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									Software Freedom Day
 India Magazine 2008

    Campus ambassador program,
      Sun Microsystems, India

       Sun Microsystems at a glance
Founded on the 12th of February, 1982, by a group of student developers, Sun
Microsystems has grown to be a pioneer in the technologies that power the
global marketplace. Sun is guided by the firm thought of a network of people
coming together and participating through shared innovation, community
development and the open source way of things and is hence, aptly identified
with the tag line, "The Network is the Computer".

Sun believes the future lies in open source. By building a healthy and vibrant
ecosystem where there are no layers between the customers and the
developers, we offer superior products and quality services to those who're in
need of our innovations. This ideology combined with Sun's flagship products
like the Java technology platform, the Solaris operating system, the MySQL
database system, StorageTek and the UltraSPARC processor, allows us to
serve some of the world's largest enterprises by offering higher performance
with lower power, cooling and space requirements.

So there you have it; better today than tomorrow - "The Network is the

    What is Software Freedom Day?
Software Freedom Day or SFD is an annual worldwide celebration of free and
open source software. Held on the third Saturday of each September, SFD
2008 was celebrated around the world with great zeal and vigour on the 20th
of September this year. Organised by Software Freedom International, a non-
profit organisation, SFD this year has been a smashing hit with over 500 teams
registering from over 90 countries all around the world, with lots of
corporations supporting them.

As one of the main sponsors, Sun Microsystems extended it's full support to
SFD 2008 and has done an outstanding job in evangelizing FOSS in
communities around the world, and a good portion of it has come through their
Worldwide Campus Ambassador Programme where student representatives of
the company in more than 500 Universities around the planet conducted full
fledged celebrations and upheld the spirit of software freedom in their
respective institutes.

Here is a compilation of reports of all the festivities that were organized by the
Campus Ambassadors, outlining the various events they conducted in their

Software Freedom Day 2008
  Compilation of Reports

         TECHNOLOGY, Hubli, Karnataka
                                14th to 20th of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Kartik Kulkarni

6000 + People, 1500 + registrations, 4100 + website views across 46 countries, 61 organizations, 5
schools, 20 colleges, 11 news papers & TV Channels, 150 volunteers (loosing 5 kgs on an avg! over 2
months of preparation ) about 25 events & 7 days of FOSS promotion. This was the software freedom
week                                             2008                                            !!

The event reached out to NGOs, Government bodies, Entrepreneurs, Small/Large scale industries,
College students & school children. It was indeed the biggest open source promotion event in this part of
the country. Emphasis was given on making an advantageous impact on all the people to whom the event
reached rather than just creating FOSS awareness, the events were designed to sustain the FOSS spirit
beyond the week and aid the people who wish to embrace open source revolution by providing support
in terms of training/installation & closed to open source migration assistance. The event was a preface to
the Year long activities carried out by the Open Source Developer's Community of BVBCET.

Event Website: ,
Consolidated Photo Gallery:
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Event promo video :

It all began with a grand Inaugural on 14th september 2008 in Biotech seminar hall of B.V.Bhoomaraddi
College of Engineering & Technology Hubli, India. Mr Rajesh from SUN Microsystems was the guest
of honor. The function was presided over by Dr Ashok Shettar - Principal BVBCET, & was graced by
Prof B.L.Desai - Vice Principal BVBCET, Dr Satish Annigeri - Dean Academic Affairs BVBCET, Dr
R.M.Banakar - Branch Counselor IEEE Student Chapter.
This was followed by The Java Starter workshop to promote Java - revolutionary opensource
programming language from SUN. This workshop witnessed 163 registrations. Thanks to Varsha &
group from ISE Dept.

Workshop on Joomla Web development was indeed event of the week, witnessing 300+ student

                 Quiz at BVB SFD                                    FOSS Rock show
registrations, thanks to Praveen, Shailesh & their group for delivering practical & lecture sessions.

The Java Starter workshop was followed by Debugging(Debugger ) & Programming (Prostar ) contests
to ensure application of what has been learnt in the workshop. Special thanks to the whole ISE Dept
marshaled by Prof Shankar Setty for organizing all these technical events.

Open Talk & Open Debate were the two events that made people think about some burning issues in the
FOSS Industry. Business model presentation event unleashed the commercial side of FOSS.

The main attraction & heart of SFW 08 events were Reach-out & open desktop. Our student teams
reached out to 5 organizations & 5 schools in groups and delivered interactive sessions on FOSS
advantages. They created awareness about FOSS that could benefit those institutes.

Reach out team led by Vikas Kantu group & Open desktop team led by Sanjay B group did a wonderful
job of taking FOSS out of the SFW Venue. They evangelized open source out of the way and made
Software Freedom week a complete package with the mission "Freedom of Software is important for
everyone, not just software developers…"

"Workshop on opensource Technologies for NGOs" & Government Bodies was an impactful event of
this SFW 08 about 30 NGOs & Government organizations participated in this workshop & they were
made aware of relevant FOSS by Dr Satish Annigeri - Dean Academic Affairs, BVBCET.
Thanks to Mr Naveen Jha from Deshpande Foundation for supporting this workshop & making this
event                                                                                  possible.

Open Freshers Was an event exclusively targeted for freshers of BVBCET on FOSS awareness, Thanks
to Prof Shankar Setty. Quiz & Wordstar were the 2 events witnessing 400+ registrations among them,
Thanks to Laxman, Rizwana & their group for intellectual entertainment to the student crowd.
System Designing Was an event aimed at grooming designing skills of budding Engineering students,
thanks to Sumit Bhat from Sankalp semiconductors, Divya & their group.

NFS, FIFA, Counter Strike & Other open source games made an adrenaline rush into about 500 gamers,
thanks to Sanket, Anand, Mayur & their group.

The real open source promotion among masses happened in the cultural evening cum FOSS Rock show

where open source project slides rolled on amidst rocking performance from the BVBCET Rock Band
followed by sizzling dances & vocal melody from very own BVBians entertaining & creating FOSS
awareness amongst thousands of people. Thanks to Shravan & group for the rock show & thanks to
Naina & group for enlightening slide show. The whole event was meticulously documented in the
software freedom week bulletin "Ember" (On its way )thanks to Shreya, Reshma, Asha, Deepak, Punit,
& the editorial board for the hard work behind. The event was generously sponsored by IBM, SUN
Microsystems, Computer Shoppe Hubli, Sankalp Semiconductors Hubli, ALUPRINTS Hubli we thank
all these sponsors. The registration counter which was put up amidst college campus was responsible for
1500+ registrations, thanks to Prashanti, Asha, Ashwini, Rizwana & their group for generating such a
huge response.

Tech Speak by Dr Prasad Bhaarath Ram - CTO Google India , was the main attraction of SFW 08,
BVBians were indeed very lucky to have him in our campus. We had Tech speaks by Mr Rajesh from
SUN Microsystems, Mr Sachin Kinagi & Mr Parsvanath from IBM, we also thank Mr Ashok & Mr
Virendra from SUN Microsystems our invited judges. Mr Vivek Pawar CEO Sankalp semiconductors
was       the     guest   of      honor     for      the     valedictory     of     SFW       08.
SFW o8 was indeed a very big event, Hats off to all 150 volunteers , who worked hard to make this
event a grand success.

                   Rajesh Umashankar from Sun Microsystems Inaugurating SFW at BVB, Hubli
There were some very prizes including Apple Ipods, TV Tuner Cards, Web Cams, Gaming Consoles,
Pen drives & Head Phones etc with total prize money accounting to around INR 40,000/-
This event was all possible only with the strong support from our beloved Principal Dr Ashok Shettar,
Prof B.L.desai - Vice Principal, Dr Satish Annigeri - Dean Academic affairs, Dr R.M.Banakar -
Branch Counsellor IEEE Student Chapter & Prof Shankar Setty- Faculty ISE Dept. Special thanks to
Basavaraj Sankeshwar, Rudramuni & Khuram for their marathon support right through the event.
Special thanks to Asha, Sagar, Raavi, Ashwini & group from Electrical dept for their kind support.
Special thanks to Gary Serda, Ganesh Hiregoudar, Rajesh Uma Shankar & Vijaya Santhosh from
SUN who have been so encouraging. Pia Wough - President Linux, Australia was instrumental in
guiding us to overcome the problems our site was facing, we are very thankful to her for her concern.
This event was smoothly run due to kind co-operation of HODs from all the departments, Staff &
Students of BVBCET, special thanks to all of them.

Hats off to Software Freedom International ( for marshaling such a
successful global movement of software freedom day, we wish them success in the future.

       Software Freedom Day Stand at BVB, Hubli      SFD Bus of KLE Institute of Technology

             SFD Volunteers at BVB, Hubli              CTO Google Dr. Prasad Ram at SFW

Official reach out: 11000 people

                             Amity University, Noida
                                23rd to 25th of September, 2008
                              Campus Ambassador: Neha Goel

The event, revised in name and called as software freedom week, was organized by the 
team of Amisun Club in the campus for three days viz. 23rd , 24th , 25th of September 
2008. This event featured events of notable caliber and technical spirit. Sparked by the 
storming minds of Amisun committee and fueled by Dr. Ajay Rana the event picked up 
fire which spread across amity universe very fast. 
We did everything from planning to designing and implementing only in 10days to make 
this event successful. Our tag line was THINK FREE…  which made every thing clear  
about   our   clean   intentions   of   not   involving   any   monetary   funds   at   the   time   of 
registrations or otherwise from sponsors as well. Every sponsor had sponsored a part of 
event or prizes of the events. 
The   inaugural   program   of   the   Software   Freedom   Week   was   held   at   9.30   am   in   the 
morning at C Block Auditorium. The auditorium was full of students waiting to get their 
queries  answered.  The  occasion was  graced  by  the presence  of the following  eminent 
guests and delegated from IT firms of global repute:   

- Mr. Gurusaran Singh, Associate
-      Director,     Tech       Mahindra
- Col. Rahul Dev, Accounts
- Director, Computer Associates (CA)
- Mr. R.K.Chauhan, DGM-IT, NTPC
- Mr. Sandeep Chauhan, Steria
- Mr. Panchaleswar Nayak, Sun Microsystems
-Dr.       Balwinder     Shukla,     Pro            Vice       Chancellor,       Amity        University

- Dr. Ajay Rana, Director, Amity Universe

                   Inauguration of SFD at Amity                          Debugging Contest

Debugging   Contest:­  On   this   elite   occasion   there   was   a   Debugging   Contest   for 
programming lovers on 23rd and 24th of September. It was a great opportunity for all 
programmers who love to go through the pain of struggling through the dense forest of 
grey cells in their mind and then reach to the final code. There were in all three levels for 
the   contest   which   required   a   lot   of   efforts   from   a   participant   from   theoretical   basic 
concepts to practical programming knowledge. 
Install Fest of FOSS:­   The Install fest was one of the exciting events in which the 
crowd showed great interest and enthusiasm. The participants were asked to bring their 
laptops with them. We were already having 100 CDs with us containing all the Free 
software of the Open CD and some more free software like virtual box added by us. We 
started with a brief explanation of all the software in the CD. The participants were 
really shocked to see that these kinds of software exist for free also to use freely without 
having a constraint of trial version. They really liked thunderbird a lot. After having an 
Interactive   discussion   on   Free   software   and   installing   some   of   them   we   moved   to 
installation of open solaris on their laptops.

                   SFD Workshops at Amity Noida                         Debate Competition

Workshops in the entire event:­ There were total five workshops in the entire event. 
The   workshops   were   given   by   experienced   engineers   of   Sun   Microsystems   Mr. 
Panchaleshwar Nayak and Mr. Sudeep Mathur , Angad Singh­ Sun Campus Ambassador 
Tech   Lead,   Hemlata   Jindal­   Core   Committee   Member   Amisun   and   one   by   me.   The 
workshops   given   by   Panchaleshwar   and   Sudeep   sir   was   intended   to   clear   the   basic 
doubts   about   open   source,   advantages   to   an   end   user,   how   to   contribute,   why   to 
contribute. The presentation by Angad , Hemlata and me was intended to go into some 
details   of   the  technology,   showing   some   demos,  explaining  the   features   and   usage  of 
technologies like Netbeans, Sun Spots, Solaris operating system. In all, the workshops 
were highly appreciated and enjoyed by all students. 

Debate Competition:­ The first literary event that was conducted as a part of Software 
Freedom Week was Debate Competition Many participants were enthusiastic about this 
event   as   for  the  first   time  in  the  university   an   technical   debate   in   a   fest   was   being 
conducted.   The  event   was   conducted   for   2   and   half  an   hour   duration  It   was   a   great 
pleasure for the audience present in the event as they were benefited with this debate. 
Things were more comprehensible when a questionnaire was conducted at the end of the 
event which lasted for half an hour. It was very difficult for the judges to announce for 
the winner as every candidate had presented himself in a perceptible manner. 

                                              SFD Face Painting
Face Painting:­­ One of the most innovative events in the series of all events based on 
open source. Registrations were open for all and free of cost. All the contestants were 
supposed to paint on faces of their team mates. The theme of the face painting was open 
source softwares. Main purpose behind such an activity is to explore beyond the limits. 
Teams           registered            in          the          team          of       2.
This particular event attracted all the budding artists to show their best as well as a 
great number of spectators. The participants showed great enthusiasm towards the new 
horizon and proved to be silver line in the dark sky of software illiteracy.

