Berry College Campus Wedding Guide by myn93816


									                                      Berry College Wedding Guidelines
                                                       (Revised 2/10/2010)

I Policy:
Berry’s campus facilities include three distinctively beautiful chapels used in various ways as a part of Berry’s religious life
program: Barnwell Chapel, Berry College Chapel, and Frost Memorial Chapel.
The Chapels’ primary purpose is to support the overall program of the college in fulfilling its three-fold mission of educating
head, the heart, and the hands. Berry College reserves the right to schedule any or all of its chapels for college-sponsored
programs or activities and may do so at any point up to one year in advance. Therefore, certain dates will be unavailable for
scheduling weddings. The Chaplain’s Office will make every effort to inform inquirers of these dates when the first inquiry is
made; however, in cases of inquiries made more than one year in advance, such information may not be available. Therefore,
NO wedding may be scheduled in a Berry College chapel earlier than one year in advance. If you meet the eligibility
requirements, you may call the office and “pencil in” dates up to two years in advance.

II General Information:
1. You must be affiliated with Berry College in one of the following ways to reserve Frost & Berry College Chapel:
        A. Students presently enrolled at Berry who have completed one year of study.
        B. Present or former Berry faculty and staff and their children.
        C. Alumni of Berry (persons who have completed one full academic year of study and are listed in the Registrar’s
             Office) and their children.
        D. Members of the Board of Trustees, Board of Visitors, and Official advisory councils and their children.
        (Eligibility will be verified through the Office of the Registrar, Alumni Office, or Personnel Department. Any
        falsification of information will result in the immediate cancellation of the chapel reservation.)
2. No out-door weddings are allowed at any location on campus
3. Only one wedding is permitted in each chapel per weekend. Weddings may be scheduled any weekday when classes are
    not in session. (Spring, Summer, and Winter Breaks)
4. All weddings performed on campus must be approved by the Office of the Chaplain. Only marriage ceremonies pursuant
    to the state laws of Georgia are permitted.
5. The minister must be ordained clergy or clergy designated by his or her denomination to officiate at weddings.
6. NO signs or markers are to be posted on the campus. There are adequate signs on campus showing
    directions to each of the three chapels. Any signs, markers, ribbons, etc. posted is in violation of the
   Guidelines and will be removed immediately by the Campus Police.
7. Use DRIPLESS candles only.
8. Nothing is to be placed on the piano (flower arrangements, candles, etc.)
9. No glitter, confetti, rice, birdseed, etc is to be thrown inside the chapel.
10. No birds or animals are allowed in the chapels, with the exception of Seeing Eye dogs.
11. No vehicles are allowed on the chapel lawns. All vehicles must park in the designated locations.
13. No receptions are to be held inside the chapels.

III Reserving a chapel:
1. Inquiries may be made as to the availability of the chapels up to two years in advance; however, campus weddings will not
    be scheduled any sooner than one year in advance of the wedding date. Scheduling is done on a first-inquiry basis. All
    weddings must be scheduled through the Office of the Chaplain.
                           The following is a schedule of Chapel fees effective April 5, 2007:
                           Berry College Chapel - $500.00 + $100.00 (Cleaning Deposit) = $600.00
                           Frost Chapel - $500.00 + $100.00 (Cleaning Deposit) = $600.00
                           Barnwell Chapel - $300.00 + $100.00 (Cleaning Deposit) = $400.00
2.   Total fee is due within two months of being penciled in; or one year prior to the wedding. The $100.00 cleaning deposit
     will be refunded no earlier than one month following the wedding provided all guidelines are met. Please remember ALL
          *Chapel fee may be subject to change. The fee stated on the approved chapel application will be in effect.
          A representative of the Chaplain’s Office will inspect the chapel prior to the rehearsal and three hours following the
          wedding. If the guidelines have not been followed or additional cleaning of the chapel is required, the cleaning
          deposit will be forfeited.

