Lesson Plan for Harlem Renaissance SkitScript

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					            Lesson Plan for Harlem Renaissance Skit/Script
                       by Deyior Dunbar and Yasmin Brown

Purpose/Goal: To show the impact that African American literature and culture has had
              on history and present day conditions.

Objective:     Participants will demonstrate the ability to analyze historical figures and
               historical figures of the Harlem Renaissance that have had positive
               influences on how we live today . The participant’s research will allow
               them to draw conclusions that they can apply to their skit and script.

Set:           Using the information that will be researched the students will complete
               the first two steps of the KWL chart.(What I know? What I want to

Activity:      Students will create a play that incorporates historic figures, events,
               social and political conditions that have had a significant effect on our
               society today. The student’s play must be twofold in regards to making
               connections between the past (Harlem Renaissance) and the present.

Questions:     How has the Harlem Renaissance influenced history in regards to
               What literary, social, and political figures were involved in the Harlem
               What was the effects of the Harlem Renaissance on African Americans
               and American society as a whole?(Look at the big picture. Make

Outcome:        Written typed report and accurately historically based performance. This
                will incorporate various forms all multi-intelligence.
                      Research
                      Writing
                      Acting
                      Creating props
                      Observation and Analysis

Closure:       The play will be recorded by video. This video will be critically analyzed
               to find strong points. The KWL chart should be completed with what the
               participants learned.