Logo   Designing:­  A   technical   adventure   with   a   ride   through   creativity   of   student’  
minds. The theme of this event was software freedom and open source. Response was 
good. The logos were strictly complied with the given theme and time limit of 45min for 
each team was given. The main crowd in this event was those talented students who had 
a lot of creative junk in their mind to add more glitter to the sparkling software freedom 

                    Logo Designing                                       Pictionary

KBC Contest:­ On the second day of Software Freedom Day celebration an event called 
“KBC Contest” was organized with an objective of the contest was to look for the most  
 intellect student, who is a Computer Geek and has the knowledge of Open Source. “KBC  
 Contest”   was   the   most   exciting   event   in   which   800   students   were   present   and  
 participated with full zeal and interest. It was a very fair game since our huge volunteer 
 team was maintaining discipline and order. Our contest host was brilliant on her part 
 and   kept   the entire show  lively  and  humorous.  There  were  in  all  four  rounds  in the 

Article Writing:  A fantabulous break for the writers was given through our channels 
via ocean of open source. Article writing was the first ever techno­literary event held in 
our campus. Theme of this event was Open Source. The word limit was 1000 words and 
the main criterion for selection was that it should not be cut, copy and paste from net. It 
was not held on­the­spot rather the contestants were given ample time to think about 
the   mind­boggling   theme.   Online   registrations   and   registrations   at   help   desks   were 
accepted. The submission of articles was taken by 25 th September 2008 by our volunteers 
from   different   help   desks.   We   received   a   great   response.   This   provided   the   biggest 
platform ever for those who hid in the corners of the class scribbling words at the last 
page of their diaries to show their talent on the final draft. 

Pictionary:­Focusing on the theme of open source, it was one of the fun events included 

in our 3­day celebrations of software freedom week. The splendid event was held on 24th 
and   25th   September  in  the  Amity   plaza   from   2pm   onwards.   A   team   of   maximum   3 
members was allowed. There was a very big response from our technical as well as non­
technical   crowd   since   it   was   a   game   which   had   no   pre   requisites,   no   technical 
knowledge, and no fees at all. The registrations were free of cost. Over 500 people were 
present on both the days to participate. Game was divided into 3 levels, the first two 
being the elimination rounds.

Treasure Hunt:­­ A 2 level gaming and mind ravishing extravaganza was held on 25 th 
September starting from 10 am onwards. The total registrations were so many that we 
had   to   put   a   condition   of   first   cum   first   serve.   So   the   first   50   teams   were   selected. 
Registrations were free of cost as per our software freedom week tag line­Think Free! 
The theme of this event was pirates and Open source. Team of maximum 4 members was 
allowed. In this wonderful game, team players had to find hidden articles, locations or 
places by using a series of clues. The contestants were given the first clue, the solving of 
which would lead to the location of the second clue and so on until a trinket or other 
significant object was found  by solving the final clue. The clues were related to open 
source questions and mathematical puzzles. There were in total 2 rounds. 

                    Treasure Hunt                                            Lan Gaming

Lan   Gaming  (Bizzare   Moves):­Computer   Gaming   as   of   now   has   its   dimensions 
extended   towards   reality   and   it   forms   a   major   part   of   software   section   that   attracts 
present   youth.   We   at   Amity   university   conducted   a   LAN   gaming   event   which   was 
heartily welcomed and enjoyed by the students. The event was conducted on 24th and 
25th of September. The gaming event featured 5 games, namely­ Counter Strike, FIFA 
2008, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Unreal Tournament and Age of Empires. Some Open 
Source Games like Plane shift and Eternal Lands were also played by the participants 
and were really appreciated.

EXPRESSIONS(Talent hunt & Rock Show):­Shaking the ground with the beats of 
freedom was the aim. The event took place on 24th September at E­2 Auditorium from 

5:00pm onwards. No demands, no auditions, the stage was all set to be ignited with the 
fire fueled by the passion in every participant. Registrations were open for all the 
departments and there was no registration fees demanded. The theme was open. It was a 
relaxation and fun event for all the participants and the volunteers of our software 
freedom week. 


Response was very good and an audience of about 1000 people.30 participants geared up 
themselves and spilled all their talent on the floor. The main streams of the event were 
categorized as Singing, Dancing, Mimicry, Instrumental. 2 participants composed a song 
on Software Freedom and one of them sung it in the presence of the whole gathering. 
This event helped our participants and volunteers to reboot their minds and get refueled 
for   the   upcoming   events.   The   rock   show   was   held   while   the   results   got   compiled. 
Corrosion band performed .At the end 4 winners were declared. The total profit in terms 
of energy balance was more than anyone could expect. This took our event to the next 
level and acted as a great platform for the new talent.

Posters:­ We made two main posters for the event. One poster representing the launch 
of the Software Freedom Week and the other explaining all the details about the various 

events going to be conducted in these three days and giving an online link for registra­

T­shirts:­We designed our club shirts and got them printed for all team members to 
make them feel their important involvement in the event.

These   T­shirts   were   our   trademark   for   this   event.   In   every   nook   and   corner   of   the 
university  there  was  1  out  of  10  people who  were  seen  running   through  the  campus 
wearing these t­shirts. Obviously those were our volunteers who were working so hard.

SFD ID Cards:­The event ID Cards were made for all the organizing committee. Some 
of the samples of the ID cards are shown below.

In all, the event was a great learning experience for all, It was full of fun and excitement. I am very much
thankful to my college management that helped us out in every possible manner and let this event
happen on such a short notice. I would like to thanks Sun Microsystems for their support and help and all
our sponsors .Our whole team of 110 coordinators and our core committee team played the 
most   important   role   in   making   this   event   successful.   It   was   their   whole   hearted 
dedication and the desire to make this event happen that SFD grew this big.

Thanks to Software Freedom for giving us an opportunity to work, learn & celebrate 

Official reach out: 7000 students

                                DA-IICT, Gandhinagar
                                      17th - 24th September 2008
                             Student Co-ordinator : Ankit Srivatsav
                              Campus Ambassador: Kolli Bharath
Software Freedom week of DA-IICT laid down an enthusiastic approach for students to look at the
whole concept of Open Source in a larger context. We have organized events and seminars which not
only reached the audience with the concept of Open Source but giving them an excellent working
platform for them to hone their technical skills.

We have successfully organized different events in and outside my campus with the constant support
from my members of Sun Club, DA-IICT and our esteemed faculty who have taken great pains to
support and encourage us in every endeavor.

The breathe of Software Freedom Week, DA-IICT is : Reach our masses with the message of Open
Source !
Presentations on Open Source in 28 Schools:
We have successfully did presentations on Open Source and its significance on software domain in 28
schools in Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad and the response proved tremendous. There were a total of 30
students from our college who have formed into 10 teams and covered effectively these 28 schools in the
week and aroused a thought process in thousands of school children at such an young age.

Poster on 'Talk on Open Source' in Schools       ODF Olympiad 2008

We have introduced about ODF Olympiad, a Sun Microsystems initiative in some schools at the end of
the week. All the teams enjoyed interacting with Schools children and the challenge was a big success.

Abhijeet Goel (Sun Club, DA-IICT) in DPS, Gandhinagar during his talk.

We could positively reached a strength of around 4800 (students + faculty ) from 28 schools across the
cities. We have successfully made talks with some of the schools who gave proper permissions for us to
install and introduce the new softwares in their respective computer labs in their near future and thus
made a major break through in evangelizing the use of Open Source softwares.

Talk on Open Source on 20th September:

A talk on Open Source was held in the campus which a formal invitation for people to participate in dif-
ferent on-going Sun Projects. We have highlighted the helps which Sun Club can provide for students to
build up their carriers in Open Source. The conference is attended by 70 people around and presented by
Kolli Bharath and Divyesh Chandra.

                         Divyesh Chandra and Kolli Bharath taking the presentation.

Tech-Talk on Open Solaris and NetBeans on 22nd Septemeber:
We conducted a Tech-talk on Open Solaris. The talk was presented by Kolli Bharath and Ankit
Srivatsav. We have covered a huge range of topics from ZFS to Dtrace and distributed some give-aways
to the students who attended for the session. The response was good and we got an audience of around
100. The tech-talk ended great with a huge round of appreciation and applause.

Enthusiastic Audience in the session
Lab Demo session on Open Solaris and Project GlassFish on 19th September:
We successfully conducted a Lab session on Open Solaris and Project Glassfish and helped out students
to set up the server and learnt them the basics of Project Glassfish. The session was taken by Kolli
Bharath and D.Naveen and we had a session for around 1 hour and the audience were around 60. We
even had a Cake-cutting ceremony in the evening for celebrating DA-IICT OSUM and welcoming
Software Freedom Day on 20th September.

Quiz on Open Source [ A fun mixed event ] on 20th Septmeber:
We had an Open-quiz on Open Solaris in our college cafeteria. Its an instantaneous quiz surprising all
the people in the cafe on the evening of 20th September. The participation increased exponentially with
time. We had a lot of fun. The set of questions ranged from Open Solaris to Open office and we had
small gifts presented to different people who won for different rounds in the quiz. The audience who
participated were around 40.

Poster Design Competition and Entrepreneurship-talk on 24th September :
We conducted a poster design competition and we announced the results of it on 24th September
followed by Entrepreneurial talk by our esteemed professor Prof. Rahul Dubey in one of our labs. We
had a turn out of around 30.

Mega-Installations of Open Solaris:

We have given prior instructions and taught many of the Sun Club volunteers how to install Open Solaris
on PC. Upon these strict instructions and stringent practice, we have asked our members to help guys
and girls in installing the OS in their hostel's PCs. So, under our monitoring, we could make around 400
new installations in hostel PCs in this Software freedom Week and gave a great opening for new users of
Open Solaris. There are total of 15 volunteers which worked on this. This was indeed a great experience.

A total of a team of around 60-70 members are behind the tremendous success of the celebrations of
Software Freedom Week in DA-IICT. This has given a new outlook and a new phase of learning of
Open Source in and around our college community. Thanks to all my members of Sun Club, DA-IICT.
Long Live Open Source!!


              Vellore Institute of Technology,Vellore
                               22nd to 27th of September, 2008
                        Campus Ambassador: Shashank Shekhar

The Software Freedom Week was kicked off by a superb inauguration ceremony which was a primer to
the students on the basic philosophy of Open Source, and explained to them, the events that would take
place throughout the week. Then a short animated movie made entirely using Blender, called 'Big Buck
Bunny' was screened, which left the audience in awe! The inauguration concluded by a short concluding
note by Shashank Shekhar, the Campus Ambassador for Sun to VIT, who explained the role of the Sun
OSUM and the potential benefits it holds for the students in the fields of technical and professional
The SFW ’08 featured the concept of Daily Community InstallFests, where an Installfest was held daily
from 4 – 6pm in the TIFAC-CORE Solaris lab, and the participants brought their laptops and received
media and guidance on installing openSolaris and other open source operating systems. And the
participants who managed to get their installations working successfully, volunteered to help with the
next batch of installations. We managed to distribute and install OpenSolaris (either on the Hard-Disk or
as a VM, depending on the users’ choice) for 38 users, and various distributions of Linux (mainly Fedora
9 and Ubuntu 8.04) on 11 other laptops.

The TechDemo on 'Open source Operating Systems' was conducted on 24th September, from 4 – 5:30
PM by Satish & Ishan Goel from the Linux User Group and IEEE, who explained the architecture and
basic philosophy of Unix and Unix-derived operating systems like Solaris, Linux (loosely) etc.
Specifically, they covered the origins of the *nix platform, and the file-structure, and some common
filesystems. Then a live demo of the OpenSolaris desktop and the Ubuntu Linux distribution was
screened which gave the audience a chance to get concepts and doubts about the user-interface cleared
The TechDemo was followed by the Tech ‘shop on 'Mobile Application development using J2ME in
NetBeans' in the IT Lab on 26th September, from 6 – 8 PM, which was conducted by Shashank Shekhar.
The session drew massive participation with over 75 students turning up for the event. The instructor
began with an explanation on the need for mobile applications, and the scope and the potential market
they hold in the near future. Then an introduction to the popular techniques for development of mobile
applications was explained, with a brief intro of the .NET platform, before diving into J2ME and
MIDlets. The entire session was hands-on, and the participants created a simple SMS application along
with the instructor on their systems using the Visual Editor in NetBeans. At the end of the session, the
interested students collected NetBeans 6.1 DVDs or took the latest NetBeans 6.5b version on their
portable drives.

