MultiLino ST Performs at Boston University Center

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					     MultiLino ST Performs at Boston University Center
In October 2004, Warin Dexter, Director of the Rec-
reation Center at Boston University’s Agganis Arena,
was charged with overseeing the development of a first
class 3-court multipurpose gymnasium.

Located within Boston University’s new $225 million
John Hancock Student Village—a 10-acre hub of ac-
tivity designed to be the thriving center of student life
and athletics—the center would be used primarily for
rollerblading, but also for basketball, volleyball, soccer
and badminton. An ambitious project like this called for
a durable professional floor.

Originally, the architects leading the project specified a
poured-in-place urethane floor. Dexter called on sev-
eral reference accounts for the specified flooring and dis-
covered many unhappy end users. The urethane floor was
not suitable for rollerblading.

                                                                    View of MultiLino ST floor as seen from weight room

                                                              Because there are no coatings applied to MultiLino ST,
                                                              the product can withstand tables/chairs and all types
                                                              of multipurpose activities that would normally cause
                                                              problems with delicate wood floor coatings and/or
                                                              cushioned vinyl floors.

                                                              The University sent a representative to Scotland to see
                                                              a MultiLino ST floor in the fall of 2004. The school liked
                                                              what it saw and American Green of Rockland, Mass,
                                                              installed the several thousand square feet of the floor,
                                                              completing the project in January 2005. Today, the
                                                              Recreation Center is a multifunctional, reliable and in-
                                                              novative sports facility.

                                                              “The key for us was finding a flooring solution that was
                                                              hard enough to endure inline hockey but was not so
                                                              hard that it would cause injuries,” said Alec Southall,
             MultiLino ST at BU Recreation Center             Manager of Recreation Facilities. “MultiLino ST was
                                                              the right solution.”

                                                              MultiLino ST, MultiLino WD and MultiLino FM are dis-
Eventually Dexter and the architects decided to install       tributed in the United States by Mats Inc.
MultiLino ST. MultiLino ST is harder than most sports
surfaces because it has not been treated with polymers.
Therefore, the stiffness remains, even when it’s damp.
Due to its extremely durable properties, MultiLino ST
is able to withstand the effect of high frequency indoor
sports, such as inline skating, as well as non-sporting
activities. Even stilletto heels and burning cigarette
ashes leave no marks on this low maintenance surface.
Furthermore, MultiLino ST is the only synthetic floor
certified for DIN standards for area elasticity.