IV Application Procedure:
1. Application to use a campus chapel for a wedding is made through the Office of the Chaplain no earlier than one year prior
   to the wedding date (inquiries can be made as early as two years prior to the date by calling the office 706-368-6901).
2. Once a definite date has been decided on, the application will be emailed out or one can be picked up at the Chaplain’s
   Office. The application is due in the office along with the payment one year prior to the wedding. If the wedding is less
   than a year out, the application and deposit are due within two months.
(It is important that additional plans for the wedding not be made and deposits paid until the chapel confirmation and a copy
of the approved application form have been received.)
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3. Upon receipt of the application and chapel fee, the application will be approved and put on the official chapel calendar. A
      confirmation letter and a copy of the application will be mailed to the bride. Any remaining information of the
      application is due in the Chaplain’s Office no later than six weeks prior to the wedding.

V Cancellation Policy:
1. If the wedding is cancelled, the chapel fee will be refunded, minus a $50 processing fee, providing the Chaplain’s office is
   notified of the cancellation 30 days in advance of the wedding date. Otherwise the entire fee is nonrefundable.
2. Falsification of the information regarding Berry affiliation will result in the immediate cancellation of the chapel
   reservation without refund of the chapel fee.

VI Wedding Receptions:
1. The Chaplain’s Office does not provide any equipment or arrangements for on-campus receptions.
   The following Berry facilities are sometimes used for campus receptions dependent upon availability:
       Ford Dining Hall – Milton Chambers – 706-236-2241
       Krannert Ballroom – Kerrie Dalrymple – 706-236-2293
       Frost Chapel Covered Walkway – Chaplain’s Office – 706-238-6901

VII    Responsibilities of the Chaplain’s Office:
The Office of the Chaplain will, upon approval of the application, provide:
1. A guarantee of the availability of the chapel for the rehearsal and wedding. The Chaplain’s Office cannot,
        however, guarantee what other events will be held on the Berry Campus, nor the amount of traffic, noise
        or activity that may occur because of these events.
2. Arrangements for Berry Housekeeping to clean the chapel prior to the rehearsal.
3. Arrangements for Berry Campus Safety to unlock the chapel and turn on necessary lights. The chapel will be
    scheduled to be available by 3:00 p.m. the day of the rehearsal and will be unlocked by 8:00 a.m. the day of
    the wedding.
4. Berry Campus Safety will also be responsible for relocking the chapel.
5. Berry College is not responsible for items left in the chapels.

The Berry College Chaplain is available on a limited basis to officiate at on-campus wedding ceremonies for Berry College
personnel. Requests for such services should be made well in advance and must be made directly to the Chaplain.

VIII Responsibilities of the Bride and Groom:
1. Read “Campus Wedding Guide” and abide by all provisions.
2. Notify the Office of the Chaplain immediately of any change in information included on the application.
3. Be responsible for clean-up after the wedding (this may be done by family, friends, florist, etc., but it is the couple’s
    responsibility and should be completed within three hours following the wedding). Chapels should be left clean and ready
    for church services. Basic clean-up includes:
    a. Sweep & vacuum debris from floors.
    b. Remove all wax build-up from candelabras and return them to the appropriate storage room.
    c. Remove all personal & wedding items and clean side rooms.
    d. Clean bathrooms & area outside chapel (remove all trash & trash bags from chapel area.)
    e. Return hymnals and Bibles to the pews if necessary.
    f. Recover Piano (at College Chapel)
    (Cleaning supplies and equipment are not provided by the college and are to be furnished by the wedding party).
4. Ensure that the decorator/florist, photographer, organist or any others assisting in the wedding abide by the provisions of
    the “Campus Wedding Guide.” All greenery and flower arrangements must be taken out of the chapel the day of the
    wedding. Anything left behind will cause you to forfeit the cleaning deposit.
5. Sound systems: Berry College Chaplain’s Office does NOT provide a sound system. The in-house sound system may
    be used ONLY if contracted and operated by a technician trained and recommended by the Chaplain’s office.
    Payment of an approved Sound Technician is the responsibility of the bridal couple. A portable system may be brought
    in by the musicians if desired. The use of a sound system is highly recommended for use in Berry College & Frost
    Chapels. The Chaplain’s Office cannot schedule a sound technician for any couple should the couple fail to secure one
    SIX WEEKS prior to the wedding.

*Berry College is not responsible for items left in any of the campus chapels.

Office Manager, Office of the Chaplain
Berry College
P.O. Box 490460
Mt. Berry, GA 30149-0460           Office (706) 368-6901, FAX (706) 236-1726

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