                                           SFW Poster of VIT

The 0x18 Programming event was of a 'Take-Home' format similar to the annual 'Google Code Jam',
where the participants collected the questions on 25th September and had 24 hours to solve and submit
the source code and the executable binaries for evaluation. The questions were intensely algorithmic and
logical, and were devised by the SFW Programming Team comprising of Shashank, Ishan and Satish.
The event drew great appreciation from the participants in general, due to the quality of the questions
which were firmly rooted in basic mathematical concepts from Set Theory to Relations & Algebra, but
were twisted and tricky, and also due to the humorous wording of the questions! The participation
crossed 50, and 30 teams managed to submit solutions the following day of which only 10 teams
managed to get correct outputs for at least 2 questions. The winning team was given SFW Goodies,
DVDs, and merit certificates.
Official reach out: 3000 students

                                 SASTRA, Thanjavur
                                  15th to 20th of September, 2008
                            Campus Ambassador: Dwarakanath J.
A week full of fun with technology, a great response from Students and Faculties. We had 25 organizers
running all around the Campus performing installations and assissting the help desks. We had more than
70 installation points all over the campus. We created an FTP location for downloading the packages and
then we went on to help people working with Netbeans, SunStudio and Solaris. We got them Wi-Fi
drivers and installed it using ndiswrapper. A link in the University's site was put up.
The fun part was conducting the open source quiz where the questions were really cool. We created
some small meetings to help people configure their LAN with Solaris and so on. Apart from these we
had a lecture series on every evening:
1) Software Freedom Week orientation
2) Ubuntu and OpenSolaris Install Fest
3) Netbeans Mobile Applications Tech Talk
4) Open Source Quiz
5) Mysql Contributions
6) Parallel Computing with Sun Studio.
The reach out was really more than expected. Almost everybody wrote a blog about it in our community
site. We did more than 500 installations. Almost in all the six days the reach out was more than 100

Official reach out: 1200 students

   Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur
                                        16th to 26th September, 2008
                              Campus Ambassador: Lalith Suresh
Software Freedom Week at MNIT officially kicked off on the 16th of September, 2008 at 8:00 AM with
  me giving an hour long lecture at Subodh Public School, Jaipur. I talked about FOSS and answered
   questions for around 45 minutes and then gave them some basic career guidance by clearing some
  misconceptions as far as choosing Computer engineering as a branch for engineering was concerned.
   Talking before a crowd of 250 was certainly an amazing experience for me! I had exactly the same
experience at MGD Girls School, Jaipur on the morning of the 20th as well, with the turnout being close
                                                 to around 200.
Back in our institution, we had planned on having a series of sessions from the 16th-19th, with the
cherry on top being a lab session on the 20th. This was our schedule:
           1. Introduction to FOSS
           2. Introduction to GNU/Linux and the UNIX environment
           3. OpenSolaris, the most advanced OS on the planet!
           4. Network and System Administration
           5. Lab Sessions:
                       a) Debian GNU/Linux Install fest
                       b) OpenSolaris 2008.05 install fest
           6.          c) Netbeans install fest and hands on (introduction to the interactive debugger)

We had a constant of attendance of around 70 students from 1st and 2nd year. We restricted ourselves to
these two years because our main focus was to get more students involved in MOSUM. We'll be
conducting a separate talk series at an intermediary level for the 3rd years later on. After every talk, we
conducted a quiz based on the topic discussed and we gave away headphones as daily prizes and the
grand winners of the quiz series were presented with 2GB USB sticks, all of which were fully funded by
the Department of Computer Engineering. On the 21st of the month, 54 of us went over to BITS-Pilani
with whom we collaborated to organise Rajasthan Wide SFD Celebrations. We hired a bus and had fun
filled trip where we put our vocal chords to the test by singing all kinds of part songs. At BITS, Nandan
Kumar (Cluster Engineer, Sun Microsystems) talked about Open Source, then I talked about OHAC and
he proceeded to give a demo on it. The response from the schools were great and all the schools we've
visited have agreed for MOSUM's FOSS Learning connection where we visit these schools once a month
or so and train their students and faculty in open source technologies.
                                     Official reach Out: 1070 students

                           SRM University, Chennai
                                     20th of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Shiv Kumar Ganesh
SFD was a huge success in our University. We celebrated it officially on 20th of September with around
105 people turning up for the event. But actually I must mention that this whole September was an Open
Source Awareness Month in my college - ranging from Netbeans 6.1 which covered Java ME with
around 290 participants, Solaris Install Fest which had around 255 participants and much more. All these
events started from 12th of September itself during our tech fest and did bring upon a new generation of
students who have started using these technologies in their daily life. The tag SFD itself has motivated
many students to come and join us. The events of the month are put below:
1.Smartlife 2.0 (Netbeans 6.1 Workshop) 12th September
This workshop consisted of a brief introduction of Java SE, EE, ME with an higher emphasis on Java
ME. Happened during our techfest.
2.Solaris Install Fest, 13th September
This workshop did consist of the different technologies that are there in Open Solaris and then
proceeded with the installation of Solaris OS. This workshop too, happened during our techfest.
3. SFD , 20th September
SFD was also a huge success, during SFD we talked about different Open Source products and also had
the install fest during which we installed Solaris OS and Netbeans 6.1.

             Shiv Kumar Ganesh Presentation                         Netbeans Session at SRM

             Session on OpenSolaris at SRM
                                             SFD Attendees

Official reach out: 650 students

                    Osmania University, Hyderabad
                                      20th September, 2008
                        Campus Ambassador: Gautam Muduganti
On the 20th of September 2008, we, the students of Osmania University successfully started a new open
source group, named S.O.U.R.C.E (Students of Osmania University to reach the Realms of Computer
Excellence) in our college to propagate Sun Microsystems' Open Source Technologies. We formed a
core group of Third Year CSE Students who worked for four days to decide the name of the group, the
day it should be launched, the poster design, the publicizing of the event, seeking permissions, setting up
the seminar hall as required, installation of open office, inviting the guest speakers and identifying the
seminar topics . On D-day i.e., Saturday, participants started coming in trickles and by 9:45 AM, the
entire seminar hall was full with a whopping strength of seventy. The inauguration was kicked off with
the presentation of bouquets to Prof. S.Ramchandram and Prof. Prem Chand. The Senior faculty
provided the group with some inspiring words and assured their never-ending support for this initiative.
Since Software Freedom Day was all about celebrating, we then moved on to cut a cake! What followed
then was a seminar by Mr. Roopak Bhartee, a third year CSE student, who spoke about open source and
how it benefits people in today's world. He also gave an insight into Software Freedom Day itself. We
then had a presentation on 'Sun's contributions to the Open Source Community', by Muduganti Gautam
(Sun OSUM Campus Ambassador) which covered Sun Microsystems, it's participation in open source
communities and their innovative open source technologies like OpenSolaris, VirtualBox, Java,
GlasssFish, NetBeans, etc. The presentation also explained Sun OSUM (Open Source University
Meetup) and how S.O.U.R.C.E fits right into the definition. All the participants were then encouraged to
sign-up at the OSUM community and join our group. The event was concluded with a 'Vote of Thanks'
by Mr. Harish. Apoorva took up the task of anchoring the whole event and did a wonderful job of the
same. The entire S.O.U.R.C.E core group felt encouraged and enthused thanks to the success and
response of the event.

Official reach out: 70 students

               Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham,Kerala
                                   21st and 22nd September, 2008
                                     Campus Ambassador: Avinash Joshi

        Abhilash giving a session on basics into Java     Avinash Joshi - Insight on Open Source
The main focus of our SFD celebrations was to spread awareness on various open source technologies,
mainly Sun Microsystems'. It was truly a fabulous experience. Students enjoyed my first talk just as
much as I did! We then moved to the lab for a hands on session on installing OpenSolaris on Innotek
Virtual Box. Students loved this part because most of this was new to them. During the installation of
OpenSolaris, I also gave a presentation on the same. All throughout SFD, my very close friend,
Aghoshlal helped me in whatever way he could and together, we made SFD @ Amrita Vishwa
Vidyapeetham a grand success!
Official reach out : 50 students

             Jagannath Institute For Technology and
                     Management, Orissa
                              17th and 19th of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Sampat Patnaik
On September 17th, 2008, we kickstarted our SFD celebrations with an introduction to Software
Freedom Day and Sun Microsystems to a crowd of around 40 students. We had a talk on open source
technologies and free software. Then I gave a talk on the contrast between Windows and Unix based
operating systems. I went on to give an introduction on some of Sun's flagship products like
OpenSolaris, Java, Netbeans & MySQL. On September 19th, 2008, we had a demonstration of the
OpenSPARC architecture. We then conducted an OpenSolaris install fest. We first did it using the live
CD and then on Virtual Box. The last of the events was a 'Speak Your Mind' session where we invited
students to speak about their views on open source technologies. We've named our Sun Club JOSH, The
JITM Open Source Hub. It was indeed a great experience for all of us. The best part of it was that I had
the right to speak and everybody had to listen to what I had to say! On a whole I was successful in luring
the students towards Open Source through my first session and I'm sure that our club will achieve great
Official reach Out: 40 students

          National Institute of Engineering, Mysore
                                     24th of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Kailash R. Bysani
We celebrated SFD by spreading awareness on open source to the freshers of our institute. This was one
of the best days of life. Open source at its best. All the events went as smoothly as possible. The turnout
in itself was unbelievable because even though we expected only about 90 students, more than 150
turned up! So many people curious to know what awaited them in the world of open source.Sitting and
talking amongst them made me realize how important it was to let them know about this whole new
approach towards technology they were going to explore, right from installing the Operating Systems to
the basics behind it, everything was explained and there were a lot of inquisitive faces, many of whom
came up with really interesting queries.As the Sun Campus Ambassador of my institute, it made me feel
real proud of the work I was doing here and the opportunity that Sun Microsystems has given me. The
computer becomes personal again because of the open source world, personal to the point where you can
actually look at it and customize it to your preference. Giving young blood an insight into this and how
they could revolutionize the computer world with it is an exhilarating experience. We got thundering
applauses when we showed them what small plug-ins in a linux system could do, giving the desktop a 3d
view and a preview of the compiz features.
We had talks on the following topics:
1.Introduction to Open Source
2.Preview of all the Sun Products
3.How you can use Unix based Operating system everyday
4.Demo on Netbeans

              SFD Attendees at NIE, Mysore                            Sessions at NIE, Mysore

Official reach out: 170 students

       Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Jammu &
                               21st of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Sushant Kumar
Developing something, in your precious time for someone whom you don't event know, and giving him
right to modify it according to his own choice can be termed as ultimate selflessness. Even the most
compact summary of whole religion is not different than this. But till now, the biggest obstacle in the
progressive path of Open Source software is its publicity, understanding and familiarity. So, we have
taken this route to take another step in the growing horizon of Open Source. We started the event late in
the day. The entire audience was well charged. I started with focusing on the problems posed by closed
source software and proposed the use of Open Source Software as a prominent solution. Next I formally
introduced the audience with Open Source paradigm. Then I went on to invite Tarun Chawla, the one
man freak from Computer Science 4th year, for a detailed talk on Open Source, where he presented a
consolidated view of the same. It was quickly followed by a live presentation by Ankur and Praveen
about OpenOffice were they demonstrated the various aspects and benefits of OpenOffice over other
Office Suits. Next, came Surbhi and Kamal with a detailed presentation on MySQL. They discussed
about its industry related strengths, engines and customization. We then had a recap by means of a quiz
where I asked a few questions from all our previous slides (with the promise of gifts, of course!). Now
was the time for LAMP, where Divya and Amit discussed various component technologies of the same,
its popularity issues and story of market adoption. Finally Abhishek presented the details of various
types of licenses and talked about EULA, GPL, LGPL, CDDL and GPL2. They also had a session on
Mozilla Firefox. At the end of the day, we distributed OpenSolaris and Netbeans DVDs and topped it off
with an installation of these two on my computer.
Official reach Out: 100 students

            Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
                                 20th and 21st of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Nirmesh Malviya
The lecture was organized by the Sun Club at IIT Kanpur, of which I (Nirmesh Malviya) and two other
students - Siddhartha Kandoi and Ritesh Gupta are the present coordinators. As SFD marked a
celebration of Open Source Software, we decided to tell the campus community about Open Source -
and what better a way to get them interested in the event than to begin with Java, the language with
which all students here at IIT feel right at home. Over the SFD event which spanned two days, we kicked
off our activities with an introduction to Java, particularly focusing on 'Java is everywhere' and why to
use Java over other languages. With the stage thus set, we gradually switched to a description of other
Open Source technologies such as NetBeans, OpenSolaris, etc. and convinced the crowd that Open
Source is indeed better. We then finished off with a small quiz on the lecture contents and some select
advanced (uncovered) topics, with goodies for correct answers. Overall, it was a really nice experience to
see the enthusiastic response given by the students to this event, and organizing it gave all three of us
extreme satisfaction, and made us feel that we indeed are the flag-bearers of the Open Source community
at IITK.

           Netbeans Session at IIT, Kanpur
Official reach Out: 250 students

            PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore
                               18th and 19th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Rupayan Basu
At PESIT we celebrated the spirit of open source by holding events on two days.
Day 1: We invited Mr. Atul Chitnis from Geodesic to come and speak to the students on Open Source.
The talk, which was casual but motivating, really brought home the message. I think everyone who
attended the event left the seminar hall with a wish to start innovating as soon as possible and
contributing            to           the            Open            Source             community.

