Bowdoin College Environmental Mission Statement by wuw15755


									                Dining Service Environmental Commitments

Bowdoin College Environmental Mission Statement
Being mindful of our use of the Earth's natural resources, we are committed to leading by
example to integrate environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the college
community. The College shall seek to encourage conservation, recycling, and other sustainable
practices in its daily decision making processes, and shall take into account, in the operations of
the College, all appropriate economic, environmental, and social concerns.

In keeping with Bowdoin's bicentennial motto, "The College and the Common Good”,
Bowdoin Dining Service recognizes its responsibility to take a leadership role in
environmental stewardship by integrating environmental awareness, local action, and
global thinking into our operational planning and decision-making. As a way to capture
this ethic and interpret the College’s Environmental Mission Statement within our
department, we commit ourselves to the following initiatives:

Sustainable Awareness
  Bowdoin Dining will make department decisions considering relevant environmental
  and sustainability issues. Through our Environmental Committee, which includes
  representation from Dining Service, Sustainable Bowdoin and Bowdoin students, we
  will advocate action and monitor our adherence to departmental environment policies.
  We will select and monitor “best practice” sustainability indicators suitable for
  Bowdoin Dining operations as a method for tracking performance improvement. We
  will keep the College community informed and aware of our environmental initiatives
  and process.
Sustainable Policy
   To promote a sustainable economy in Maine and New England, Bowdoin Dining will use all
   reasonable efforts to utilize affordably priced local and renewable products that reflect the
   College's commitment to sustainability.
   • We will continue our strong relationship with Farm Fresh Connections (FFC), a program
      of the Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society that coordinates the sale of food from farms
      to institutions (colleges and hospitals) in south-central Maine.
   • We will provide oversight and coordination to the ongoing development of an
      agriculturally and financially sustainable Bowdoin Organic Garden project. Within
      College budget parameters, we will provide funding, equipment and labor to help ensure
      its continued viability and success.
   • We will strengthen the ties to our local communities by utilizing local businesses and
      services whenever possible.
   • We will ensure that a selection criterion for all contracted vendors is a consideration of
      their environmental practices and record.
   • We will consider environmental factors when purchasing new or replacement equipment.

   To reduce waste, Bowdoin Dining will use all reasonable efforts to decrease consumption and
   purchase reusable, recyclable and biodegradable products when available.
   • We will continue to use unbleached dioxin-free paper napkins in all our dining units.
   • We will make reusable mugs and lunch bags available to all students and provide tangible
      benefits for their use.
   • We will continue to use biodegradable containers in our take-out operations to the greatest
      practical extent.
   • We will utilize biodegradable service ware for our two largest annual catered events—the
      Graduation Lobster Bake (2200 happy people) and the Commencement Lunch (4000
      proud people).
   • We will advocate for reduced and bulk packaging with all our vendors.
   • We will use accurate menu forecasting from our food management software to match food
      production to usage. If over-production occurs, we will work with students to develop an
      efficient delivery system to appropriate local non-profit organizations.
   • We will enthusiastically support Bowdoin Composting by diverting pre- and post-
      consumer food scraps from the waste stream into the program.
   • We will be frugal and practice conservation in our use of natural resources such as
      electricity, water, fuel, food products and paper.

   To complete the loop of recycling products, Bowdoin Dining will use all reasonable efforts to
   purchase products with recycled content when available and conduct vigorous recycling
   • We will continue our commitment to recycling all cardboard, metal cans, plastic containers
      and glass in our dining operations.
   • We will support the 1976 Maine Refundable Beverage Container Law by providing
      adequate locations for the collection of refundable bottles and cans.
   • We will continue to use dioxin-free unbleached coffee filters in all our dining units.

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