Hotel and restaurant management

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              study guide                                                                      kansas state university

                  Hotel and restaurant management
According to estimates by the U.S.           Graduates are qualified for manage-         The program is accredited by the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will       ment-level positions in catering and        Accreditation Commission for Programs
be a 7 percent increase in openings for      banquet services, full-service restau-      in Hospitality Administration of the
food service and lodging managers            rants, cafeterias, buffets, quick-service   Council on Hotel, Restaurant and
through the year 2018. With approxi-         restaurants, contract and noncommer-        Institution Education (CHRIE).
mately 14 million employees, the hotel       cial dining operations, private clubs,
and restaurant industry is one of the        resorts, hotels, motels, tour consulta-     special features
nation’s largest employers.                  tion, convention services, senior living
                                                                                          Excellent experience in on-campus
                                             services and food and food service
By the year 2018, the hospitality indus-                                                  food service facilities.
                                             equipment sales. Some of the compa-
try will add 838,200 new jobs and will
                                             nies that have employed recent K-State       Practical experience through intern-
employ over 16.4 million people and
                                             graduates are:                               ships at work sites across the coun-
the projected sales volume will exceed
                                                                                          try and around the world including
$400 billion. The continued growth in         Applebee’s International, Inc.
                                                                                          full-service, casual and quick-service
the industry will create opportunities for    Kansas City, Mo.
                                                                                          restaurants and hotels or motels.
graduates seeking challenging careers
                                              ARAMARK Management Corporation
in hospitality management.                                                                The Hospitality Management Society
                                              Denali, Ark.
                                                                                          (HMS), Club Managers Association of
Graduates from hotel and restaurant
                                              Fairfield Inn                               America, Special Events and Meeting
management programs choose career
                                              Manhattan, Kan.                             Planners Association and Eta Sigma
opportunities ranging from manage-
                                                                                          Delta hospitality honor society are
ment of elegant resort hotels to special-     Kansas City Country Club                    student clubs that provide contact with
ty restaurants. The mission of the hotel      Mission Hills, Kan.                         the industry through invited speakers
and restaurant management program
                                              J. Alexander’s Restaurants                  and field trips to regional and national
at K-State is to prepare students for
                                              Nashville, Tenn.                            hospitality conventions. Additionally,
professional careers in hospitality
                                                                                          HMS has endowed scholarships at
management by providing theory-based          Marriott Hotels                             K-State to support student internship
instruction and practical experience.         Overland Park, Kan.                         experiences.
Graduates need a liberal-general edu-         Hyatt Regency Crown Center
cation, an understanding of business          Kansas City, Mo.                           What will I study?
administration, specialized technical                                                    A successful manager in the hospitality
knowledge of hotel and food service           Red Lobster International
                                              Topeka, Kan.                               industry must exhibit many skills and
management and practical experience                                                      command specialized knowledge.
in the industry.                              Indian Hills Country Club
                                              Mission Hills, Kan.                        A hospitality (hotel and restaurant)
employment prospects                                                                     manager must be able to please guests.
                                              Panera Bread                               This requires a good working knowl-
Employment prospects have never been          Prairie Village, Kan.                      edge of hotel and restaurant opera-
better. Rapid growth in the hospital-
                                                                                         tions. Students develop this knowledge
ity industry has created a demand for         Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino
                                                                                         through courses in food production
graduates from four-year hotel and            Las Vegas, Nev.
                                                                                         management, environmental issues,
restaurant management programs.
                                              Jason’s Deli                               hotel operations, hospitality service
                                              Dallas, Texas                              systems, beverage operations, nutrition
                                                                                         and computer science.
Basic business knowledge is another         suggested freshman                                For information about transferring
important element of successful hotel                                                         course work from other institutions,
and restaurant operations. The program      Hrs.    First semester
includes professional courses in man-        3      ENGL 100 Expository Writing I             Karen Pence
agement concepts, marketing, business        3      PSYCH 110 General Psychology              Dean’s Office
finance and accounting, leading to a                or                                        College of Human Ecology
                                             3      SOCIO 211 Introduction to Sociology
minor in business.                                                                            Kansas State University
                                             3      MATH 100 College Algebra
                                                    or                                        119 Justin Hall
The hospitality industry also involves      3–4     College-level calculus course             Manhattan, KS 66506–1401
work with many different types of            2      HMD 120 Introduction to the Hospitality   785-532-5500
people. Hotel and restaurant managers                           Industry
                                                                                              Fax: 785-532-5504
must know how to supervise and moti-         4      BIOL 198 Principles of Biology
                                            15–16                                             E-mail:
vate personnel so that they will provide
customers with desired products and         Hrs.    Second semester                           For more information about
                                             3      General Chemistry                         Kansas State University, contact:
services. Courses in written and oral
                                             1      General Chemistry Lab
communication, humanities and social         3      ECON 110 Principles of Macroeconomics     Office of Admissions
sciences help students develop these         2      COMM 105 Public Speaking IA               Kansas State University
people skills.                                      or                                        119 Anderson Hall
                                             3      COMM 106 Public Speaking I
                                                                                              Manhattan, KS 66506–0102
                                             3      HN 132     Basic Nutrition
high school preparation                      1      HMD 221 Topics in Hospitality             1-800-432-8270 (toll free) or
                                            2–3     Professional electives                    785-532-6250
Students who meet the Kansas qualified
                                            15–17                                             E-mail:
admission requirements are prepared to
enter the hotel and restaurant manage-
                                            For more information about hotel and
ment program at K-State. High school
                                            restaurant management, contact:
algebra and calculus are recommended.
                                            Pat Pesci
Practical work experience in the hos-
                                            Department of Hospitality Management
pitality field is suggested. Cultural                                                         Notice of nondiscrimination
                                            and Dietetics                                     Kansas State University is committed to nondiscrimination
activities, travel and exposure to a wide
                                            College of Human Ecology                          on the basis of race, color, ethnic or national origin, sex,
variety of hotel and restaurant services                                                      sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, ancestry,
                                            Kansas State University                           disability, military status, veteran status or other nonmerit
also are encouraged.                                                                          reasons, in admissions, educational programs or activi-
                                            104 Justin Hall                                   ties and employment, including employment of disabled
                                            Manhattan, KS 66506–1404                          veterans and veterans of the Vietnam Era, as required
                                                                                              by applicable laws and regulations. Responsibility for
                                            785-532-5521 or 785-532-2210                      coordination of compliance efforts and receipt of inquiries
                                            Fax: 785-532-5522                                 concerning Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX
                                                                                              of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the
                                            E-mail:                      Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of
                                                           1975, and the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 has
                                                                                              been delegated to the director of Affirmative Action, Kansas
                                                                                              State University, 214 Anderson Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506-
                                                                                              0124, (phone) 785-532-6220; (TTY) 785-532-4807.