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									                     LANDFORMS PICTIONARY

Butte - is a flat-topped rock or hill
formation with steep sides caused by
weathering and erosion from wind

                                        Canyon - A canyon is a deep valley
                                        with very steep sides caused by
                                        weathering and erosion from a

Cave - is a large hole in the ground
or in the side of a hill or mountain
caused by weathering and erosion
of the rock material.

                                        Delta - is a low, watery landform at
                                        the mouth of a river. It is formed
                                        from sediments such as silt, sand
                                        and small rocks that are carried
                                        downstream in a river and are
                                        deposited where the river meets a
                                        body of water such as a gulf or the
                                        sea. A delta is often (but not
                                        always) shaped like a triangle
                                        (hence its name, delta, a Greek
                                        letter that is shaped like a triangle).
                     LANDFORMS PICTIONARY

                                    Fault – is a crack in the earth’s
Dunes/Sand Dunes – are the result crust along which rocks move during
of sand being weathered and eroded  an earthquake [destructive].
[destructive] from one location and This is a picture [from space] of the
deposited [constructive] in another San Andreas fault in California.

Glacier – is a slowly moving river of
ice that scrapes against the earth      Hill – is a raised area or mound of
carving out [weathering] and            land which can be cause by crustal
moving [eroding] out the earth’s        movement due to earthquakes
crust and soil and depositing it in     [constructive]; magma pushing up
another location [constructive].        from under the earth
                                        [constructive]; or deposition
                                        [constructive] of material that has
                                        been weathered and eroded
                                        [destructive] from another
                    LANDFORMS PICTIONARY

Mountain – is higher than a hill. The
tallest mountain on Earth is Mt.
Everest. Mountains can be caused        Valley – is a low place between
by crustal movement due to              mountains. Valleys can be caused
earthquakes [constructive]; magma       by glaciers [destructive]; or by
pushing up from under the earth         crustal movement due to
[constructive]; or deposition           earthquakes [constructive];
[constructive] of material that has
been weathered and eroded
[destructive] from another location.

Volcano – is a mountain formed
when magma and gases push up the
overlying rock material
[constructive]. Volcanoes can
erupt, spewing lava, ashes, and hot
                                        Bonus Word: Landslide – sudden
gases from deep inside the Earth.       collapse of land: the collapse of part of
                                        a mountainside or cliff; slow or rapid
                                        movement of a soil and rock mass
                                        down a slope, or for the mass itself.
                                        It covers a variety of processes and
                                        landforms known as rockslide,
                                        rockfall, debris flow, liquefaction,
                                        slump, earthflow, and mudflow.
                     LANDFORMS PICTIONARY

                                       Bonus Word: Creep - is the slow,
                                       down slope movement of soil under
                                       the influence of gravity.

Bonus Word: Mudslide – a slow-
moving and often destructive mass of
mud flowing down a slope

Bonus Word: Slump – a slow
movement of sinking or collapse of
land area.

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