Day 2: I conducted a hands-on lab on Netbeans plug-in development. It was really well received and
more students turned up for this event than the previous one. Everyone got excited when their first plug-
in started working and some of them burst into excited applause. It was a great feeling for me.
Official reach out: 60 students

                Army Institute of Technology, Pune
                                      21st of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Meghna Raman
"You and me - you brought another friend. - And then there were three.. We started our group - our
circle of friends and like that circle there is no beginning or end", With this belief in mind, we started off
with our very own SFD! My day started at 10 in the morning. I went to check the last minute details
before the start of the seminar, which was scheduled for 11. Mayuresh Sir from Sun Microsystems came
at 11 and the seminar began in another ten minutes. 58 students from both second and third year
Computer and IT, came for the same. Mayuresh Sir began with an 'Introduction to java' which was truly
an excellent learning experience for most of us who were new to Java. He also showed us a few samples
on how to exactly go about running java applications on Netbeans. With a small tea break in between,
we continued with a session on OpenSolaris highlighting the various features of OpenSolaris including
Dtrace and ZFS. The seminar was immensely motivating for all students - the very idea of having the
power, not only to use, but also to improve and evangelise technology definitely brought in immense
excitement and thrill among the students. Following that was an installation demo on Open Solaris using
Virtual Box. I then conducted a small quiz which was essentially based on the latest technologies in the
market. The response was very positive and truly complimented the entire seminar.

            Mayuresh from Sun Microsystems                     AIT, Pune Students Attending SFD

Reach Out: 60 students

   Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology, Bhopal
                                      27th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Geetika Vasudeo

SFD was celebrated at the college level itself. The agenda of the day included a talk on open source &
Sun technologies in general, a demonstration of VirtualBox and a Workshop on the installation of
opensolaris. Since most of the students were novices, the talk helped in introducing them to the events
that were to follow. The demo on VirtualBox was taken by the students very enthusiastically and the
workshop too was appreciated. It was fun explaining the concepts and replying to their queries. Students
were glad to take back the OpenSolaris CD-DVD pack to have hands on sessions of their own. Other
goodies were distributed as well. The session lasted for 3 hours and was an absolutely satiating
experience for me and the attendees. Even a couple of professors attended the session which made it a
bigger success.

        Geetika Vasudeo – Intro to Sun Technologies        SFD Attendees at LNCT, Bhopal

Official reach out: 50 students

                                           IEET, Baddi
                                      25th of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Avinash Gautam
I started with a welcome note and immediately started with the workshop. I started discussing the
concepts behind virtualization and then went on to introduce Virtual Box and its features. The concept of
guest and host operating systems were discussed too and I laid great emphasis on the dependencies
between guest and host operating system. Most of the students use Windows operating system and I
provided them with the download link for Virtual Box for Windows 32 bit platform, and I myself
installed from the msi installer file. After ensuring that students are really thorough with the
virtualization and how Virtual Box is going to work, I demonstrated creation of a new virtual machine.
As such I went through the virtual machine setup in detail. We created a virtual machine environment for
open solaris and we even ran the live CD on the virtual and discussed the 6 step installation process of
OpenSolaris. All of this was covered under live demonstrations and each and every step was explained in
detail. Then I ran videos on server virtualization and discussed various aspects of virtualization such as
para-virtualization and OS virtualization and discussed how virtualization is a cost and time effective
measure to ensure productivity. I also discussed a comparison between Ubuntu Linux and OpenSolaris.
In the end a barrage of queries were answered and the utility of Virtual Box was discussed. Then we had
a lively jam session where I asked questions on Sun Technologies and day’s workshop and gifted pens as
goodies. Moreover we invited students to come on stage and speak anything related to Sun technologies,
Sun Club or open source. They were given OpenSolaris starter kits. All in all it was a wonderful session
and we reached out to a decent crowd of 150 students. All the students can be reached via The enthusiasm in the students was so much that they were expecting
that the session is never ending.

              Presentation on VirtualBox                               SFD Gathering

                               Keen Students at IEET, Baddi

Official reach out: 160 students

                           Assam University, Silchar
                                     29th of September, 2008
                            Campus Ambassador: Shantanu Kar

We celebrated SFD @ Assam University Silchar and it was a great success. There were around 60
dedicatedly interested students actively participating for the celebration. We had a nice discussion on the
benefits of Open Source, its ideology, various important Open Source software, the capabilities of
OpenSolaris, its future. I introduced the new Sun Club members and the new Sun CA Shantanu Kar for
Assam University Silchar, to all present. We also had an Open Source quiz competition. Winners took
away prizes as a pack of optical media of OpenSolaris 2008.05 student kit (CD&DVD), NetBeans 6.1,
VirtualBox (the coolest one) and Sun pens and Sun key rings. We also had a mini programming contest
on programming logic. There were also video presentations on OpenSolaris capabilities. We also
arranged for Installfest of OpenSolaris. Finally we distributed the giveaways from Sun and light
refreshments to all. In all the celebration was a great success. SFD rocked and so did Sun. The event
lasted 5 hours from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm. All in all, the response was very positive. All the participants
are keenly waiting for the next event that is to be conducted after the Durga Puja vacations.

Official reach out: 60

      National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur
                                     27th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Nishank Gupta

First according to the plan, I started with formal introduction about SFD then given a presentation on
"Open Source Technologies". I also showed open source video made by team of Bangalore. After this
we had a informative session on "ZFS" by one of our club member. With all these technical stuff I then
conducted a fun event - Technical Dumb sharad. Students really didn't expect that but they participated
whole heartedly and we laughed a lot by viewing this event. At last I distributed goodies to them but last
surprise was still there for them - Refreshment to everyone. Snacks with cold drink were the end of this
historic event.

       Nishank Gupta Presenting OpenSolaris                SFD Attendees at NIT, Jamshedpur
Official reach out: 60 students

        Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, SNDT
                   University, Mumbai
                              18th to 26th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Anisha Aliar
Our Software Freedom Celebrations kicked off with a talk on Open Source and OpenSolaris on the 18th
of September. On other days, we conducted on the spot quizzes and distributed Sun goodies to the
winners in different engineering colleges throughout Mumbai to spread awareness on Open Source.
Here's a list of all the colleges we covered.
                                             22nd September
                            · K.J.Somaiya college of Engineering (Vidhyavihar)
                                  · Padhmabhushan VasantDadaPatil (Sion)

                                              23rd September
                           · Thadomal Shahani college of Engineering (Bandra)
                                · Fr. Agnel college of Engineering (Bandra)

                                              24th September
                              · Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (Nerul)
                                  · S.I.E.S college of Engineering (Nerul)
                         · Lokmanya Tilak college of Engineering (Koperkhairane)

                                              25th September
                              · Sardar Patel College of Engineering (Andheri)
                            · Rajeev Gandhi Institute of Technology (Versova)

                                             26th September
                                 · Atharva college of Engineering (Malad)
                               · Thakur college of Engineering (Kandivali)

                                Anisha Aliar Interacting on Open Source
                                Official reach out: 500 students

     National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra
                           12th , 14th and 20th of September, 2008
                               Campus Ambassador: Nitin K.V
We started off on September 12th with a small competition on Software development called Excalibur,
where people presented software on catalogue, file tracking systems, pictograph representation,
classified online designed in Netbeans. Then on the 14th, there was Codepool, where students were given
a problem for which they had to design code. It generated a lot of interest in the students. During these
events we promoted the Software Freedom Day main event that was conducted on the 20th of
September. On the ensuing Saturday we started off the event with a short event on programming aptitude
and then we had a tech demo on OpenSolaris, the introduction to it and a brief foray into the tools of
OpenSolaris i.e., Dtrace, Zones and ZFS. It was a very interactive demo with questions asked about the
topics covered and handouts given to people who answered them. The same was followed in the next
demo on MySQL which was presented by a Sun club member of our college. Both saw a good interest of
the students in the subjects. Then we finished off the event with a quiz about open source technologies.
The whole event was a rousing success.

            Presentation on Netbeans on SFD                       Nitin K.V. at SFD

Reach Out: 60 students

          Lovely Institute of Technology, Jalandhar
                                    20th of September, 2008
                            Campus Ambassador: Raghav Puri
SFD was celebrated by Sun Club of our college. Firstly we gave a talk on Open Source Technologies
and then described about FOSS and why we should use them. This session lasted for around 45 minutes.
After this, we conducted an OpenSolaris Install Fest in which OpenSolaris was installed in the laptops of
all students. The whole event was celebrated in a festive mood. Snacks were also provided to the
Official reach out: 170 students

               RV College of Engineering, Bangalore
                                    27th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Nischal E Rao

We got permission to conduct SFD for 2 hours after class (2:15 to 4:30). We had invited a guest speaker,
Mr Vinay Sridhar from IBM who talked about Open Source and Free Software. His talk went on for
nearly an hour. Then I showed the audience the Big Buck Bunny movie. Everybody liked it very much.
Then I conducted a hands-on session on Netbeans Plug-in Development. We created the Google Toolbar
and everybody enjoyed the session. We had also arranged for tea. It was really a great experience.
Official reach out: 60 students

  Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University,
                                     27th of September, 2008
                         Campus Ambassador: Saurabh Aggarwal
I reached the venue along with all the volunteers an hour before the scheduled time along with all the
supplies of CD's & other Sun gear. When the students started coming, it was really, nice to see the
enthusiasm on their faces, some of them already wearing Sun caps (they must've got them from last
year's events), many with their laptops, all ready for checking out OpenSolaris. I started out with first
figuring out at what level my audience was. Some of them didn't know anything about open source,
some had never gone beyond the closed-source world of Microsoft, but most of them included those who
had already tried their hands on one Linux distro or the other, and wanted to know what’s cool about
OpenSolaris. I also asked a few questions and gave away chocolates & Sun goodies for the right
answers. I began by introducing people to what 'Software Freedom' was all about. Then we had a
seminar on open source and explained how everyone can contribute to the world of open source by just
using FOSS & filing bug reports, all the way upto contributing code itself. I then demonstrated ZFS,
DTrace, Zones & Containers comparing them with their Windows & Linux counterparts. The students
really loved the comparisons & realized that Sun was way ahead of MS and also edging ahead of Linux.
I was also bombarded with lots of doubts by the students & fortunately, I was able to answer all their
queries. I moved on to distribute OpenSolaris CD's & explained the step by step procedure of installing
OpenSolaris within VirtualBox and 'on the metal'. All the students who carried their laptops started to
follow the steps. After the installation started, we had a great time and dug into snacks and drinks. All in
all, it was a great event and all of us enjoyed to the fullest & also learnt some really cool technologies.
Official reach out: 60 students

           Kumaon Engineering College, Dwarahat
                             19th, 27th and 28th of September, 2008
                            Campus Ambassador: Vishal Budhani
Our SFD celebrations was a very enticing experience for all of us. We conducted an event named, Code
Optimisation, which was a Java & C++ Programming contest. We also organized a college football meet
under Fun Games, final of which is scheduled on 2nd Oct.
Official reach out: 250 students

                             S.V. University, Tirupati
                                13th and 26th of September, 2008
                       Campus Ambassador: Kartheek Mudarakola

SFD at SV university comprised of the following events:

Seminar on Installation of OpenSolaris (On 13th September, 2008)

                o Attended by 80 students
Software Freedom Day Celebrations (On 26th September, 2008)
                o Attended by 150 students

Official reach out: 230 students

                  College of Technology, Pantnagar
                                      20th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Rohendra Singh
20th of September was an amazing day for all of us as our SFD event had started. First was a general
introductory talk on topics like Open Source, FOSS, Sun Microsystems, OpenSolaris, Java, MySQL,
Netbeans, Linux,etc. I just explained what open source and free software actually meant and then
introduced them to some of the currently popular open source technologies. 1st and 2nd year students
were amazed by the open source world. Later on a documentary named 'Revolution OS' was shown to
the students. It revealed the history of the Open Source Movement. The last of our events was a quiz. It
was a quiz based on the philosophy of open source. The quiz was designed so as to test what the students
actually understood from the term open source. The event was a great hit among all the students. We also
introduced them to the Pantnagar OSUM group. I thank my team for such a good effort.

                                                           Quiz on Software Freedom Day at COT
        Rohendra Singh talking on Open Source

 Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani
                                      21st of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Saurabh Agarwal

The 21st of September 2008 finally came, the day for SFD celebrations @ BITS Pilani. After 3 days of
visits to various schools, one of them my old schools too, we were all set for this big event. SFD was an
exciting day on campus. I will start from the morning itself. I woke up at 7 after talking to Lalith, as the
MNIT contingent had left from Jaipur. I then called the first yearites and gave them the instructions to
escort the MNIT group once they arrive in our campus. After that I met Nandan again to discuss a few
things about the session later in the day. I had a fear of the sessions being scheduled at 3:00 PM. As soon
as the MNIT team arrived, we sat down to lunch with them. There were about 50-60 participants from
MNIT to take part in our events. In the afternoon, we had two tech talks:

           1. Open High Availability Clusters (OHAC) by Lalith, the Sun Campus Ambassador of MNIT, Jaipur.
           2. Open Source by Nandan Kumar (ex- Bitsian working with Sun).

Both the talks were really wonderful and saw participation of about 180-220 people from all disciplines.
These talks provided really enriching information about Open Source and the Sun connection with it. It
was really heartening to see such a huge bunch of 1st and 2nd yearites being interested n Open Source.

