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									Auditor Skills learned: I learned skills audit audit

  skills audit experience engineering
  late last year we made a bid project.
  is the Children's Palace, the construction cost paid by government departments.
  we are advanced forms, the end result it works nearly a year, has not take a penny!
  final it, that is right in July to the time of repayment.
  requirement that they actually the audit, the Audit Office to the Ministry of Finance.
  can be said that there are many unreasonable, they are bullying people.
  volume and content of all projects should be re-examined every place has a good
final big difference!
  lot of them a lot of trouble.
  until yesterday!
  check of a project both a content and quantities.
  final study is the price.
  few surprise twists and turns the other to verify the visa be considered after the
triumphant OK.
  price has become a big problem!
  We units are not really fitting company, is a renovated science department
development company, we are different from other renovation companies, we are
simply doing kindergarten renovation. Can be said that not all is perfect!
  price at the beginning of our budget is 67 million, the result because the relationship
we are successful, but the price dropped to 570,000.
  we do not know the secret of which has not gone through the audit, the result is none
other factors that suffered a major loss! ! !
  time of the audit work in accordance with your budget book and the percentage of
the price of the contract signed to control the time of the audit unit.
  better news is that the contract is a package that we die.
  budget is audited later to increase the item, a total of more than 97,000 yuan.
  final audit is completed just more than 54,000 yuan, and his verbal skills, the unit
price on the material to find a bit of material difference.
, then also has to be in a multi-up, because the mouth of the auditors learned that a
government department funding the additional items of the final cost can not spare
10% of total project cost, we can only control 54 000 yuan.
  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  the first time audit is a complex process difficult! Ye Hao grinding.
  I'm a non-cost personnel, but the entire budget in this project is my own to do under
the fixed the,
  so when the audit has been my end! ! ! ~
  process audit is no exaggeration to say that - war (war mouth, brain warfare)
  great many are now renovated units, in addition to large-scale renovation company,
almost all the other qualified Cost of professional staff.
  So, I want my experience to pass on to you!
  hope that we will not lose, do not go, I have experienced this difficult complex audit
process! ! !
  labor center, trouble ah!
  I am grateful for the leadership of their units, I have the opportunity to exercise! !
  success of the audit, for their encouragement and support is the biggest factor!
  number of times, I really really want to give up!
  I was just faced with the auditors will also soldiers with guns on the battlefield, just
, however, in everyone's help, I did not flinch! !
  to the end is the winner - these words really had come true!
  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  non-professional cost of friends, read these, you should know right?
  should at least understand a few problems. And remember!
  ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
. So the tender can not be none other projects, only allow entry.
. Engineering process changes must be timely visa. (No matter how good, and the
relationship between Party A)
. To know that a requirement. (Additional items in the audit if the government
departments shall not exceed 10%, more than 10% responsible for the payment by the
Party itself, this part is difficult to be approved.)
. Want to be a strong strong, and want to be a winner!
. Has encountered a problem can not be back, but can not give up! As long as brave
face, everything will be easy up! ! ! / Center>

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