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									                                                         Unity News 2010
                                                                                                           News and Views from Unity Church of
                           July/August                                                                      North Easton (Unitarian Universalist)

                                         (Unity News submission deadline for the September 2010 Newsletter is August 22nd.)

    Our diverse community is committed to the courageous pursuit of spiritual growth, promoting values of love, respect, freedom and
           service to others. We seek in harmony to provide a lifelong haven for enlightenment through our words and actions.

                                                                                                            A Month of Sundays
                    Dear Ones,
                       Summer is here, and things slow down a bit here at Unity Church.          Sunday July 4th Who Are UUs? Creating a
                    Both your music director and your minister have time off during the          Multicultural Family Tess Baumberger, leading.
                    summer, so we will have volunteer and guest musicians during
                    Dick’s Sundays off and lay preachers during mine. You may notice             As America becomes increasingly multi-cultural,
                    that our services are a bit shorter and more casual than usual.              Unitarian Universalism must do so as well if it is
                                                                                                 to survive as a religious movement. How could
                                                                                                 we foster a more diverse, multicultural congrega-
    Another difference is that we do not have Sunday School or nursery care during the           tional family? This service will include a child
summer. We do have the board books in the back of the church. In case some kids get              dedication.
wiggly, Ernie Cohen has hooked up speakers in the Chaffin Room, and we will place a
bin of toys there. If your kids get too wiggly, you can take them in there to play and still     Sunday July 11th Who Are the UUs? Family
hear what’s going on in the sanctuary.                                                           Stories, Part I

     You will notice that I will be away quite a bit through mid-August. July 7th through        Tess Baumberger leads an intergenerational
the 10th I will be in South Dakota for my mother’s 80th birthday, returning to preach on         summer service centered on stories of famous
the 11th. Starting Monday, July 12th, I will be on study leave for two weeks, then on va-        Unitarian Universalists.
cation until August 15th, when I return to lead worship. This means I will not hold regu-
lar office hours from July 7th to August 16th. I will be around July 12th to 14th for some
important meetings, then head up to Maine and later to Martha’s Vineyard.                        Sunday July 18th Harry Hope

    “Why so much time off?” people often wonder. Probably the study-reflection time is
easier to understand. It is work time of a different sort, the time clergy need to read back-    Sunday July 25th Frank Smith
ground materials, bone up on what’s new in theology, church administration, ethics, and
so on. We need to stay current. It is also time to fill our wells with meditation, reflection,
pondering. When you consider that each year a minister writes over 300 pages of sermon           Sunday August 1st Bobbe Anderson
material, the need for study-reflection time makes sense.

    Why four weeks of vacation? That is more than many in our congregations enjoy. It            Sunday August 8th Jannelle Codianni
might not seem fair. Consider that though our contract specifies 45 hours per week, like
most ministers, I usually work at least 50 hours per week and sometimes as much as
sixty. Ministers have only one guaranteed day off each week.                                     Sunday August 15th Who are the UUs? Family
                                                                                                 Stories, Part II
    Besides that, ministers are on call for pastoral emergencies 24 hours a day, every day
– even on days off, study leaves, and vacations. For an emergency like the death of a            Tess Baumberger leads another intergenerational
member or some cataclysmic event (heaven forbid) we come back even from vacation. I              service featuring stories about famous Unitarian
have been a minister for seven years, so have been on call for seven years. Anyone who           Universalists.
has been on call knows this means ministers are always “on” and never really “off.”
                                                                                                 Sunday August 22nd Who are the UUs? Family
     So I will be as “off” as possible this summer. I have arranged for local ministers to       Stories, Part III
cover pastoral calls for me for most of this time. If you have an emergency you can con-
tact .                                                                                           Tess Baumberger continues her series of inter-
                                                                                                 generational summer services featuring stories
July 7th-10th Tricia Brennan at 617-645-9681.                                                    about people in our tradition.