Next in the evening was a high voltage C debugging contest organized by CSA & STG, BITS, Pilani
called 'CFOSS' which again saw a participation of about 380-400 participants. STG also distributed
freebies to participants and this was really liked by all our participants. On the whole, it was a fun filled
day and the general response at the end was that it should be celebrated every year.

Official reach out: 780 students

                                   UVCE, Bangalore
                                     21st of September, 2008
                      Campus Ambassador: Prajwal Muralidhara
We successfully conducted SFD on 21st September 2008, on a Sunday. In spite of it being on a
weekend, nearly a 100 people turned up! It was really good to see how people were interested in
knowing about OpenSolaris and Netbeans. The events started off by around 9:45am in the morning. We
actually didn’t have a formal Sun club in our college. So we thought that this event would be the right
opportunity to have the official inauguration of the club. At first, there was an 'Introduction to Open
Source technologies' by Kumar Abhishek which was truly inspiring. Everyone was convinced that open
source technologies really rock!
After that eye opener, we had an OpenSolaris install fest. There were talks on why people have to switch
over to OpenSolaris from their conventional proprietary operating systems. Many people did have doubts
regarding the difference between Linux and Unix based OS. So was the case with Btrace and
Dtrace...But the session was convincing enough. They really liked the compiz integration provided with
OpenSolaris. They were also keen to know more about ZFS, Zones and BrandZ.
We showed them how to install OpenSolaris on a Virtual Box. The audience was fascinated with running
another OS on host OS. It was like magic! Next in the line, was the formal inauguration of our UVCE
Sun Club. We had called our principal Prof Dr. Venugopal K R, our prof Dr P Deepa Shanoy and our
Mechanical Dept HOD Dr. B. K. Muralidhara for lighting up the lamp and start our club with a few
words of wisdom.
After the inauguration, our workshop continued with Netbeans Session. It was organized by one of my
Sun Club team members. The session lasted only for 15 minutes but after that came the anagram game in
Netbeans. People were amazed at what all we can do using Netbeans. It was a completely interactive
session where the audience had to guess the right word from a scrambled word. By doing so, they used
to get goodies (key chains, pens). We had an active participation from everyone in the room, including
As we had an audience ranging right from 1st year BE students till people who were doing their Phd,
everyone enjoyed the work we did. They wanted more and more of such student initiative activities in
the college. This event was very creative and unique in its own way. We are planning to organize a
workshop on Sun Spots in the month of October.

Press Coverage:

                Prajwal on OpenSolaris

                                                              Kumar Abhishek on Open Source
                                   Inauguration of UVCE Sun Club

Official reach out: 100 students

           PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore
                               27th and 28th of September, 2008
                      Campus Ambassador: Arun Padmanabhan N.
The Software Freedom Day events in our college were held on 27th and 28th of September. The dates
were chosen to coincide with the tech-fest happening in our college so that we could reach out and
spread open source awareness to more people. To spice it up we decided to conduct a contest - testing
Java skills and general programming ability, open to all students of our college. We started off with a
bang, putting up posters and notices all over the college, a couple of days before the event - on notice
boards, outside hostel windows, favorite hangouts etc.
It really was a great experience conducting the events and everybody wanted more action. I guess the
notion of freedom and software went well with the students. While the target audience was the entire
college, I have managed to collect mail-ids of around 160 people after the event. I gave a talk on various
open source technologies before the Java contest and installed NetBeans in the systems for the students
to code in. The event was a huge success and it was worth all the effort and preparation that went into it.

Reach Out: 200 students

          National Institute of Technology, Surathkul
                                    21st to 25th of September, 2008
                         Campus Ambassador: Mohammad Sanaulla

Day­1, September 21, 2008
We had planned loads of events for the Software Freedom day and the preparation for the same had been
done earnestly. The celebration has been spread over to 4 days i.e from September 21st 2008 to
September 25, 2008.
The events on September 21st 2008 were:
- Inauguration and Inaugural Talk by Director of our college, Dr. Sandeep Sancheti. Our Director spoke
about the importance of Open Source in the future and it impact in the present. He also appreciated the
initiative of organizing Software Freedom Day.

   Presentation by Naabo Solutions: Naabo Solutions is a venture of few students from NITK.
                   They have been using Open Source technologies for developing their applications. One of the
           company employees who happens to be a final year student at NITK presented a talk on Open Source
   Guest Lecture by Mr. Mahesha Nanjundaiah, General Manager Compiler and Tools R&D,HP India. He spoke on
    various technical aspects related to opportunities available to students in field of Open Source.One of his main
    points was India, having highest growth rate in the IT sector, contributes very less to R&D in core aspects of
    computing.India lags way behind other countires like even China and Russia when it comes to core R&D in
    computer science and encouraged the students to take up research in Computer Science.
   Demo of Open Moko: Open Moko is an Open Source alternative to iPhone, which functions as good as iPhone and
    costs half its price and is very popular among the student developer community.
   Demo of 3D effects in Linux using Compiz as compared to in Microsoft Windows and demo of Open Source

    Day-2,September 23, 2008
    The events planned out for the Day-2 of Software Freedom Day-2008 were:
    1. Introduction to NITK Sun OSUM
    2. Workshop on PHP and MySQL
    Speakers: Shreyas Tonse and Vageesh H G

The events were held at ATB Seminar Hall and began at 5:45 PM. Before going into the event details i
would like to list out my team which went about organising the SFD celebrations.

1. Ashwin Bhat- Tech Lead, CA Program
2. Mohamed Sanaulla- Sun CA, NITK
3. Shreays Tonse
4. Manjunath S V
5. Aravind K C
6. Vageesh H G
7. Praveen Soori
8. Deepak Marathe
The event was also supported by Web Club. All the ground work had been done. The publicity, which is
the key, was done to perfection leaving no stone unturned. There were three different set of posters
printed, block announcements, class announcements were done. I sent out SMSes giving out the details
of the day's events.
We got the student Datasheets an a phamplet on Open Source printed and were distributed to all
participants. For the MySQL and PHP workshop, which was yesterday, we distributed the MySQL and
GlassFish datasheets. The turn out for the event was really good, with the seminar hall almost filled.
Some 80+ people attended the talk and it was actually almost 100% of the number of registrations. I
started off with a talk on NITK Sun OSUM and the OSUM Global Community. I listed out the activities
of NITK Sun OSUM @ Campus and also highlighted the advantages and importance of joining the
OSUM global community. This was followed by a talk on MySQL and PHP, the most awaited talk. The
talk was delivered by Shreyas and Vageesh, both in their 3rd year of BTech. They have been involved in
numerous college projects and are currently working as freelance developers.
Shreyas spoke about using MySQL and basics of SQL and using phpMyAdmin for the same. He also
introduced the audience the concept of Web Applications. Vageesh highlighted the basics of PHP and
using PHP with MySQL. After the talk was the most interesting time- Questions and Answer Session.
The speakers fired at the audience few questions on their talk and people who answered them got Sun
Goodies :) The session went on for about 2 Hours.

                                                                 NITK OSUM Introduction
                   MySQL and PHP Workshop
Speaker: Ashwin Bhat
Venue: ATBSeminaHall
The session began exactly at 5:30 PM. We started off by screeing a video on Software Freedom Day.
The video went for about 10 Minutes. The crowd kept coming one by one. After this we showed them
the movie "Big Bucks Bunny" - The movie from the Open Source Movie project and made using
Once the crowd had settled down we started off with the presentation. Ashwin Bhat was the speaker and
he was to speak on Open Solaris and ZFS. He started off explaining various jargons related to Operating
System concepts. He spoke about Memory management, Process Management, Scheduling,Device
Drivers and File System. He gave a brief but sufficient amount of information to help the participants in
getting to know the features of Open Solaris.
After the introduction he spoke about Open Solairs explaining what it is and comparing it with Solaris.
He spoke about the Interesting features of Open Solaris namely DTrace, zones, SMF, IPS, ZFS. He
spoke at length about ZFS explaining how its different from existing filesystems. Various features of
ZFS listed were 128 bit filesystem, Self Healing data, high reliability, platter speed performance. He also
spoke about the Open Solaris Started kit and how to go about installing it on virtual box.
Ashwin also spoke about Code For Freedom and how to go about participating in it, advantages of
participating and variuos technologies available for working. The ongoing MySQL and Glassfish
Review contest was also told to the participants. After this was the question and answer session wherein
as usual the speaker asked questions to the audience and people who answered correctly got Sun Goodies
:) Questions were based on the talk given. The Open Solaris Started Kit was distributed to all the
participants and also the Open Solaris datasheet provided by Sun were distributed to all the participants.

   OpenSolaris and ZFS Presentation                    Quiz on Open Source

Day-4, September 25, 2008

The event lined up for todays session was:

NetBeans Deep Dive and Java Swing
Speaker: Mohamed Sanaulla
Venue: ATB Seminar Hall

I started off the session at 5:30 in the evening. Started off with a video on Sun Microsystems and
followed by a "Java Everywhere" video. By then the crowd had gathered and had settled down. I started
off with giving a brief idea of Netbeans, the technologies it is supporting and the basic features which
make it an complete IDE. Some of the cool features like Profiling, Swing Builder, Web Pack were
demonstrated. After this i explained them how to run C/C++ Applications using NetBeans. For that i had
reacorded a video showing the installation of Cygwin along with the gcc, g++ compilers, gdb and make
utility. After showing them the configuration of Cygwin i showed them executing C programs using
NetBeans. The programs demonstrated include one simple Application and one more which invloved
taking command line arguments.
After this I took up explaining basic Swing components namely JButton, JRadioButton, JPanel,
JCheckBox, JTabbedPane. For every component i showed them how to use them using NetBeans Swing
Builder. After the demo there was a question and answer round. Participants were asked varied questions
covering the topics of the talk and whosoever answered them correctly got Sun Goodies. NetBeans 6.1
DVDs were distributed to all the participants and also the NetBeans datasheets provided by Sun were
distributed. Through out the SFD events we managed to cover 200 odd students at our college.

            SFD Poster of NIT, Surathkal                        Sanaulla on Netbeans Deep Dive

Official reach out: 200 students

                Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
                                    29th of September, 2008
                            Campus Ambassador: Raman Khatri

We finally celebrated Software Freedom Day in our campus on the 29th of September. Since it was my
first event as Sun campus ambassador, I had decided to introduce Sun to the students along with the
celebration of FOSS. The event started at about 3:00 PM in the afternoon. To attract junta to this event I
had a Computer Quiz as a part of the Software Freedom Day celebrations. I started the event by
introducing people to the concept of Free and Open Software. I tried to make it interactive by having
students express their views. Having done a lot of reading myself for the preparation of the event, I
clarified the fundas of open and free software and how they're different from each other and from closed
source. The presentation went on for about an hour which included a lot of discussions and debates.

I had planned a Debating competition on Open Source after the introductory presentation. However
when I asked people to come and speak, all of them were reluctant to come and debate. Seeing this, I
decided to have some kind of group discussion where in we tried to argue the merits and demerits of
open/free software, both from the company and user point of view. It was here that people came up with
interesting points.

Then I had small presentation on Sun where I told students about Sun, its technologies and the
contribution of Sun towards open source (OpenSolaris, OpenOffice etc). Then came the time for a quiz.
The quiz consisted of two rounds. Students had to make teams of two. The first was a written round after
which the top 5 teams were selected and we then had an oral quiz consisting of 4 rounds. The quiz was
enjoyed by one and all.
Free goodies (Sun software and pens) were distributed to all who came.

Official reach out: 40 students

        Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai
                                     20th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: L. Guruprasad

Thiagarajar College of Engineering conducted SFD celebrations for the fifth straight year called FStival (
Free Software Festival) ( We had about 28 demo stalls organized by students on
various free software tools and we had a distro-burning stall too. Mr. Kamlesh Jayachandran, who works
for CollabNet on Subversion and is the First Indian Full-committer to the Subversion code base, was the
chief guest. He addressed a jam packed auditorium on Subversion and Free Software. Mr. Joe Steeve, an
alumnus of the college, a free software enthusiast and founder of FOSS culture in the college also
addressed the gathering and answered various queries. Dr. Sivathanu Pillai, Chief controller, DRDO and
an alumnus of the college was the surprise visitor and he visited all the stalls and had words of
appreciation and encouragement. The visitors got to learn about a variety of Free Software tools and the
Free Software ideology and were clearly impressed. The organizers and participants made a successful
FStival 08 and are eagerly looking forward to further activities.

