tri County Chapter honors                                                               Monie Broadus
         Dr. Calvin Lowe at their “Back to Bowie Nite”
Alumni Journal | Fall 2001| 2

                                            Excellence Awards over the years.          recognize the importance of recording
                                                  Green is a member of the             her life story for her family, friends,
                                            Chicago Heart Association, American        community and future generations.
                                            Heart Association - Council on Basic           Ms. Montague has written her
                                            Sciences       and      Council    on      autobiography         entitled   “Higher
                                            Cardiovascular Surgery, Academy of         Ground.” She says, “This book was
                                            Surgical Research and the Association      written not because it would contain
                                            for the Advancement of Medical             startling personal revelations, but to
                                            Instrumentation (ASAIO).                   give a microscopic view of the life of
                                                  Having graduated from the            an ordinary African-American.” Hers
                                            Citizens Police Department, he is          is a life that has spanned two centuries.
                                            involved in the Evanston Police            Copies are available at the libraries
                                            department as a chaplain. In addition,     of Bowie State University, Martin
                                            he participates in his son’s sporting      Luther King and the Vermont Avenue
                                            events and also runs the clock for         Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

        odney Green is a native of          three girls’ basketball teams. When        and Pomonkey High School Alumni
        Washington, D.C. who gradu-         asked how he has the time, Green           Association in Bryans Road, Maryland.
        ated from Bowie State               responds that he just takes the time
University in 1988 with a Bachelor of       to do what he can do.
Science degree in Biology. While a
student at BSU, Green was involved
in a number of activities that
included the track team and being           VIVIAN INEZ MONTAGUE
selected as Mr. Senior (now Mr.
Bowie) in 1977. Green went on to
further his education at the
University of Wexford, Zurich,
Switzerland, where he took a Master                                                    BSU NATIONAL ALUMNI
of Science degree in Health Science                                                               Nominating Committee
through distance learning. He is
currently working on his doctorate
in Health Services Management at
the same institution and anticipates
graduating at the end of July, a year
earlier than scheduled.
      Green works as a Biologist,
                                                                                        DON’T LET TIME RUN OUT
Cardiothoracic Surgical Technologist/                                                  Renew your MEMBERSHIP TODAY
Senior Research Technologist at the                                                    *You must pay your dues by March 31,2002 to be eligble to vote
Northwestern University Medical

School in Chicago, Illinois. He has co-               s. Vivian Inez Montague
authored over 40 abstracts and 25
scientific publications and also partici-
                                                      (formerly Johnson) is a gradu-
                                                      ate of Bowie State, classes of
                                                                                          SPRING ELECTIONS
pated in several talks, presentations,                1938 and 1948 majoring in
exhibits, development of audio-visual
aids and teaching materials related to
his field of study. In addition, Green
                                            Elementary Education. Ms. Montague
                                            was born on February 9, 1919, and is
                                            a retired Guidance Counselor from
                                                                                       VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
has received numerous honors and            the District of Columbia public schools.
awards including the Humanitarian           Ms. Montague is a spiritual and
Award (2001), International Scientist       active octogenarian and a witty
of the Year (2001) and several Service      storyteller/writer, who seems to
                                                                                                                         Alumni Journal | Fall 2001| 3
In Memoriam
“There is a spot in our hearts that will always be reserved for our dear alumni”

 James “Barney” Waters
                       Bowie State University salutes Mr.
                       James “Barney” Waters for his outstand-
                       ing devotion and commitment to his
                       alma mater. Barney was a member of                               We congratulate our alumni Sonja Davenport
                       the Classes of 1934 and 1948. Barney’s                      and Christopher Hamilton who were wed on
                       home going was on November 18,                              November 3, 2001. The bride holds a bachelor’s
                       2001. As a student, Barney was involved                     degree in psychology from Bowie State University
                       in athletic and extra-curricular activi-                    and a Master’s degree in Education from Bowling
                       ties. Football and basketball were                          Green State University. She is a school psychologist.
among the sports that he played. He was the longstanding                           The groom holds a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and
Chairman of the Bowie College Athletic Hall of Fame Com-                           Finance from Bowie State University and a Master’s
mittee. Barney was a proud member of the President’s Club                          degree in Organization Development from Bowling
since its inception, and prior to that time, his generosity also                   Green State University. He is in Human Resources.
included being a member of the Century Club. Barney will                                The ceremony was held at the Community
be remembered for his melodious voice and how he always                            Baptist Church in Baltimore followed by a reception
led his fellow alumni in the singing of the Alma Mater.                            held at Martin’s Champagne Room.
Jean Wilkinson Colbert