                                                                                                 Sunday August 29th Cathy Adler
July 24th - August 13th Steve Wilson at 617- 852-2292.
                                                                                                 Sunday September 5th Who are the UUs? Fam-
You can call our Lay Pastoral Assistants for non-emergencies, me for the biggies (but            ily Stories, Part IV
let’s hope nothing that dire happens this summer).
                                                                                                 Tess Baumberger features yet another story about

                 Tess                                                                            a famous Unitarian Universalist.
               In this Issue                     Exploring a Theme for Next Year -Unitarian Universalist Identity by Rev. Tess
Page 1
• Musings with Rev. Tess Baumberger              Summer is time enjoy the present and also to think forward to, and plan for, the coming
• A Month of Sundays                             year. Lay leaders and I have been considering ideas for a theme to be carried through in
                                                 worship, Religious Education, and so on. We talked about family and deepening our con-
Page 2                                           nections as possible options, but the idea that seems to be gathering steam centers on Uni-
• Exploring a Theme for Next Year                tarian Universalist identity.
• Holly House Restoration notes
                                                 The Adult Enrichment survey showed grownups are interested in this, and the Lifespan
Page 3
                                                 Religious Education Committee wants to give our children a sense of our religious iden-
• Worship Committee Notes                        tity. The theme is timely given that 2011 is the 50th anniversary of the merger of Unitari-
• Book Group                                     anism and Universalism. It feels like a good and timely theme.
• Peace Vigil
• Care Coordinators                              So as I plan for next year, I ask you to think about how you could contribute to the conver-
• Tess’s Summer Schedule                         sation in a couple concrete ways.
• Poem (Kindness)
• Co-ed Pictionary Night                         1.   View from the Pew - This year we will use a different focus for this popular segment.
• Ralph Heath Card Night                               Let me know if you would like to do a 2-3 minute piece on a part of our history or
                                                      theology that is particularly meaningful to you. What is central to your religious
Page 4                                                identity as a Unitarian Universalist?
• Executive Committee Minutes
                                                 2.   Children's Time - I would love to have people dress up as Unitarian Universalist his-
Page 5                                                torical figures and talk to the kids *as* that person and about that person's life in the
• Music Notes                                         first person. I have a number of monologues already that you could use. *If you
• Fundraising Corner                                  would like to do this as a favorite character, let me know. * If you don't want to do it,
• Summer hours for Gail                               but would like to hear from a particular personage, please let me know that as well.

Page 6                                           3.   Sermon/service topics - is there a piece of UU history, beliefs, or identity that you can
• Easton Cultural Council                             speak to, or would like to learn more about? Please let me know and we'll try to in-
• Sunday Helpers                                      corporate it!
Insert- Calendars (July and August)              Thanks - Rev. Tess Baumberger tbaumberger@uuma.org

Unity Church Restoration Update

     Progress continues on the church restoration. The Joseph Gnazzo Company has completed a superb masonry restoration on all exte-
rior walls and the two retaining walls on the west side of the building, including removal of over a century’s worth of dirt and stains and a
great deal of repointing.
     Architect J. Thomas has been hard at work planning the next steps in the restoration. Nationally-known stained glass expert Robin
Neeley has completed a comprehensive survey of all of our stained glass. Robin was the conservator for the LaFarge windows restora-
tions a decade or so ago. Robin has helped us to determine which windows need attention first. The Chaffin Room’s Good Shepherd win-
dow is in the most critical condition and will need to be removed to be restored at some point in the hopefully not too distant future.
     In the meantime, the first order of business is to address water drainage problems that still threaten the building with water damage.
The committee is investigating drainage improvements around the entire building, but especially under the Wisdom Window, where wa-
ter finds its way through the foundation into the Work Room (old oil room).
     We are also addressing new window protection for the stained glass windows. The old milky plastic window protection will be re-
moved, and new tempered clear glass will be installed with improved venting over the old protection system. This change will not only
lead to an improvement to the appearance of the building, but will also be healthier for the stained glass windows themselves. By getting
the new window protection in place (and the adjacent wood restored), we will buy time to raise funds to restore the stained glass win-
dows. Once the windows’ woodwork is restored, the old yellow paint will be covered with the historically-correct Sycamore Tan color of
the tower louvers. The building will finally be color coordinated! Restoration of all of the stained glass windows themselves will likely
take place over years as funds become available.
     We are aware that the driveways and parking lot started out in rough shape and have deteriorated with time and heavy equipment use.
The committee is investigating ways to improve on this situation and will update everyone once we have a clearer idea of if and how we
can remedy the situation.
     For those of you who have completed their restoration pledge, many, many thanks! For those of you who have outstanding payments,
thank you for your payments to date; and we certainly appreciate your continued commitment to your pledge as we grapple with all of the
issues above. Every dollar counts!
     As always, please feel free to speak with any of us on the Unity Church Restoration Committee (UCRC) if you have any questions,
concerns, or suggestions.

