Sample Evaluation Project Plan by withoutyou


									                                   Evaluation Project Plan Template

                                      [Title of Evaluation Project]

                                           [Proposing Unit]

Purpose of the Evaluation:

       The purpose of the evaluation is to [3-4 sentences]

Members of Evaluation Team (suggested):

Key Evaluation Questions:

   1. What?

   2. How?

   3. Why?

Information Sources:

   1. Existing documents, reports and evaluation materials

   2. Key knowledgeables

Major Evaluation Methods:

   1. Review of documents

   2. Interviews with the key knowledgeables, described above

   3. Review of preliminary findings with [whom]?

Evaluation Reporting:

        The report will include a review of _____________ and themes drawn from _________.

        Additional summaries will be posted or sent to ______________________ for comment.

      The evaluation team will involve the following people in identifying implications and drafting

        The final report will be sent to __________________________________ by _____[date].

Time Line:

Action Steps                                                     Target Dates to Complete

Review of literature

Approval of evaluation plan by sponsors

Development of interview questions with sponsors

Scheduling of interviews

Conduct of interviews

Analysis of data

Preparation of report

Review of findings with evaluation team

Presentation of final report

Prepared by Cheryl Bielema and Robin Zuniga
EDUCAUSE Workshop 04F:
Using Data to Get More Value from Your Course Management System
October 19, 2004

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