     We regret to announce the home going of Ms. Jean
Wilson Colbert. Ms. Colbert was a Bowie State graduate,
class of 1955. Our heartfelt wishes are given to her family                                  Bulldog
and friends.
                                                                                   Club Golf
Pearl Anna Diggs Brown                                                                 The Annual Bulldog Club Golf Tournament will
     We regret to announce the home going of Ms. Pearl                             be held on May 20, 2002, at the Bowie Golf Course
Anna Diggs Brown on November 1, 2001. Ms. Brown                                    in Bowie, Maryland. This is the fifth year that the golf
graduated from Bowie State, class of 1939 and received                             tournament will raise funds in support of the Bowie
her bachelor’s degree in Education in 1967 and a master’s                          State University athletic program.
equivalent in 1969. Ms. Brown taught in the public school
system of Anne Arundel County for 14 years before retiring.                            This year the club’s desire is to have a souvenir
She was the mother to our former Assistant Director of                             booklet with ads to include, a patron list and pictures
Alumni Relations and an alumna, Ms. Pearl Green. Our                               of last year’s participants. Your support as a patron or
heartfelt wishes are given to her family and friends.                              by purchase of a booklet ad, on behalf of your family,
                                                                                   your business or organization will be highly appreci-
Milton Joseph Mack                                                                 ated. The costs for the ads and patronage are as
     Mr. Milton Joseph Mack was a graduate of Bowie State                          follows:
University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree.
“Mack,” as friends and family better knew him, served as
                                                                                         $300 - full page         $25 - business card
a teacher and principal of Laurel Elementary School for
                                                                                         $150 - half page         $5 - patron
a period of time before becoming a science instructor at
                                                                                         $75 - 1⁄4 page
Douglass High School. He served as a department head for
several years and retired in 1974. “Mack” received several
                                                                                   The event costs $75 per golfer and $300 for a
awards that honored him for dedicated service including,
                                                                                   foursome. Please contact Mr. Donald Wilson at
Hall of Fame - BSU, May 24, 1969, and BSU National Alumni
                                                                                   301-390-3358 or Ms. Addie Martin at 301-868-6081
Association Alumnus of the Year Award in 1983.
                                                                                   for more information.

Alumni Journal | Fall 2001| 4

                           BSU GOSPEL CHOIR
                           WINS SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS

        he Bowie State University Gospel Choir, under the leadership of Dr. Joan Hillsman, Professor of
        Music, was invited to participate in the Washington Post’s Scholarship competition. Members
        had to submit an essay on “What Music Means to Me,” along with a cassette tape of a gospel
  song being sung for adjudication.

      The Washington Post Scholarships were presented to the winners at the Fifth Annual Gospel
 Awards Night Musical, held on October 27, 2001, at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. The
 Washington Metropolitan Area Quartet Association’s Annual Awards Night featured awards for Best
 Contemporary Groups, Best Performances, and Best Male and Female Artists in the field. “Quartet
 Singing is one of the oldest forms of gospel music,” stated Dr. Joan Hillsman, African American Music
 Historian and Lecturer. “When there were no drums, quartet artists demonstrated the percussive
 beats with the so-called hip slapping, foot-tapping rhythms, the vocal pitches were often given by
 the bass voice. Therefore, we applaud this area of music history.”

      Bowie State University was selected to receive the group college award. The winners were
 Patience Ibik, a freshman and Leslie Dwight, a junior. A scholarship award was also presented to
 a band member, Steven Green and Mr. Adolph Wright, Band Director. Steven Green, freshman
 trombonist, won a $500.00 scholarship sponsored by the Washington Post and the Washington
 Quartet Society. Contest criteria were an audition tape and a short essay. Other students who
 submitted entries in the scholarship contest received a Certificate of Appreciation. We commend
 each participant for their efforts.

                             Join New & Old Alumni
                                                    for the
                              Annual Alumni Membership Meeting
                                          Saturday, June 15, 2002

                                 CLT Auditorium from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
                                       Please detach & mail payment


Continental Breakfast, Barbeque (BBQ), Special Guest, Workshop & Door Prizes

Please indicate preferred workshop topics                 Please return this form by May 15, 2002, with the
        Financial Planning & Investing                    $20.00 registration fee.
        Attracting recent graduates (alumni)              Make your checks payable to BSUNAA Mail to:
        Other_________________________                    Evelyn Wright, P.O. Box 7078, Columbia, MD 21045

                                                                                           Alumni Journal | Fall 2001| 5

                                                             Coach Frazier gave tribute to the staff and the players they
                                                          had assembled and to their commitment to excellence. Coach
                                            Alston puts Frazier stated, “It’s a real good feeling when people
                                            in long hours acknowedge your hard work, especially from your peers.”
                                            playing both     The Bulldogs had a talented nucleus heading into the
 Atcheson “AT” Conway                                     season. Coach Frazier and his staff were able to recruit a
                                            FOOTBALL number of young players who gave outstanding performances