HHRC - Ellen Dehm, Bob Champagne-Willis, Bill Ames, Mary Lu Love, Dick Hill
                                                                                                                                Page 2
Worship Committee Notes                                                  Kindness
                                                                         by Naomi Shihab Nye, from Words From Under the Words:
     Thanks to several volunteers who have stepped up, we are no
longer in need of lay leaders for our summer services. Our appre-        Selected Poems
ciation goes out to Harry Hope, Jannelle Codianni, Bobbe Ander-
son, Frank Smith, and Cathy Adler for helping us avoid the neces-
                                                                         Before you know what kindness really is
sity of canceling any of our summer services.
     Additional lay leaders will be needed later in the year. Anyone     you must lose things,
interested should send an email to jgold.nec@comcast.net.                feel the future dissolve in a moment
                                                                         like salt in a weakened broth.
Book Group Meeting - August and September, 2010                          What you held in your hand,
                                                                         what you counted and carefully saved,
    The August Book Group selection is Water for Elephants
by Sarah Gruen. We will be meeting on Wednesday, August 4th, at          all this must go so you know
11:30 a.m. at the home of Walter Tramontano. All are welcome!            how desolate the landscape can be
For more information or directions please contact Michele Blake at       between the regions of kindness.
508-230-2839 or mfblake@comcast.net.
    The September book: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel            How you ride and ride
Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. The meeting               thinking the bus will never stop,
date is Wednesday, September 1st.                                        the passengers eating maize and chicken
                                                                         will stare out the window forever.
Peace Vigil      (first Thursday of each month)

