Sample Lesson Plan by whattaman


									                         Newport-Mesa USD Adult Education

                   Sample Lesson Plan

                 Time:              Activity:                      Instructions:

                                                    1. Students copy “cloze” activity
                                                       (Attachment 1) from whiteboard into
                                                       their notebook and add the missing
              6:00-6:20pm       Daily Journal
                                                    2. Walk around to correct spelling,
                                                       grammar, and punctuation.
                                                    3. Call students to board to complete

                                                    1. Read the completed Daily Journal aloud,
                                                       sentence by sentence, and have students
                                                       repeat after you. Check pronunciation.
              6:20-6:30pm     Read Daily Journal
                                                    2. Choral read the entire Daily Journal
                                                    3. In pairs, students practice reading aloud
                                                       their daily journals to each other. Walk
                                                       around to check pronunciation.

              6:30-6:40pm      Take Attendance     1. Bubble for the first hour.

                                                   1. Pages __ - __
Comments:      6:40-7:15pm       Core Textbook      2. Follow manual.
                                                    3. Circle the room to check progress.

              7:15-7:30pm      Take Attendance     1. Bubble for the second hour.

              7:30-7:45pm           Break
                                                    1. No food/drink in the classrooms.

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                          Newport-Mesa USD Adult Education

                 Time:               Activity:                        Instructions:

                                                      1. Recite cardinal numbers together.
                                                      2. Recite ordinal numbers together.
              7:45-8:00pm      Number Recitation
                                                      3. Check number fluency by doing mental
                                                         math (i.e.: “What is 2 plus 8 divided by
                                                         2?”) Congratulate the first student to get
                                                         the answer!!

              8:00-8:10pm       Take Attendance
                                                      1. Bubble for the third hour.

                                Core Textbook -      1. Finish pages __ - ___
Comments:      8:10-8:40pm                            2. Circle the room to check on progress and
                                   continued             evaluate work.

                                                      1. Recite alphabet forwards and backwards.

              8:30-8:40pm      Alphabet Recitation
                                                      2. Check oral letter recognition by spelling
                                                         out a code (i.e.: You are a terrific class!)
Comments:                                                Who will be the first to crack the code???
                                                         Drum roll, please!

              8:40-9:00pm
                                                      1. Students copy and complete the End-of-
                                                         Class Reflection activity (Attachment 2) in
Comments:                                                their notebooks.

                                                      1. Students make sure of the following:
                                                            a. chairs are pushed in
                                                            b. class sets of books are returned

                9:00pm             Dismissal
                                                                (in numerical order, if applicable)
                                                            c. class is neat and orderly
Comments:                                             2. You make sure to:
                                                            a. turn in your attendance
                                                            b. complete End-of-Class Feedback
                                                                (Attachment 3)

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