              SFD Attendees at TCE, Madurai
                                                               Mr. Kamlesh Jayachandran at TCE

Official reach out: 400 students

       Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi
                                 23rd and 24th of September, 2008
                       Campus Ambassador: Vikramaditya Shekhar

The following events were conducted:
       1. An introductory presentation on free and open software
       2. A live demo on NetBeans
       3. A presentation on OpenSolaris

       4. Setting up of a repository of some open source software from Sun was set up on the local intranet.

All the sessions were interactive wherein students from the audience were given goodies on showing
active participation. The CDs of OpenSolaris and Netbeans were distributed to all those who attended the
seminar. All the students were quite enthusiastic and the overall response was great!
Official reach out: 220 students

           KLE Society's College of Engineering and
                                           26th of September, 2008
                       Campus Ambassador: Nagratna R. Chigari

SFD was organised in KLECET on the 26th of September 2008. I had planned for a workshop on
NetBeans. It was a hands on session. It was from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. I demonstrated to them the
development of Java applications, mobile applications etc. We'd made announcements regarding our
event in each and every department of our college. Since we were running short of time, we could not
reach out to students from other colleges. But we had a good response from the students of our college,
especially from our department. All of them enjoyed the workshop. By the end of the day, I was
overwhelmed by the job I had done.
Official reach out: 200 students

                     College of Engineering, Guindy
                                           of September, 2008
                            Campus Ambassador: Kumar Vikas
SFD celebrations at the College of Engineering, Guindy, comprised of the following:
   1. Created OSUM club, named "College of Engineering Guindy OSUM".
   2. Conducted a session for "Introduction and Installation of Open Solaris".
   3. Conducted a session for "How to develop desktop application using NetBeans 6.0".
   4. Established a SUN Lab in department (Installation of Open Solaris, Netbeans etc).
Official reach out: 150 students

                Annamalai University, Chidambaram
                                      28th of September, 2008
                             Campus Ambassador: Meenakshi C.
We created a Sun Club consisting of three members in our Campus. We also created a group for our
University students in where we could share our ideas and clear our doubts, which was
also very helpful in creating awareness about current innovations in open source.

Proceedings on Sep, 28th:
   1) We started by 10:00 am and continued till 1:00 pm.
   2) We had techtalks about Open source innovations like OpenOffice, OpenSolaris and one separate session for
      Netbeans and JRuby.
   3) We had a demo installation of OpenSolaris inside Virtualbox.
   4) We also screened open source movie, 'Big buck bunny'. OpenSolaris and Netbeans CDs were distributed for
      installation .We also gave hand-outs of Netbeans, mySQL and OpenSolaris
   5) The preparations for promotion and celebration of FOSS gave us a good experience in organizing such events
      related to open source.
Faculty  were also present throughout the event. The students in our Campus found the 
sessions to be very interesting and informative. They were very enthusiastic that they 
attended the sessions even though it was a Sunday! They raised questions mainly on 
requirements for installation of the OpenSolaris operating system and the flexibilities 
and freedom provided by open source. The sessions were as interactive as it could get. 
We were able to reach out all of them and they were excited about using open source 
Official reach out: 52 students

             University College of Engineering, Burla
                                     20th of September, 2008
                         Campus Ambassador: Niharjyoti Sarangi
The event was planned for the 20th of September on the eve of SFD. Me and 4 other friends of mine
organized the event with the help of some volunteers from my college. The target we'd set for ourselves
was to reach out to 500 students. The day started with a session on Open source Technologies
(Introductory type) conducted by me at 9.30 AM in which the key points were evolution of open source,
Sun's contribution to the same, open source's benefits for students and developers and finally, the current
scenario. In the session I had an audience of about 100 students and my branch professor. It was my
most successful session till date. The quiz competition which we organized in our college's Audio Visual
Hall had 20 participants from senior (B.Tech) and 14 participants from junior (school) levels. The quiz
was open source oriented. One of the fellow organizers acted as the quiz master. Three students from
each level were selected. There was a poster designing competition which was mainly to promote GIMP.
6 students from my college participated in the event. Another one of the organizers organized an event
that we named 'Tech IT Ezee' which was basically a fun event set on the open air stage in our college.
We got the required sound systems from our institute. It was very successful because I felt that it created
an interest in students about open source. This event went on through out the day. At the end of the day
the names of winners were announced in a meeting where I invited some guests and my professors and
Principal. Principal Dr. C.R. Tripathy (also H.O.D Department of Computer Science) addressed the
audience and encouraged them to take a plunge into the world of open source. With a thanking note the
function ended. CD's on Netbeans and OpenSolaris were distributed to all the students who attended the
seminar. On a whole the response from students was overwhelming.
Official reach out: 700 students

Delhi University (Department of Computer Science)
                                      19th of September, 2008
                            Campus Ambassador: Aadhar Mittal

An OpenSolaris install fest was the main event that was organized. Actually this had been requested by
the students as they wanted a demonstration of how they could install an operating system virtually.
VirtualBox was used for the same. The response on the Java and Sun Club communities was also good,
and there were several new participants in both.
Official reach out: 45 students

     Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Coimbatore
                                16th and 20th of September, 2008
                                Campus Ambassador: Manoj K.

Our SFD celebrations was a huge success in our institute. Four events were conducted, namely a quiz, an
install-fest, a java contest followed by a Netbeans and OpenSolaris workshop. I expected only few to
turn out for the install-fest and many for other events but that was most certainly not the case! Due to the
tight schedule of examinations in my college, many couldn't come. New members for the club were
added. Many activities for the next semester have been planned as there are no more working days in this
semester. All the students were aware of SFD celebrations since I was emphasizing on it from day one.

           SFD Attendees at CIT. Coimbatore
                                                            OpenSolaris and Netbeans Workshop at CIT
Official reach out: 140 students

                                      UIET, Punjab
                              19th and 20th of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Souvik Das Gupta

We had planned the following technical sessions for that day:
1) VirtualBox
4) Games

We had online registrations and a huge number of students had registered with us. But the weather was
not on our side and a record braking heavy rainfall took place on 19th and 20th September.
We had set up an on-the-spot registration desk, where the students who turned up got themselves
registered and collected a copy of the day’s itinerary along with handouts on the following:
- OpenSolaris
- VirtualBox
- Netbeans
- Lustre
- Glassfish
- Sun Student Datasheet
- Open Source Gaming

I took the initial session on Introduction and the students were introduced to the Spirit of Software
Freedom Day, and why we celebrated it. The role Sun plays in the world of Free and Open Source. Also
an introduction to OpenSolaris was given to the students where the interesting features of this operating
system was explained to them.

                   SFD Introduction
                                                                   SFD Attendees at UIET, Punjab

This was followed by a session cum demonstration of VirtualBox by Ekansh Anand. He neatly explained
the meaning of a Virtual Machine and how it all works. Sumit Kalra helped him out in demonstrating the

                                         VirtualBox Presentation
In the following session, LAMP/SAMP stack for web development was explained to the students. Varun
Mitra started off with a brief description on internet connectivity and other basic techniques for web
development including static pages and Web Servers. I completed the session explaining to the students
about apache configuration, PHP programming, MySQL database, PHPMyadmin, XAMPP installation
package and finally the Netbeans 6.5 IDE for PHP development.

             LAMP/SAMP stack for Web Development                       GIMP Presentation

Anmol Batra gave the next session explaining students about GIMP and also demonstrated a few
interesting tricks that can be easily done by GIMP.
The final session for the day was taken by Ayush Joshi. Ayush is an avid gamer and his presentation
busted the myth that there are no games on Linux/Solaris. His presentation was divided in to three parts.
In the first part he showed how to play common Windows based games on Linux using Wine/Play-on-
linux and inside VM like VirtualBox. In the next part various Open Source Games like Battle For
Wesnoth, Bos Wars, Free Civ, Nexiuz, Open Arena, LinCity, Quake III etc. were demonstrated. The
final part showed them how to get into open source games development taking Battle For Wesnoth and
OpenCity as example. Karan Choudhary helped out Ayush to demonstrate all the games.

                                          Games on Linux and Solaris

Throughout the day we had a busy Installation Desk. Vikas Ruhela was responsible for the installations,
and probably he had been the busiest of all. Many students bought their laptops for their installation and
plenty of them carried pen drives to take the setup files. Also our labs were open the entire day and even
after the session in the evening. Ritesh Kushwaha and Karan Choudhary were helping out the students in
the Lab.
Along with all the above mentioned names, I would also like to thank Rupak Banerjee for his all round

Official reach out: 85 students

                                  SRKNEC, Nagpur
                            28th August to 1st of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Jay Mahadeokar

Our SFD celebrations happened early and comprised of the following:

    1. I wrote a long Open-Source Initiative Proposal and got it approved by my HOD.
    2. Created a google group for SRKNEC Sun Club, which now has 223 members with an active
       discussion forum
    3. Workshop on Netbeans.
    4. Workshop on building mobile Apps using netbeans.
    5. Introduction to SAI and Open Source (Talk).
    6. Open Source Hut.
    7. I am also in talks with JUG Nagpur which we revamped last month and we will soon have
       something rolling in the Nagpur Java Community.
The Open Source hut was the highlight of them all where we literally took open source out in the Open
and presented it in the Indian Flavor. We have made a nice video of the Event. It has already featured on
the Netbeans website and the Channel Sun!

               Open Source Hut at SRKNEC                         SFD Attendees at Open Source Hut

Official reach out: 500 students

                         Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi
                                     20th of September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Shamail Tayyab
In the event me and 2 of my friends delivered talks on Open Source, Free Software and The Free
Software Licenses, distributed goodies on the basis of random questions put up on to the audience. Apart
from CD's and DVD's I also got few books that I distributed (learning java, I had 3 copies of them).

                 SFD Attendees at Jamia                    Talks on Open Source and FOSS Licences
Official reach out: 50 students

                                     IIITM, Gwalior
                                26th to 29th of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Kunal Kapoor

We had our Software Freedom Day Celebrations from 26th – 29th September 2008. Initially we planned
it for two days only but we then stretched it across 4 days .Various events were conducted during this
Reach Out: 315 students

            National Institute of Technology, Calicut
                                    21st of September, 2008
                      Campus Ambassador: Swabha Swayamdipta

After a long wait of one and a half months, the perfect opportunity of reaching out to a crowd comes my
way in form of Software Freedom Day. I managed to have a good tie up with the FOSS cell at NITC,
another small group of students, with the aim of promoting open source in general. Together , we had an
install fest on Sunday which lasted from 10 AM to 5 PM. The participants had a freedom of choice on
which OS they wanted to install, and we gave them a brief description of the option they requested,
along with certain new features that they had never seen before, after we had a discussion on open source
In short, it was an eye-opener for me, as much as it was for the participants. I enjoyed watching people
take in the beauty of Open Source, and I realized the magnanimity of the same, with every new
installation. We celebrated the Freedom of Software that day, in our small possible way and I thank Sun
for giving us such an opportunity.
Official reach out: 50 students

            RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore
                                      20th of September, 2008
                                 Campus Ambassador: Vittal P.
The event started at 10:00 AM with an introduction to Open Source Technologies. I was the one who
gave this presentation and this was the first time I was addressing such a huge crowd. I wasn’t at all
nervous which is quite a big change in me is. As the event was delayed I had to go a little bit fast and
that I did. When I was done, I realised I'd talked for a whopping 35 minutes! My talk was about the
essence of Open Source and how we as students could contribute to Open Source. And the major part of
it was about how Sun contributes to Open Source and I also gave a brief overview of SUN Technologies.

      The Hi-Tech lab clogged during the SFD sessions                Presentation by Vittal

After my presentation there was an Installation fest. This was taken up by Nitin Rao (7th sem, ISE,
RNSIT) and he did a very good job at it. He taught the students how to install a host OS on a guest OS
using Virtual Box. The students were also excited to try it out on their own. This took place till 11:15
AM. Once the mass installation was over it was time for Sham Pavman (JSSATE Sun CA) to take the
center stage. We introduced Sham to the crowd and told them that he had recently won an award for his
contribution to Bellenix OS. There was a huge round of applause for him and he explained in detail
about what he had done for his project to get the recognition he got. Once this was done he took up the
task of giving an Introduction to Open Solaris. This he did so well that people were keen to listen more
about the OS even after his presentation, His presentation went on till 12:30pm. After the mass had
gathered again, 'The Big Bucks Bunny' video was played and everyone enjoyed it very much. On
mentioning that the video was made completely using open source technologies, people were left in
aghast and as a result there were more eager faces to learn more about open source.

    OpenSolaris 2008.05 Installation in RNSIT Labs                 SFD Volunteer Team at RNSIT
Harvesting this eagerness we started off with the NetBeans session which was conducted by Rohit K.V.
(7th sem, CSE, RNSIT). I must say he did an amazing job. His session was very well planned out. He
first gave a good introduction to what NetBeans was and how to start using it. He then went on to show
how a mobile application could be developed using NetBeans Mobility. As this was a Hands on session
all the attendees were trying it out along with Rohit K.V. He showed the people how to build a calculator
for a mobile. The ending was also brilliantly planned. He showed how to transfer this application which
was built right in front of them onto their mobiles. This live transfer of the application really got the
crowd interested. They too tried and transferred the applications that they had built, onto their mobiles
and were very happy to see their first mobile application work on their own mobiles. After all that bit of
coding, it was time for some fun. The next session was again taken up by Nitin Rao and was about
Compiz-Fusion. A small video was shown about Compiz-Fusion which got the crowd screaming! Then
he showed how those things in the video could be done manually and each of them were very happy to
try it on their own. The finale was again brilliant, where he wrote 'SFD 2008' using fire! So there ended
an excitement filled day. It is really hard to pick the highlight of the day as I thought all the events were
highlights on their own. But if you ask me to pick one event which made the day, it has to be the SUN
SPOT demo. Hats off to Sham for such a nice demo, and I would like to thank him very much for
coming to our college and making the event a huge success.
Official reach out: 250 students

          National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur
                                         20th of September, 2008
                               Campus Ambassador: Diwakar Jha

The event consisted of:
    1. Introduction open source and the open source user group of our college.
    2. Detailed step by step installations of OpenSolaris build 79 and fedora 9.
    3. Distribution of OpenSolaris DVDs to everyone.
We started at 4:30 in the evening with some 25 people, mostly new faces from 1st year. We started the
session with an introduction to open source and the ideology of learn and share. We had plans of
wrapping up everything within one and half hour, but people kept pouring in and within half an hour
some 60 people were their in the seminar hall! In fact, the three of us had to stand thorough out the
session as there were no charis left. Students were quite interested and they did come up with lots of
basic but interesting questions. I also explained to them the detailed step by step installation of Open
Solaris and my friends covered the Fedora Core part. After that we also talked about the benefits of open
source over proprietary OS.