 B                                          game and
      owie State University Bulldogs                      throughout the year. Heading that list was Atcheson “AT”
       had a fantastic year in the          BASKETBALL Conway, who was named to the 2001 All-CIAA First Team, the
       Central Intercollegiate Athletic
                                            scrimmage 2001 CIAA All-Rookie Team and was named the CIAA Rookie
 Association. Their success resulted in
 the naming of Coach Henry Frazier III      on the same of the Year. The 6-foot, 205-pound freshman linebacker from
                                                          Paint Branch High School (Silver Spring) was a force from the
 as the CIAA Coach of the Year. Coach       day.          start of the season. He ranked first in forced fumbles with four
 Frazier’s relentless efforts helped turn                 and tied for second in the league with six interceptions for 103
 around a season that could have                          yards.
 been a catastrophe for the team.                             Joining Conway, as 2001 All-CIAA First Team performers
 Coach Frazier and his staff designed                     were Charles Alston and Rob Nathan. Nathan, a 6-foot-1 inch,
 a winning program, which helped the        “I’m very     295-pound offensive lineman from Suitland High School, was
 Bulldogs finish 7-3 in the CIAA.           happy         a 2001 Preseason All-CIAA selection and lived up to the billing
                                            and very      during the season. Alston, who played for Coach Frazier at
                                            honored,”     Central High School before enrolling at Independence
 Charles Alston
                                            said Alston. Community College (Kansas), was an imposing force at the
                                                          defensive end position. He was among the league leaders in
                                            “I’m happy sacks with six, forced three fumbles and broke up three passes.
                                            to get that   He was second on the team with 69 tackles, including 23 solos
                                            recognition and 16 tackles-for-loss of 75 yards.
                                            from people.     Participation in a football game and basketball game on
                                                          the same day is virtually unheard of, but Alston did it. He
                                            We played
                                                          started the day in Cheyney, PA, with a 7 a.m. wake up call as a
                                            some pretty member of the Bulldogs’ football team and ended the day at
                                            good people 9:15 p.m. in Washington, DC, having participated in the
                                            and I tried   Bulldogs basketball season-opener. The feat was such that
                                            hard but I    the College Football Hall of Fame wanted the items that
                                            would rather Alston wore to be enshrined in their museum in South
                                                          Bend, IN. Unfortunately, it took a society-changing event to
                                            have a(CIAA) make it possible. The attacks of September 11 caused the
                                            champion- football game, originally scheduled for September 15th,
                                            ship) ring”   to be rescheduled for November 17th. The football pants
                                                          and basketball jersey he wore on that historic day are now
                                                          displayed in the College Football Hall of Fame in South Bend,
                                                          IN. Alston became the first Bulldog since Rodney Belfield in
                                                          1989 to be named a first-team All-American and just one of
                                                          four to receive that honor since 1980.
Alumni Journal | Fall 2001| 6
                                                            BSUNAA ELECTION 2000
                                                            The following were elected to serve as national officers

BSUGets Wins from                                           for the 2000-2001 term by the Bowie State University
                                                            National Alumni Association.

Men’s and Women’s                                           Legusta Floyd, President
BASKETBALL                                                  Henry Williams, 1st Vice President
                                                            Betty B. Turner, 2nd Vice President
 Men’s Basketball                                           Pamela Ambush Burris, Corresponding Secretary
                                                            Barbara Butler, Treasurer
   The Bowie State University Men’s basketball              Joyce Conway, Recording Secretary
team was overpowering against the Rams of                   Evelyn D. Wright, Financial Secretary
Shepherd College. Their total team play of the              Sidney Sheppard, Historian
game helped them build up a huge half-time                  Vaughn Evans, Parliamentarian
score against Shepherd College. They cruised                Mary Harris, Chaplain
in the 2nd half to a score of 98-85. This win is
the team’s fifth in a row, giving them a record of          CHAPTER                                 PRESIDENT
                                                            Anne Arundel                            Patricia Handy

Women’s Basketball                                          410-712-0098
                                                            Baltimore                               Clarence Mollock
   The Lady Bulldogs had an outstanding                     Fred/Carroll                            Henry (Hank) Dalley
performance against Wilberforce University                  410-871-0204
(Ohio). Their aggressive play helped the BSU                Lower Shore                             McKinley Hayward
Lady Bulldogs outscore the athletes from
Wilberforce University 75-40. The win helped
snap a three-game losing streak before headng               Harford/Cecil                           Cora C. Wilson
into their very short Christmas break, with a               410-273-6675
record of 3-6.                                              Montgomery                              Henry Williams
                                                            New York/New Jersey                     Inactive
                                                            Prince George’s                         LindaButler
        Reunion 2002                                        Upper Shore
                                                                                                   William Moore
   If you are a member of a class ending in 7 or 2,
     Call us at (301 860-4319/4302 or E-mail us at          Virginia                                Inactive
                         Washington, D.C.                        Qawi Robinson
                                                            Alumni 2000                             Darren Swain
                                                            Campus Alumni                           Doris Gilard
  Bowie State University License Plates                     Nursing Alumni                          Shiree Arvin
  Call the BSU Alumni Offices (301)860-4302/4319 and        410-325-9316
  we will mail you an application. Tags will cost $25.00
  for previously registered vehicles and $90.00 for newly
  registered vehicles.                                          President’s Scholarship Gala
                                                             Alumni Admission: $250.00 per person
                                                             Alumni Table:      $2500.00
                                                             Table Indudes: 10 Gala tickets
                                                                            10 VIP Sky Show Passes
                                                                            10 VIP Sky Show Breakfast Passes

                                                                                                   Alumni Journal | Fall 2001| 7

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