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					                           “Puppet Master Pictionary”
                                created by Clas Olson and Rickard Remelin

Game Description
Puppet Master Pictionary is a game for four players where images are indirectly drawn by one player
through another, and then these pictures are then captured by the pairs as they guess what they depict,
and try to call the Bluff Pictures made by the other pair.

Equipment Needed to Play the Game
• Each pair need a pen or pecil and an ample supply of small pieces of paper, large enough to draw
  simple images on.
• They need some method of hiding the images they draw, like a screen or large box, henceforth called
  “the screen”.
• Each pair takes a deck of 50 Noun Cards and shuffles it.

The Noun Cards
The Noun Cards are a selection of 100 cards, each the size of a business card and with a word, a noun,
written on one side. These cards are divided into two decks of 50 cards each, one deck for each pair.

The Procedure of the Game
The game is played by four players, divided into two pairs. Both pairs start drawing at the same time, as
described below.
    One player of a pair sits down, making sure that his or her back is not covered, by the back of a
chair, for example, and takes a piece of paper and a pen. This person is the “Drawer”. The other
member of the pair then take a Noun Card from the top of his deck, and makes sure that none other
than himself sees that word written on it. The person which drew the card, the “Puppet Master”, then
tries to draw or symbolize the word by drawing an image on the back of the other player, and the
Drawer then draws this percieved image on the paper in front of her.
    During the drawing the Drawer tries to guess what image it is she is drawing, and as soon as she
thinks she has the answer she writes that word down on another piece of paper and turns that paper
upside down. As soon as that is done she puts the picture she has drawn to the side and takes a new
paper. This time the “Bluff Picture” is drawn, but this has to be done while the Drawer has her eyes
closed. The Puppet Master will have to invent another noun and make the Drawer draw it with the
same method described above. When the Puppet Master deems it done, the Drawer can open her eyes
again, and the two images (the real image from the Noun Card, which the Drawer guessed on, and the
Bluff Picture) is shuffled so the other pair does not know which is which.
    The Screen is then removed and the two images revealed to the other players. The other pair then
has to guess which picture is the Bluff Picture. Images then change hands as described below.

Who Takes the Images?
When the four images, two from each pair, are revealed and the opposing pair have guessed on which
image they think is the Bluff Picture, it is decided which images are taken by which pair. The word that
the Drawer guessed on is revealed to everyone, and compared to the word on the Puppet Master’s Noun
• If the Drawer has guessed correctly on the true image that she drew, her pair gets that picture as a
• If the opposing pair manage to guess which picture is the Bluff Picture, they get the Bluff Picture as
   a reward.
• Any picture that has not been dealt out as a reward is destroyed at the end of a round.

The End
When all 5 rounds have passed, all the images that a pair have collected are added together, and the pair
that has aquired the most images, wins the game.

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