             Presentation by Diwakar at SFD                               OpenSolaris Installation Demo

Reach out: 60 Students

      Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Goa
                                      21st of September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Rakesh Ganatra
It was a calibrated affair. There were quizzes and goodies, CDs and Mozilla Caps, talks and discussions,
but surely not the fierce debates that FOSS events usually are marked with. Well, the debates are what
keeps the community going: FOSS is about Free and Open Source Software, and the FOSS community
believes that removing the fetters put on software by copyrights helps the society at large in speedy
improvement in technology and better customer satisfaction. A simple analogy: if you cannot afford a
custom-made Rolls-Royce, it is likely that you would rather have the roadside mechanic know the ins
and outs of your car's engine than have the manufacturer put legal restrictions on the know-how.
Incentive? The mechanic gets paid for his skill, labour, and time. You can venture out to Dudh Sagar
taking only a wallet and no valet along. And the bill satisfies both, the mechanic and you. And, of
course, the FOSS community does not believe in indulgence in piracy, illegalities, and spite. Therefore,
the FOSS community strives to convince one and all that getting benefits of and contributing to Free
Software will work for the betterment of society and software.
So speaker after speaker spoke about the concepts behind and misconceptions about FOSS. And,
Ravikiran Aranke from Tactica backed the arguments with solid data, and proved that FOSS pays for the
developers, and pays grand. Dr. Sasikumar from C-DAC gave a pre-launch introduction to BOSS
(Bharat Operating System Solutions) ( It was launched in Chennai on Sunday
28/9/2008. It is Free (as in FOSS: without fetters) Indianised GNU/Linux. And Goa-LUG members
presented their favourite free softwares: DP (from Goa University, Bambolim) spoke on LyX that makes
distilling research documents as easy as licking ice-cream (of course after research is carried out); Bijon
Shah (Director, CEDT Bambolim) encouraged freshers to play with the tremendous flexibility of desktop
management offered by FOSS; Prof. Gurunandan Bhatt (Former head, Computer science & Technology,
Goa University) spoke on FOSS web development tools. Freelance journalist Frederick Noronha
introduced the Goa-LUG to BITSians.
Of course, without the debates, it seemed a little like a class. In a sense, most of the people present there
were already convinced that, for engineers, there is no short-cut but to learn to develop using some Unix,
and that too in the FOSS way. And then for administrators, too, some eye candy was offered at the event
last weekend. BITSians love intellectual friction, so some people tried starting a debate by asking Bijon
to suggest a choice of a window manager; but his scientific answer, that it depended on what we were
looking for, did not give the opportunity. Even when pressed to choose for himself, he said he used more
than one window managers, one each for each different purpose. Well, that's FOSS again: neither
choices are dictated, nor options are narrowed down by version control. It's about freedom, not one that
encroaches on others' freedom, but responsible citizenship.
Official reach out: 300 students

             National Institute of Technology, Trichy
                                           21st of September, 2008
                                 Campus Ambassador: Karthik S.

There was a brief talk on open source technologies, addressing eighty students (B. Tech CSE II year) in
their class room. The following points were highlighted:
Emerging open source technologies

    1. Advantages of open source
    2. Open Source technologies of Sun Microsystems
    3. Campus Ambassador Program
    4. SAI and its advantage to students
    5. Sun Java certification exams
    6. Workshops to be conducted
    7. Need for student participation
    8. OSUM

             Karthik Presentation at SFD                      SFD Attendees at NIT, Trichy

Official reach out: 100 students

                                           MIT, Pune
                                     27th of September, 2008
                             Campus Ambassador: Swati Kalra
The celebration started off with a seminar on Introduction to open source and Java. Most of the students
were unaware to open source and found the session quite an eye-opener. The session started on a serious
note but by the end it turned out to be a really fun interactive discussion with a surprisingly active

       Swati Kalra Introducing SFD at MIT, Pune                   SFD Attendees at MIT, Pune

participation from students. Looking out at the enthusiasm I conducted an On-The-Spot Extempore with
topics revolving around open source. The students spoke out their mind pretty well in the 2 min round
and were awarded on decision taken by our Senior Professor. For the first time was such a day celebrated
in MIT and it turned out to be pretty well. All in all, we had a very positive response from all the

Official reach out: 60 students

                                         JIIT, Noida
                                 20th to 21st of September, 2008
                                     Tech Lead: Angad Singh
                        Campus Ambassador: Abhinav Srivastava
The spirit of the Software Freedom Day was truly alive the 20th and 21st of this September at the Jaypee
Institute of Information Technology University. As planned by the JIIT Sun Club (the now JIIT OSUM),
we devoted an entire weekend rather than a just celebrating SFD on a day, to celebrate the virtues of
free/open-source software, and also to encourage its use, for the benefit of our students. The celebration
spanned 7 events in totality, which included 2 talks, 2 hands-on-labs, 1 install fest and 1 mega

Day 1
And so, the celebrations of Software Freedom Day at JIIT began in full swing the saturday afternoon
with a warm welcome from me, the host for the day, who first thanked everyone for participating in this
wonderful occasion, talked about the meaning of SFD and why it is celebrated, showed a map of all of
communities who are conducting similar events in 500 different parts of the world. He then played a
video interview of Stephen Fry speaking about his thoughts on open source and its essence. The video
was shot at GNU's 10th birthday, and as such the video ended with Stephen blowing out the candles on
the GNU's birthday cake. Then I introduced our honorable guests, Sid sir and Priyank sir (as we like to
call them), invited them on stage to speak about their learning and experiences gained during their
journey in the world of computer science, programming and research. Sid sir delivered a very
motivational speech to the students, speaking in utmost modesty as he explained how he evolved.

               Sid and Priyank Sir
                                                             Angad Singh – India Tech Lead

Priyank sir spoke about the necessity of the willingness to learn. He has been working on the OLPC
project as a part of his company's work and as such also spoke in brief about various open source
softwares he had used and their importance and utility. Student strength of around 60 had attended the
talk. They were encouraged to come up with any questions for the guests during the two hour event, as it

was like a BOF. Some students raised very interesting questions like why CSE/IT students need to study
electronics subjects, etc. Following the BOF with Sid/Priyank sir, I moved on with the opening
ceremony's agenda. He first talked about the relaunch of JIIT Sun Club as 'JIIT OSUM' and what OSUM
really means. He also showed the new OSUM community website and got the students really excited.
The new JIIT OSUM logo was also unvieled, along with the JIIT OSUM site. Then, previous years'
coordinators of JIIT Sun Club Alumni were invited on the stage to share their experiences. Varun
Nischal and Saurabh Dhupar talked about how they've felt working for JIIT Sun Club and about their
thoughts about its future. The new JIIT OSUM team was then introduced and called on stage to discuss
their plans for this year.

                  Spoof n Goof at JIIT SFD                         Spoof n Goof at JIIT SFD
                                             Spoof n Goof at JIIT SFD
The inaugural event was followed by a much enjoyed, convivial round of 'Spoof & Goof', our technical
dumbcharades event. This event drew its basic idea from the traditional dumb charades, adding on a bit
of technical spice to it. Participants were selected at random from audience and they were given clues
any open source technology. First the participant had to guess the technology from the clue and then
convey the same either by enacting or drawing it in such a way that the audience got a clear picture of it.
The participants as well as the first to answer from the audience were awarded with prizes which
included pens, key chains, and open source software DVD's and many more give away surprises.
Unfortunately our SFD goodies hadn't arrived in time for the event so we noted down the name of the
winners. The participants were completely involved and excited to come on the stage to act and ofcourse
to win exciting goodies ;). By means of this fun game, participants got to know more about the open
source technologies and alternatives to various softwares. This fun-filled one hour brought a new life to
the celebrations.

                                             SFD Workshop

Nowadays most new mobile phones are able to run downloadable applications, not just the ones
preinstalled on the device by the manufacturer. Following Spoof & Goof, we had our hands on workshop
on developing Java ME applications using Netbeans aka 'jMobileZone' which marked the end of first day
celebrations of SFD. The session included development of a SMS sending project in NetBeans IDE 6.5
beta. Each and every participant followed him step by step to make the application on their own system.
The event lasted for 2 hours and was taken by me. It was the most sought after event and was attended
by about 45 inquisitive participants. The session clearly brought out the message that development of
mobile application in Java followed by its deployment onto a Java enabled mobile is an easy and fun to
do thing with Netbeans mobility support. Though this module was a good example, there is a scope for
development of applications for the device's own operating system or platform independent application
that are run on special virtual machine(VM) software on the device. Using NetBeans as a platform for
development of J2ME applications, participants got a clear idea that the former offers a special
environment for creating platform independent applications on mobile phones and other handheld
device. Participants learnt about the flow designer, the screen designer, about displayables, commands,
MIDLETs, etc. The entire crowd from morning events had attended the workshop.
This concluded a successfully conducted Day 1 of our Software Freedom Day celebrations - it totally
rocked! And this wasn't it, the second day was a lot more heavier and intense than the first! - and had a
sweet little surprise to - free pizzas during the install fest!
Day 2
All of us assembled again in the morning of the second day of our SFD celebrations to begin with the
much awaited talk on Free and Open Source Software by me. The talk was held with a very clear
perspective to introduce open source and tell everyone what it actually implies, about its history, about
who all are the people behind the movement, and their interesting story. The talk was assited with in-
slide videos clipped out from the popular movie on open source - Revolution OS. Interesting clips
showing interviews of the leading lights of the open source movement were shown to tell the story of its
very origin by the people who started it, themselves - mainly Richard Stallma, Eric Raymond and Linus
Torvalds. I talked about the GNU, the FSF, the Open Source intiative, about the 2 camps that had setup,
and then about how Linux proved the worth of FOSS. There was also a detailed discussion on licenses,
supported by prominent examples of open source software complying with the terms of different breeds
of licenses (CDDL vs GPL, etc.). Cool features of Open Office like embedding videos itself into the
slides were demonstrated.

We then moved onto the computer lab. All participants brought their laptops for the much awaited
Install@Fest. The install really was the soul of the celebration of SFD. We setup kind of a human
freedom toaster where anyone could come and get their CD/DVD burned with (any) free software out of
our collection. The main theme of the event was to get free software, install it on their systems and get
help doing it. I gave a little talk on VirtualBox and how to OpenSolaris 2008.05 into it. Students were
told about the benefits of using OpenSolaris - ZFS, Zones, Dtrace, SMF, etc and the ability to boot into a
complete OS by just running a DVD. OpenSolaris Starter Kit DVD's were distributed to all participants.

                                          SFD Participants at JIIT

After the successful completion of Install@Fest, we had a hands-on-lab session on NetBeans Plug-in
Development, conducted by Varun Nischal, previous year JIIT Sun Club coordinator, NetBeans
Community Docs Coordinator and NetBeans Dream Team Member. Varun briefly introduced the
NetBeans IDE to the students, as they were using it for the first time. Focus was on practical usage of
NetBeans Platform and understanding the basics before plunging into deeper levels. Thought provoking
questions were asked by Varun from time-to-time, which made this session a more interactive and
unique one, as Varun had some slides to complement the exercises. Students were given 2 exercises,
who followed step-by-step approach opted by Varun, as everyone was new to NetBeans IDE. The 1st
exercise covered the basics of creating an Action in NetBeans, discussing the various types and the
changes that took place since NetBeans 6.1 FCS. Then, as a part of 2nd exercise, Varun explained the
importance of XML Layer and System Filesystem, what is it all about, also demo'ed some tweaks which
can have yield useful results in short time. The plug-in was developed with comfort and displayed "Hello
World!" using the newly created Action from inside the NetBeans IDE. Now, after taking the students
out-of-the-box, Varun ended the session by discussing the future prospects of the plug-in development,
and provided resources to look into for further study. After all, open source is all about exploring and
learning through self study. The session was attended by 48 students, and lasted for nearly 60 minutes.

