Relay Pictionary by fjwuxn


									                                    Relay Pictionary

Materials Needed: A list of important vocabulary words from the unit in a folder so they
can be hidden. Poster paper and markers OR whiteboards and dry-erase markers.

Grouping: Students should be in groups of 3-5.

✦The teacher holds a list of vocabulary words in a folder so they are hidden.

✦Each group gets a small whiteboard or poster paper.

✦Each group selects their first artist.

✦The first artist from each group comes up to the teacher. The teacher gives the first
word off the list to all the artists at the same time.

✦The artists rush back to their group to draw the word (standard pictionary rules apply).

✦Once someone in their group guesses the word, that person becomes the new artist.
They must rush up to the teacher, whisper the word they just guessed, and the teacher
will give him/her the next word on the list.

✦The winner is the first group to make it through the entire list of words.

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