July 1st Bird St. Foxborough, MA - 6:00-7:00 pm at the                   Before you learn the tender gravity of kindness,
Universalist Church on the Common (next to the library). Call            you must travel where the Indian in a white poncho
Nancy D’Uva, 508-543-6432 or email: nancylduva@gmail.com
                                                                         lies dead by the side of the road.
                                                                         You must see how this could be you,
Care Coordinators                                                        how he too was someone
If you need assistance such as a ride to the church or an appoint-       who journeyed through the night with plans
ment, meals, a phone call, etc, please contact one of the coordina-
                                                                         and the simple breath that kept him alive.
tors of our online care coordination system.
They are:
                                                                         Before you know kindness as the deepest thing inside,
Jeff Messier -          508-339-2896 - thekosmickid@mac.com              you must know sorrow as the other deepest thing.
                                                                         You must wake up with sorrow.
Susan Camp-             508-559-8811 - ifox@comcast.net
                                                                         You must speak to it till your voice
Susan McGowan -         781-784-0235 - fsmcg@Yahoo.com                   catches the thread of all sorrows
Andy Champagne-Willis - 781-961-9068                                     and you see the size of the cloth.
Ines Smrz -             508-297-2201 - inesSmrz@comcast.net              Then it is only kindness that makes sense anymore,
Marie Pires -       508-238-1230 - Robert.rundle@comcast.net             only kindness that ties your shoes
Michele Chambers - 781-344-3338 - SoulToSole56@yahoo.com                 and sends you out into the day to mail letters and purchase bread,
Thanks! Rev. Tess                                                        only kindness that raises its head
                                                                         from the crowd of the world to say
                    Tess’s Summer Schedule                               it is I you have been looking for,
    Tess will around the first part of July, preaching those two first   and then goes with you everywhere
Sundays. She will take most of her three weeks of accrued vaca-          like a shadow or a friend.
tion time and two weeks of study time from July 12th through Au-
gust 14th. She will be back in the pulpit on August 15th.
    Tess has arranged for local ministers to cover pastoral calls for    Co-ed Pictionary Night - Friday, July 16, at 8 pm (TBA)
her for most of this time. If you have an emergency in the follow-
ing time periods, you can contact….
                                                                         Ralph Heath Card Night
July 7th-10th - Tricia Brennan at 617-645-9681.                           Will resume again in September (no gatherings over the
July 24th - August 13th - Steve Wilson at 617- 852-2292.                 summer).
Wherever she is, Tess is always on call for dire emergencies (even
during vacation, but only the most dire) at 781 366-5701.                                                                     Page 3
              Executive Committee Meeting
                    Minutes - June 8, 2010                         Cathy announced that Temple Israel has informed us that they will
                                                                   be leaving Unity Church at the end of their contract – which is
Present: Cathy Adler, Tom May, Ernie Cohen, Sue McGowan,           August – but their rent payments end in June. They are merging
Frank Smith, Chris Pender, Tess Baumberger, Rob Gilgan,            with another synagogue in Sharon.
Donna Taylor, Cheryl Brigante, Known absence: Michael
Achey. Guests: Bob Champagne-Willis, Ellen Dehm.                   Stewardship update:
                                                                              $4,000 has been donated to UCAN.
Reading: Cathy read a quote from Margaret Wheatley: There                     The $5,000 match is for new pledges or increased
is no power equal to a community discovering what it cares                        pledges up to $400 per pledge.
about.                                                                        We received an additional $2,500 pledge for this year
Affirmations: Cathy thanked all the EC members over the last                  We need to have pledge forms available for increased
3 years; all the people who worked the Yard Sale; Cathy Adler                     pledges. The EC recommends a direct approach
and Cheryl Brigante for their service for 3 years; the LREC                       to members to increase their pledges.
(Lifetime Religious Education Committee); for all of the greet-
ers for the year.                                                  Fundraising: Chris demonstrated the web search engine, Good
                                                                   Search, which donates money to organizations. It will be adver-
Holly House Restoration Committee (HHRC) update: Bob               tised to members.
gave an update on the work at HH. The heating system is mov-
ing well, and they are deciding where to put the heaters. J.       Transition: Cathy distributed notebooks and CDs with important
Thomas has been very helpful in suggesting multiple scenarios      UC documents as an orientation and historical continuity for EC
for making the building handicapped accessible and safe. After     members.
hearing the different possibilities, the EC agreed that changing
the functions of some of the rooms may be a good idea.             Retreat: We need to encourage newer members to attend and will
    Motion: The EC accepts the plans of the HHRC in re-            increase communications about it. Tess has a list of supplies
arranging the functionality of the rooms at Holly House.           needed.
Motion made by Chris; 2nd Frank. Unanimously approved.
                                                                   Alcohol Policy Subcommittee: The EC needs to charter this group
Playground behind Parish Hall: Ernie has been approached           and find members for it. The responsibilities are for liabilities,
by parents about the dangerous conditions present in the sand-     guidelines, etc. and how it influences other things at UCNE. Other
box area; the wood is splintering and nails are exposed. A         ministers in the Ballou Channing District (BCD) have offered to
Unity member has volunteered to champion a group to disman-        share their policies.
tle it. Bob reminded us that Eleanor Leonard donated money
for the existing area, and we should continue to honor her in      UCRC (Unity Church Restoration Committee) recognition: The
whatever happens. He requested that it should be photographed      EC voted earlier in the year to raise $2,000; now we need to figure
and documented. Ellen cautioned us in rebuilding that we take      out how to raise it without being in competition with stewardship.
into consideration all implications of the space. Mary Lu Love     EC members will personally ask individuals to donate $20 each.
is a liaison to the Unity Church Restoration Committee             Donna Taylor and Sue McGowan will organize the process. We
(UCRC), who should be consulted. After discussion, the EC          discussed making the phone list available to UC members.
agreed that Ernie oversee the removal and make sure there is a     The UCRC celebration has been moved to 2011.
committee to discuss and implement any new replacement area.
                                                                   Committee on Ministry: The EC needs to appoint a member to
Personnel Committee: Cathy reported that the candidate who         this committee. This person needs to be objective and able to dis-
was interviewed for the CRE position had accepted another          cuss difficult topics. A few members were suggested for asking.
position. We will ask the congregation for additional help in
advertising the position. The open sexton position is now being    Printer: Cathy has gotten a few estimates. Tom cautioned to be
fulfilled using a commercial cleaning service, which Ernie is      mindful of costs of toner.
overseeing. They are doing carpets, bathrooms, and dusting the
altar every 2 weeks.                                               Whiteboard: will be discussed at next meeting.

