Technical Plan for ticTOCs Stage 1

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					               Technical Plan for ticTOCs Stage 1

“Stage 1 involves the development of a Pilot ticTOCs structure and prototype service”
                            (from ticTOCs Project proposal)

Technical Scope       ticTOCs Project Stage 1:
                      - Initial setup
                      - First technical development cycle
                      - Prototype development

Source & Related      - “Functional Requirements for ticTOCs Prototype – STAGE
documents                1 Draft Ver 0.2 11/06/07LR”
                      - ticTOCs Project plan Ver 1.1 Aug-07 JH
Duration              Eight months: April 2007 - November 2007

Technical             Santy Chumbe, ICBL
Contact details
                      Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh EH14 4AS
                      Phone 0131 451 3762
Staff Involved        Santy Chumbe (ICBL)
                      Joe Hilton (Liverpool)
                      Malcolm Moffat (ICBL)
                      Helle (proQuest)
                      Paul (Emerald)
                      Geoffrey (CrossRef)
Version History       Draft 0.1 – Updated 08-May-07 by Santy

                      Draft 0.2 – Updated 21-Aug-07 by Santy

                      Draft 0.3 – Updated 29-Aug-07 by Santy

                      Draft 0.4 – Updated 30-Aug-07 by Santy

                      Draft 0.5 – Updated 07-Ded-07 by Santy

Deliverable Date      For all tasks in stage 1: 30-November-2007
1. Technical Development Platform

     Web server
      o Apache 2

     Database Software
      o MySQL 4

     PrograLRing Languages
      o Java (JSDK 2 build 1.5.0_09)
      o PHP 5
      o AJAX (JavaScript / XML)

     Open Source runtime libraries and APIs
      o Lucene Search Engine 2.0.0
      o PerX Toolkit
      o Runtime JARs and APIs bundled within a standard installation of
      o XML parsers: xercesImpl.jar, xalan.jar and xmlParserAPIs.jar

     External Databases and third-part software
      o RefWorks
      o Connotea
      o Ulrichsweb

     Open Standards for Interoperability
      o RSS 1.0
      o RSS 2.0
      o SRU/SRW
      o OPML
      o PRISM
2. ticTOCs Software Architecture Stage 1
3. Key Technical Deliverables

 IT Start-up

Tasks                                   Responsibility     Status    WP

1. Server and Basic Software setup      MIMAS - Santy      done      1.1

2. Functional Requirements for          LR - RM            done      1.1
ticTOCs Stage 1

3. Production of mockups                LR - Joe           ongoing   1.1

4. Identification of TOC feeds          LR - RM            done      1.1
required for Stage 1

 TOCosphere

Tasks                                   Responsibility     Status    WP

5. Development of AJAX-enabled          Joe                pending   1.2
interface for browsing, searching and
selecting tocs from the TOC Directory

6. Development of an AJAX-enabled       Joe                pending   1.2
facility for using (sorting, drag-
dropping, filtering, combining, etc.)
TOC content

7. Development of a facility for        Joe – Helle -      pending   1.2
exporting content to bibliographic      Santy
software (stage 1: RefWorks)
8. Development of one-click chicklet
system to allow subscription to
                                        Joe – Paul         pending   1.4
individual feeds from external web
9. Development of mechanism for         Santy – Paul -     pending   1.4
adding feeds subscribed via the         Joe
chickelts to MyTOCs

 TOCs Directory

Tasks Ids                               Responsibility     Status    WP

10. “TOCs Directory” DB Setup           Santy              done      1.3.

11. “Feeds Targets” DB Setup            Santy - Geoffrey   ongoing   1.3
12. Implementation of a simple back-      Santy              ongoing    1.2
end software (I/O parser) with sample
feeds, to support TOCosphere

13. Lucene Search Engine setup            Santy              done       1.1

14. Ulrichsweb Classification setup       Joe - Santy        pending    1.2

15. Users’ Preferences DB setup           LR - Joe - Santy   starting   1.2

16. Development of a software             Santy              ongoing    1.2
mechanism for managing sessions
(cookies based) and web user
preferences tracking

17. Development of software and DB        Santy              ongoing    1.2
for collecting (retrieving) and storing
RSS fees (Feeds Collector)

18. Development of the ticTOCS            Santy              pending    1.2
Engine core software back-end

 ticTOCs Prototype 1.0

Tasks Ids                                 Responsibility     Status     WP

19. Development of the ticTOCs            Santy              ongoing    1.2
Search API

20. Development of the ticTOCs            Santy              pending    1.2
Browse API

21. Development of the myTOCs API         Santy              pending    1.2
(cookies based)

22. Writing, testing and                  LR - Joe - Santy   pending    1.2
implementation of CSS and XSLT
styles sheets

23. Development of the I/O parser         Santy              pending    1.2
24. Installation and integration of
front-end (TOCosphere) and back-end
                                    Joe - Santy - LR         pending    1.2
(TOCs Directory) components of the
25. Final tests and internal release of   Joe – LR - Santy   pending    1.7
ticTOCs Prototype
 ticTOCs Admin Interface 1.0

Tasks Ids                             Responsibility     Status     WP

26. Development of a mechanism for    Santy - LR -       starting   1-
RSS metadata filtering (e.g. RSS 1,   Geoffrey                      4
RSS 2, PRISM, etc.)

27. Development of a mechanism for    Santy - LR         pending    1-
RSS metadata normalization                                          4

28. Development of mechanism for      Santy - LR         pending    1–
RSS metadata enhancement                                            4

29. Development of a mechanism for    Santy - LR         pending    1-
managing targets (publishers),                                      4
journals and TOCs

30. Development of a mechanism for    Santy - Joe - LR   pending    1-
managing and analysing user data                                    4
4. Schedule and precedence of tasks

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