TuckTrail marked a wonderful end of JIIT's SFD celebrations. This unique mega competition was held
in three rounds: A Debugging round, A Treasure hunt round and a programming round. The preliminary
round consisted of debugging some part of code, written in C++/Java, which had to be debugged using
Open Source IDE's like NetBeans, Sun Studio, or the GNU tools (gcc, gdb, etc.) which entirely
depended on the preference/knowledge of the participants as an expression of their freedom to choose.
The second round was an online treasure hunt where the participants obtained clues one after the other
by solving technical riddles inside a web browser, finally leading to the location of a file stored on a
server on the LAN containing the question to the programming contest round. In the final round, the
programming problem needed to be implemented, again using any open source technologies as
mentioned above. At the end of the two hour event, the top two scorers out of the 52 participants were
awarded with 4 GB and 2 GB pen drives respectively.
During the debugging round, only 4 of the entire 52 participants were successfully able to debug the
code under the time constraint of 20 minutes. Bonus points were given for the same. After the initial 20
minutes, the Link which also happens to be the output of the first round was given to all the participants
so that they can proceed with the next round, i.e. the online treasure hunt. In the treasure hunt, only 2
participants were able to track down the hints in a correct fashion, and finally reached to the
programming contest question, whereas 5 other participants were only close to the final link, but did not
get it. Meanwhile the other participants were provided with necessary hints to guide them through the
entire course of second round from time to time. Failing to perform under the time limit, the rest were
then provided with the final link of questions. The programming round served to be a very interesting
end to this mega event, as the programming contest questions were designed in the manner that they
could easily test the very wits of any efficient programmer. Finally on the basis of scores of each round
and number of questions successfully attempted in the last round, two winners were declared at the end
and were awarded with the prizes by Abhinav and me.
I thank everyone who's helped us to make this possible, especially the JIIT OSUM Team for this
tremendous effort.

           Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
                                   20th - 21st September, 2008
                           Campus Ambassador: Vasudha Amrit
The very first time I heard about Software Freedom Day was by Gary during our induction program in
Bangalore. Ever since then I was all excited and had started planning things for it to involve as many
students as possible and make them a part of what I think is the revolutionary "Open Source
Revolution".... I am emphasizing on the word revolutionary a lot because I feel its certainly like a tide of
new technology which will overturn the existing one and in a big, big, big way!!!. The bubble is growing
and growing every day, every moment, every second..
While I was talking to Rajesh one day over the phone, Abhishek seemed to be around and I asked him if
he would like to come to our college and give a lecture. The extremely enthusiastic and passionate
Abhishek at once said that he would check out his project plan and let me know.
Then began the usual work of getting posters designed, printed, putting them up, setting up info
desks at strategic places all across the campus, we ( my volunteers and me) managed to get a huge
registration list, so much so that we stopped registrations and announced that seats will be on a first
come first serve basis only.
With 200 participants, we began with a talk on "Open Source technologies and You" where participants
had a gala time and were laughing their heads off with Abhishek's interesting anecdotes. Then we did a
hands on and demo session on NetBeans where we installed NetBeans on each and everyone's laptops
and then followed it up with some simple programs which everyone would follow...Thus the first day of
the two-day SFD celebration got over with the hall full to its brim till the last minute.....
The next day again we all met at the same venue and in the first half we did Open Solaris installations in
VirtualBox in everyone's laptops, and it was such an overwhelming scene. I had tears in my eyes looking
at the familiar dark blue Open Solaris desktops of about 215 laptops all at once.
After lunch, we had a PHP and MySQL demo session where Abhishek told us about the basics of
Internet, HTTP and then took us through an interesting journey of creating cool websites using the
deadly duo PHP and MySQL. After that, Abhishek did the most comical intonation of "SHIFT
HAPPENS!!!" and everyone present there was rolling with laughter. Then we ended the program with
"Three cheers for SFD" and an extremely generous and warm round of applause for the king of the show
ie. Abhishek.

                                            Manipal SFD

                                         IGIT, Delhi
                                      27th September, 2008
                   Campus Ambassador: Anwesha Bhattacharjee
We scheduled our SFD Celebrations on the 27th of September after the exams got over, from 11:30 a.m.
We started with the screening of “Back to the Future”: A Steven Spielberg Film, which entranced the
crowds for an hour and a half.
Then we officially flagged off our SFD, with the screening of “Big Buck Bunny” which the students
enjoyed immensely! Then we had three presentations on what open source movement was all about and
the differences between proprietory, free and open source software. Most of them wanted an encore to
“Big Buck Bunny” and the movie was shown thrice!

                  SFD Participants at IGIT

                                                           IGIT Campus Ambassador:

                   College of Engineering, Pune
                                20th, 22nd, 25th September, 2008
                          Campus Ambassador: Vinayak Katkar
                   POSUG(Pune Open Solaris User Group ) meet(20th Sep 2008)
We conducted a meet of college students and POSUG in our college and Fergusson College also. This
was regarding to create awareness in people about open Solaris. Ameya from POSUG gave nice
introductory lecture about open Solaris and many of our college students are members of POSUG. Then
we kept a common meet for MIT, COEP, AIT and PICT students in Fergusson College. In Fergusson
College we installed opensolaris in virtual box and demonstrated D-Trace. I couldn’t take snaps of these
two events but I will ask for same to Ameya. The participation for Ameya’s session was about 50
students in COEP and 25 students in Fergusson College.

Introduction to NetBeans IDE (22nd Sep 2008)
This session was regarding the introduction to NetBeans IDE to third and second year students.
The lecture was conducted by me. The response was awesome. I gave brief introduction to
NetBeans IDE and demonstrated with various applications like GUI facility, Creating Plugins, Database
Connectivity etc. The session was for 2 hours . And the participation was about 80 students. We
distributed NetBeans CD’s to the students as goodies who have answered the questions that I asked in
between session. That was very nice experience to me.

Installation of Open Solaris and Introduction to Open Solaris (25th Sep 2008)
This was a Hands on Demo about how to install opensolaris and introduction to opensolaris.
We were expecting a big crowd for this session but there was another meeting for our Techfest at the
same time. So most of the students couldn’t come. But nevertheless there were about 50 students for
session. I have snaps for this event .We distributed Open Solaris Starter Kit as goodies to students who
have answered the questions that I have asked in between the session.
That was very interactive session people were asking questions and I really enjoyed the session.

                                  BMSCE, Bangalore
25th September, 2008 Campus Ambassador: Rashmi Balasubramanyam
Photo   gallery:

Organinsing Software Freedom Day workshop in my college on 25th Sept, 2008, was one of the best
experiences in my life. All the Bangalore CA's met regularly in Sun office from about a month prior to
when the SFD celebrations began all around the globe. We could organise events relating to SFD on any
dat between 14th sept to 27th sept. It was decided that 20th Sept would be an ideal date to celebrate it
here in Bangalore in the different colleges where the CA program exists. As we had our monthly college
tests from 18th to 20th then, i decided along with my organising team back in college and my
department faculty that 25th would be ideal for us. We did everything in such a short duration that we
were very tensed about how things were going to turn out on 'the' day. We have an organisation called
TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme, which is funded by the World Bank,
which funds any Technical Seminars that are conducted by departments in our college. We took up their
funding        for         most          of        the      financial        expenses        incurred.

Hoping that we have 150 students participating that day, we printed around 200 admit coupons and our
students first went to colleges like Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, Dayanand Sagar College of
Engineering and BIT to invite their students to our workshop. Believe it or not, all 200 coupons (which
was free of cost to the students) were taken and there were registrations on paper too, and tons of people
calling me up to ask if registrations were still open. Amazed by this we got 100 more printed for
students of our college and all of them were over too. We were now worried about how to fit all these
students into out labs for the HANDS ON LAB session which we planned to have in the afternoon. I
now felt that i didnt have enough knowlegde or confidence to handle such a huge crowd which was
going to be there. I quickly called up Rajesh, my saviour for the day, who spoke to engineers at Sun to
handle a few sessions for us. I'm so grateful to GaneshSir, inspite of his busy schedule he agreed to be
present              at             the            formal              inauguration              function.

The day began and people started pouring in, by about 9.30 the auditorium was full. We ordered chairs
from outside which was then stuffed into the audi so that we could accommodate the late comers. The
inauguration began and we stopped the real time registrations outside since we could not handle
anymore people in. there were already enough to fill the stage too. There were more than 400 students
present. Just after the inauguration song and after the inauguration function where Ganesh Sir, our
principal and our HOD spoke a few words each and the lighting of the lamp, the actual workshop began.
The first talk was given by Kumar Abhisek, the student coordinator from Shastra University. It was an
Introduction to Open Source. He did it so well that everyone in the audience just enjoyed it. Then a
short Coffee Break, coffee was served. Right after that we had one of our Sun Club member and also a
member of the Linux Users' Group of our college, Santosh Vattam, who showed the view of 3D desktop
in Ubuntu. We then had Introduction to Open Solaris which was conducted by Mr.Harish Sundaram,
Engineer, Solaris team at Sun Microsystems. He displayed the various features of the Solaris Operating
System. Right after this we had a 'HOW TO BUILD A BLOG IN TEN MINS' session which was
conducted by Madhusudhan, our Sun Club member and also a member of the Linux Users' Group of our
college. After this there was a mutimedia application development using BLENDER session, which was
conducted by Puneeth, our Sun Club member and also a member of the Linux Users' Group of our
college. It was the time for lunch. We had arranged lunch for all the participants. We assembled back in

the auditorium after lunch at 2.30 pm. Mr. Ashwin, the Campus Ambassador from IIIT Bangalore
conducted the Introduction to JAVA and NETBEANS. He showed us how we can use Netbeans to
compile and run programs written in almost any programming language. Right after this we breaked for
tea for about 15mins and then the participants were led to our labs, where Netbeans was pre-installed for
the HANDS ON LAB session. Mr. Ashwin, My Sujit Nair who is an Engineer working in Java at Sun
Microsystems, Kumar Abhishek and Abhishek, our Sun Club member and also a member of the Linux
Users' Group of our college, assisted by me and a few others from the Sun Club, conducted the Hands
on Lab session where the students were taught how to create small SWING applications using
Netbeans. The Solaris and Netbeans cds where distributed to the participants. The lab session went on
up       to     5.30pm      and      we       winded       up      by      calling    it     a      day.

I wholeheartedly thank Rajesh, Ganesh Sir, all the engineers from Sun Microsystems, Kumar Abhishek,
Ashwin, (though they were given such a short notice they came and conduted the sessions, thanks a ton
for that) and all the members of my Sun Club at college for all the support and engoragement that they
gave to make the 'Software Freedom Day' at BMSCE a huge success!!!

Total Reachout: 400


Institute                                             Campus Ambassador      Reach out
Osmania University, Hyderabad                         Gautam Muduganti          70
Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur     Lalith Suresh            1070
Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham                            Avinash Joshi             50
Jagannath Institute For Technology and Management     Sampat Patnaik            40
National Institute of Engineering, Mysore             Kailash R. Bysani        170
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University                     Sushant Kumar            100
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur                Nirmesh Malviya          250
PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore                Rupayan Basu              60
Army Institute of Technology, Pune                    Meghna Raman              60
SRM University, Chennai                               Shiv Kumar Ganesh        650
Lakshmi Narain College Of Technology, Bhopal          Geetika Vasudeo           50
IEET, Baddi                                           Avinash Gautam           160
National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur          Nishank Gupta             60
Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, Mumbai           Anisha Aliar             500
National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra         Nitin K.V                 60
Lovely Institute of Technology, Jalandhar             Raghav Puri              170
Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University     Saurabh Aggarwal          60
Kumaon Engineering College, Dwarahat                  Vishal Budhani           250
SV University                                         Kartheek Mudarakola      230
College of Technology, Pantnagar                      Rohendra Singh           150
Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani    Saurabh Agarwal          780
UVCE, Bangalore                                       Prajwal Muralidhara      100
PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore                 Arun Padmanabhan N.      200
National Institute of Technology, Surathkul           Mohammad Sanaulla        200
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi                 Raman Khatri              40
Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai           L. Guruprasad            400
Assam University, Silchar                             Shantanu Kar              60
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi          Vikramaditya Shekhar     220
KLE Society's College of Engineering and Technology   Nagratna R. Chigari      200
RV College of Engineering, Bangalore                  Nischal E Rao             60
Annamalai University, Chidambaram                     Meenakshi C.              52
University College of Engineering, Burla              Niharjyoti Sarangi       700
Delhi University (Department of Computer Science)     Aadhar Mittal             45
College of Engineering, Guindy                        Kumar Vikas              150
UIET, Punjab                                          Souvik Das Gupta          85
SRKNEC, Nagpur                                        Jay Mahadeokar           500
Coimbatore Institute of Technology                    Manoj K.                 140

Jamia Millia Islamia                              Shamail Tayyab            50
National Institute of Technology, Calicut         Swabha Swayamdipta        50
SASTRA, Thanjavur                                 Dwarakanath J.           1200
RNS Institute of Technology                       Vittal P.                 250
National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur        Diwakar Jha               60
IIITM, Gwalior                                    Kunal Kapoor              315
Vellore Institute of Technology                   Shashank Shekhar         3000
Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Goa   Rakesh Ganatra            300
National Institute of Technology, Trichy          Karthik S.                100
MIT, Pune                                         Swati Kalra               60
BVB, Hubli                                        Kartik Kulkarni          11000
Amity, Noida                                      Neha Goel                7000
DA-IICT                                           Kolli Bharath            5500
JIIT, Noida                                       Abhinav Srivastava        500
Manipal Institute of Technology                   Vasudha Amrit             400
IGIT, Delhi                                       Anwesha Bhattacharjee     100
COEP, Pune                                        Vinayak Katkar            100
BMSCE, Bangalore                                  Rashmi Balasubramanyam    400
TOTAL                                             -                        38527


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