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Pictionary - Kupu Whakaahua


									                           Thought of being a Primary School Teacher?

YEAR 9-11                  LEVEL 4-6                  ESSENTIAL LEARNING AREA Languages

OBJECTIVES                                                LEARNING OUTCOMES/SKILLS
 Te Reo: Whakaatu                                          Learn and use a range of vocabulary words under
 Ka whakaatu te äkonga i te reo ataata i ngä                categories.
    horopaki huhua, ä, e hängai ana te whakaaturanga
    ki te kaimätakitaki.


Draw pictures for your team- mates to guess the mystery words.


Grab some scrap paper and something to draw with and work in teams of equal number.
Information is given on cards held by the teacher or a class leader.
One student from each group goes to the teacher and looks at a word or group of words.
They memorise the information, return to their group and draw relevant pictures when told to start.
All teams race against each other to guess the word(s) by putting up hands and giving the answers. No
calling out or you will be penalised.
You cannot speak but you can use facial expression, gesture and body movement.
When the information is correctly guessed, the group wins a point.
You will be penalised for using the same pictures or mouthing words.

Card Categories:

Film & Television


Take the Challenge!
Select at least 1 card from a category and develop a short story. You must use all 4 words on the card in the
story at least once and your story should make sense!

Advanced option!
Have a class competition and get each student to select 1 card randomly. Spend 5 minutes looking at the
words on the card and give an impromptu talk. You must use all words on the card in the talk at least once
and your speech should make sense! The rest of the class can try and guess the words and category.
          PŪRĀKAU                             PŪRĀKAU

The Separation of Rangi and Papa           Rona and the Moon
         Māui and Fire                      Kete Mātauranga
       Maui and the Sun                    Rata me tōna waka
       Maui and the Fish                   Kupe and Aotearoa

      PERSONALITIES                       PERSONALITIES

             Aaria                         Sir Apirana Ngata
       Temuera Morrison                    Te Atairangikaahu
         Bernice Mene                           Che Fu
        Wairangi Koopu                      Hinewehi Mohi

           ISSUES                               ISSUES

            Violence                           Smoking
            Racism                              Poverty
       Treaty of Waitangi                       Housing
            Raupatu                            Education

           ISSUES                               ISSUES

          Technology                          Unemployment
         Te Reo Māori                         Fishing Rights
            Health                     Intellectual Property Rights
            Bullies                               Fitness

          FILMS/TV                            FILMS/TV

            Utu                              Te Waka Huia
          The Piano                             Pūkana
      Good Bye Pork Pie                         Mauri
      Once Were Warriors                       Mai Time

          FILMS/TV                            FILMS/TV

           MokoToa                         Shortland Street
           The Tribe               What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
           Te Karere                            Ngāti
            Marae                              X-Men

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