4670 North Down River Road, Grayling, MI 49738
                        To dispose of non-recyclables you will need an annual compactor decal. If you have
                        not purchased a decal, the cost is $1.50 per bag.
                        As always, there is a 7 bag limit per day (depending on bag size). The Compactor
                        Attendant reserves the right to refuse any items he considers hazardous or
   Taking care of the environment is the responsibility of everyone, even you. Grayling Township is leading the way in environmental
responsibility with the township recycling and composting center on North Down River Road.
   The Grayling Township Recycling Center will accept most any kind of household and yard wastes, including paper, corrugated
cardboard, clear glass, styro foam, tin foil, magazines, newspapers and plastic jugs; plus leaves and small brush trimmings from
your yard. And there's no extra cost to you !
   All the materials collected will be shipped directly to manufacturers who will make new products. None of the recycled material
will go into the landfill or be transported by a waste hauling company.
   To dispose of non-recyclables, you must purchase a yearly decal. Recycling is free of charge, AND you don’t need to be a
resident of Grayling Township to recycle!
   Join the push to protect the fragile environment of Grayling Township. Recycle and compost your reusable household waste
at the Grayling Township Recycling Center.
   The Grayling Township Recycling Center is conveniently located at 4670 West North Down River Road next to the I-75

      "Get Into Recycling"                                          Schedule of Rules and Regulations for trash
                                                                              disposal and recycling
   Yes:     Clear glass jars - remove lids.
                                                            NO COMPACTOR DECAL REQUIRED TO RECYCLE!!
   Yes:     Newspaper & inserts.
   Yes:     Magazines - magazines, catalogs and inserts. Phone books, TV guides or Readers Digests, computer paper,
            office paper, Coupons, junk mail, envelopes. No carbon copies.
   Yes:     Cardboard - Corrugated, pizza boxes, Paperboard, cereal boxes. Empty, remove liners/styrofoam,
            flatten when possible.
   Yes:     Plastics - #1 and #2 - Beverage and detergent jugs, cider, bleach bottles, vinegar, etc. Rinse, discard caps.
            NOTE: #1 Clear only. No Oil Jugs.
   Yes:     Milk Jug - Rinse thoroughly and discard caps and rings.
   Yes:     Tin Cans - Rinse, flatten if possible. No Paint cans, aerosol cans, NO METAL.
   Yes:     Styrofoam - Egg cartons, meat trays, popcorn, packing material.
   Yes:     Aluminium - Foil wrap, pans, trays, pop/juice cans. Clean, rinse, flatten when possible. No Dirty pans/trays
   Yes:     Yard Wastes - Small brush, xmas trees (seasonal). None accepted 1/2 hour prior to gate closing.
            NOTE: Trees not to exceed 6" in diameter, 7 feet long and 4 feet wide. NoRoots, stumps or mix loads, building
            or roofing materials.
   Yes:     Leaves & Grass Clippings - None accepted 1/2 hour prior to gate closing (seasonal). All bags must be
                    emptied. No Mix loads.
   Yes:     Batteries - Auto, boat, mower batteries by appointment..
   Yes:     Personal Medical Waste - Must be in puncture proof packaging prior to disposal.

                                                                                HOURS OF OPERATION
   If you have items that are too large for                              Tuesday ..............................1 p.m. - 8 p.m.
      the compactor, you can call Waste                                  Thursday .............................1 p.m. - 8 p.m.
        Management at 1-989-732-3553.                                    Saturday .............................9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                                                   CLOSED HOLIDAYS
  We are not affiliated with this company.                                            (989) 348-3195

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