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					                                                 The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
                                                Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
                                                            Chapter 202
                                                                Spring 2010 Newsletter
                                                                                                                       April 9, 2010

     Faculty Members                      Chapter 202 Recognizes Excellence in Scholarship and Service
          S. Ekema Agbaw, Ph.D.
            Thomas Aleto, Ph.D.          This Spring, Bloomsburg University’s chapter of Phi Kappa Phi invited 269 undergraduates and
       M. Christine Alichnie, Ph.D.
          Joseph P. Ardizzi, Ph.D.       45 graduate students to membership in the oldest, largest, most prestigious all-discipline inter-
       Eileen Astor-Stetson, Ph.D.
          Richard L. Baker, Ph.D.        national honor society. Chapter 202 faculty also elected two of their colleagues, Dr. Sheila Har-
              Kevin T. Ball, Ph.D.
           William Bealing, Ph.D.        tung and Dr. Leo Barrile, to membership in Phi Kappa Phi. Initiates will be honored at the
         Walter M. Brasch, Ph.D.
         Noreen Chikotas, D.Ed.
                                         Spring Initiation Ceremony on Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. in the Kehr Union Ballroom.
             James Dalton, Ph.D.         Dr. Scott Inch will deliver the guest lecture entitled “How to Steal an Identity for $4” Distin-
     Patricia Dorame-Holoviak, Ph.D.
         Heather Feldhaus, Ph.D.         guished guests will include President David Soltz. Visit our chapter website http://
        Meredith Grimsley, Ph.D.
           Steven D. Hales, Ph.D. to view the names of the honored students and faculty.
         Sharon Haymaker, Ph.D.
           Michael Hickey, Ph.D.
           William Hudon, Ph.D.
               Scott Inch, Ph.D.
                                         Chapter 202 Nominates Jessalyn Klein for 2010 Fellowship Award
            Jeanette Keith, Ph.D.
           Marion Mason, Ph.D.           Each year, Chapter 202 nominates a graduating senior to represent Bloomsburg University in Phi
             Joan F. Miller, Ph.D.
            Terrance Riley, Ph.D.        Kappa Phi’s National Fellowship Competition. Selection criteria include the student’s academic
          Danny Robinson, Ph.D.          record, standardized test scores, promise of success in graduate or professional school, leader-
         M. Safa Saracoglu, Ph.D.
       Christine M. Sperling, Ph.D.      ship experiences, letters of recommendation, as well as stated academic and professional goals.
           A. Blair Staley, D.B.A.
          Lisa Stallbaumer, Ph.D.
                                         The chapter’s nominee receives a one-year membership in Phi Kappa Phi as well as a monetary
              Eric Stouffer, Ph.D.       award. Chapter 202 congratulates this year’s nominee—Jessalyn Klein. Jessalyn joins other
        Cynthia A. Surmacz, Ph.D.
           Margaret L. Till, Ph.D.       young scholars who are entering the first year of graduate or professional study in competition
         Vera Viditz-Ward, M.F.A.
   Mary Katherine Waibel Duncan, Ph.D.
                                         for one of 57 Fellowships of $5,000 each and three Fellowships of $15,000 each. For more infor-
        Stephen Whitworth, Ph.D.         mation about the application process, visit
         Dee Anne Wymer, Ph.D.

                                               Chapter 202 Submits Application for 2010 Literacy Award
       Chapter Officers                  Chapter 202 submitted a literacy grant proposal entitled Pediatric Health Literacy Initiative. The
                                         project is one component of a larger effort to create a Play-to-Learn Resource Center in the Uni-
A. Blair Staley, President
                                         versity’s SOLVE Office. The initiative will strengthen and expand an existing community outreach
Kevin Ball, President-elect
                                         program—Students Helping Adolescents Reach Excellence (SHARE)—by creating a children’s
Jeanette Keith, Past-President
                                         library which will house developmentally appropriate reference materials on common physical
Richard Baker, Vice-President            and psychological pediatric conditions. Faculty and students who are interested in participating
Raeesa Khan, Student Vice-               in this project are encouraged to contact Dr. Mary Katherine Duncan at
Anthony Fatzinger, Student Vice-
Presidents                                                          Memberships Has Its Benefits
Cynthia Surmacz, Secretary
                                         Visit to learn about the benefits of membership. Benefits include career
Marion Mason, Treasurer
                                         assistance, awards/scholarships, partner discounts/services, publications, as well as networking,
Mary Katherine Duncan, Public
Relations Officer                        training, and leadership opportunities. While visiting the website, be sure to update your mem-
Nicole Leonzi, Student Public Rela-      bership status and member profile. Students and faculty who have paid their annual chapter
tions Officer                            dues are considered "Affiliated." To check your dues-paying status, contact Dr. Marion Mason at
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 Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
 Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Faculty News
Dr. Christine Alichnie, Department of Nursing, serves as a consultant to nursing pro-
grams throughout the state and country on topics related to accreditation and curricu-
lum development.

Dr. Kevin Ball, Department of Psychology, was awarded a grant from the National Insti-
tute on Drug Abuse to study “Neural Mechanisms Underlying Individual Differences in
3, 4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine-Related Behaviors in Rats.”

Dr. Mary Katherine Duncan, Department of Psychology, created a reference guide en-
titled “Y.O.O. Rock Columbia County: Youth Outreach Opportunities for Families, Chil-
dren and Youth.” Grant monies from the University and local foundations funded the
development and publication of the guide.

Dr. Steven Hales, Department of Philosophy, served as a Visiting Professorial Fellow at
the Institute of Philosophy at the School of Advanced Study, University of London.

Dr. Joan Miller, Department of Nursing, is the principal investigator of S.O.A.R.
(Students Overcome and Achieve through Running/Walking), a structured and men-
tored after-school exercise program designed to increase students’ physical fitness,
subjective well-being, and academic performance.

Chapter 202 Student News
Arlene Bowes served on the College of Business Student Advisory Board in which ca-
pacity she met with the AACSB’s accreditation team for the renewal of the COB’s ac-
creditation and is meeting with candidates for the Dean of the College of Business posi-
tion opening.
Anthony Fatzinger presented research on the “Role of College Major on Rehabilitation
and Punishment Attitudes in the Criminal Justice System” at the Eastern Psychological
Association’s annual research conference in Brooklyn, NY.
Timothy Harris served as the student president of the Financial Management Associa-
tion, an organization that helps students develop their professional and academic skills
through workshops, educational field trips, and community outreach.
Raeesa Khan was awarded a grant to travel to Pakistan for the purpose of making a
documentary film entitled “Pakistan’s Cave.” This film about the need for quality edu-
cational opportunities in Pakistan is scheduled to debut in the Fall 2010.
Jessalyn Klein presented research entitled “Treatment regimens of MDMA (ecstasy)
that fail to produce withdrawal-induced anhedonia result in long term behavioral sen-
sitization” at the Eastern Psychological Association’s annual research conference in
Brooklyn, NY.
Brooke Kodish served as the vice president of Students Helping Students, an organiza-
tion that helps students who are in need of assistance due to physical disability by car-
rying books or providing transportation to class.