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					Uncle spitting storm storm

 spitting incident uncle Environment

 spitting incident

  spitting incident Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui three small areas Six group of Yang Yi
 Sunday afternoon, I went to West Point to play, is preparing to go home, met at the
station such a thing.

  I wait at the station car, just met an uncle, who uncle coughed, spitting on a Koutan,
I saw, my mind often in the teacher immediately said to us sentence: spitting, not only
will pollute the environment, it will also harm other people. So I said the courage of
the man his uncle: "Uncle, you are doing well." I pointed to it Koutan, they said to
him: "If you do, will destroy the environment." Uncle who stare at me, told me:
"Xiaomao Wazi, I spit tube you Pishi, that the environment is not for I to protect a
person." I listened to his words, angrily said: "If each of your The idea that protection
of the environment who will? Even the children know that protecting the environment
is everyone Yeah! Moreover, you are adults, but children should be given the example
of ah! you know, according to scientists, experiments show that tuberculosis is
because the breath of a patient sputum bacteria and illness. "uncle who had a guilty
conscience, then I was also cast to the eyes of admiration, he finally willing to admit
their mistakes, in a low voice said to me:" girl, you're right , I was wrong. "Then he
squatted himself, took out a piece of paper, put the Koutan erased.

 through this thing, I know the truth: cultivate good habits from a young age, from
small start, otherwise they form the habit, bad habits is difficult to eradicate, not only
undermine social ethics, environmental pollution, but also endanger the health of
themselves and others, is a very uncivilized behavior; we, as a new generation of
young pioneers, we must lead by example, strive to be a small guard of social
civilization and do mind the United States, acts of a small U.S. citizen, a better home
care for our survival, everyone's responsibility.

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