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									Bank pass qualification test center personal finance personal question two

 bank qualification Personal

  12, claims the following errors on bonds and stocks is _________。
  A, interaction yields B, belong to portfolio
  C, are the means of financing D, has a repayment period provided for
  13, the main target of the securities credit rating for the _________ .
  A, the central government's debt B, international bonds and preferred stock
  C, Common Stock D, various types of corporate bonds and local bonds
  14, Which of the following does not belong to non-risk systemic risk?
  A, interest rate risk B, credit risk C, operational risk D, financial risk
  15, Which of the following risks are not risks of the system?
  A, policy risk B, Cycle Risk C, interest rate risk D, credit risk
  16, the following risk factors, investors can be spread through the portfolio is
  A, changes in national monetary policy B, an economic crisis,
  C, inflation D, business mismanagement
  17, long-term government bond interest rates than short-term government bonds,
high interest rates, this is _ ________ compensation.
  A, credit risk B, inflation risk C, interest rate risk D, policy risk
  18, securities investment fund is a _________ of securities investment.
  A, direct B, indirect C, depending on specific circumstances of the case D None of
the above
  19, securities investment funds reflects investors and fund managers a _________
relationship between .
  A, creditor relations B, ownership C, integrated power relations D, agency
  20 ,________ the investment share is not fixed.
  A, closed-end fund B, contractual fund C, open-end fund D, Corporate Funds
  21, closed-end investment funds and open-ended investment funds, investment funds
is carried out according to standard _________ classification.
  A, the organization of the investment fund B, the investment fund can redeem
  C, the investment fund's investment target D, the risk of the investment fund the size
  22, open-end funds The transaction price depends _________。
  A, the total assets of the Fund B, supply and demand C, the net assets of the Fund D,
Fund Balance
  23, in the following types of funds, general _________ minimum annual
management fee.
  A, Bond Fund B, Monetary Fund, C, Equity Fund D, warrants Fund /

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