Cathy has been on the Personnel Committee for a long time          Minister’s Report: was distributed.
and would like to step down as soon as it is staffed adequately,
but no later than the end of August. Rob Gilgan, as V.P., is on    Consent items: June 10th recital: approved
it; and the EC needs to find 2 other members. Its charter is to        Adult OWL training in fall: Tess gave a recap of this request.
be infrastructure support for other committees that are hiring     The UUA is asking to use our facilities at no charge. The EC sup-
and to coordinate CORI checks. Cathy and Tess are currently        ports this depending upon hearing the full extent of the logistics and
certified to do CORI checks, and the church needs to be recerti-   whether or not we can accommodate them.
fied next year. Cathy has agreed to do CORI for one more year,
when her certification expires. It should be noted that our        Respectfully submitted, Cheryl Brigante, clerk
Church Mutual Insurance will help subsidize background
checks for other states and has a process for those requests.
Cathy is arranging for the online access to these requests.                                                                    Page 4
           Unitarian Universalist Musicians in Madison                    The Fundraising Corner by Chris Pender
                         by Richard Hill
     Five years ago when we hosted the Annual Convention of the           Here's a new, easy way to raise money for Unity Church. Just start
Organ Historical Society here in Southeastern Massachusetts, a            using Yahoo! powered GoodSearch.com as your search engine, and
healthy number of the guests were UU musicians. I recall their visits     they'll donate about a penny to Unity every time you do a search!
to Unity Church where I played a recital and the following Sunday
when several chose to attend our summer worship service. One of the       In addition, do all of your shopping through their online shopping
guests who I got to know was Tom Garver of Madison,                       mall, GoodShop.com, where you can shop at more than 900 top
Wisconsin. Tom is a member of the First Unitarian Society of Madi-        online retailers and a percentage of your purchases will go Unity
son. His church, designed in 1949 by Frank Lloyd Wright, has one of       Church as well. You pay the same price as you normally would,
the larger UU congregations in the United States with over 1,600          but a donation goes to the Church!
members and over 500 children in their RE program. Three profes-
sionals staff their music program. Our former interim                     Here's the web site — http://www.goodsearch.com. You can also
minister, Jay Deacon, served this congregation for several years.         read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN,
     Tom was thrilled with our North Easton Village and the architec-     ABC News, and the Wall Street Journal. Here's an estimate of how
ture and art of our church. In fact, he wrote a glowing letter which we   much we can earn, according to the GoodSearch website:
used to support our quest for funds from the Community Preservation
Act and the Massachusetts Historic Commission.
     I have maintained contact with Tom over the years and was happy
to learn that this summer’s Unitarian Universalist Musicians Confer-
                                                                           Charity or    Number of Amount    Percent- Estimated
ence will be held in Madison in July, and several of its events will
                                                                           School        Support-  Pur-      age Do- Dona-
take place in the Frank Lloyd Wright Church. The last church I vis-
                                                                           Size          ers       chased/Ye nated    tion/Year
ited by that architect was the Greek Orthodox Church in
Milwaukee, which resembled a recently arrived flying saucer on a
hilltop. It was gorgeous.
     I try to keep up with our UU musicians and have been to several       Small         100           $500          3%         $1,500
of their summer sessions, the last of which was conveniently in Bos-
ton in 2008. This year the Madison Concourse Hotel is the headquar-        Medium        1,000         $500          3%         $15,000
ters with events being held at First Unitarian Society and the First
United Methodist Church.
                                                                           Large         10,000        $500          3%         $150,000
     Among the programs I will attend are “Music for Healing and
Transition” led by harpist Linda Warren; networking times with cho-                                                                               
ral reading sessions; “Integrating Instruments into Worship;” Chil-
                                                                          A couple of people on the EC and myself have been using good-
dren’s Music with Heather Thorpe, whose youth choir at the Madison
                                                                          search for a couple of weeks, and we have already raised over
church averages 75 to 100 children; Creative Collaboration with Min-
                                                                          $4.00. Imagine if all of us used this!!!! You will be asked for the
isters and DRE’s; creative interchange with other musicians, and or-
                                                                          name of your charity the first time you visit the site—we’re listed.
gan repertoire sessions.
                                                                          After that, the site should remember your charity each time to log
     There will also be sessions with Fred Onovwerosnoke, a Ghana
native and director of the St. Louis African Chorus; Ragani and her
band of percussionists, guitarists, and other musicians; choral
                                                                          Keep an eye out for a date for a planning fundraising meeting this
clinician Dr. Stephen Alltop, and composer Stephen Paulus.
                                                                          summer. We could use any and all ideas you have!!!!!
     Meanwhile, Sandra has googled the quilting centers of Madison,
so we’ll have an interesting and enriching week in the Midwest ex-
                                                                          Ongoing Fundraisers:
ploring that vast world of what we don’t know.
                                                                          Purchase Shaw’s and Hannaford’s cards from Frank Smith at
     I look forward to greeting veteran and new singers in our choir on
                                                                          social hour...we make 3-4% on each card.
Sunday morning, September 12, at 9:00 am in the Chaffin Room.
Write down the date now so you’ll remember it. We’ll have a diver-
                                                                          Mario’s Trattoria: We receive 10% from every purchase; just
sity of music ready to go, and I look forward to the fun of putting it
                                                                          make sure you tell the cashier you are from Unity Church and save
all together.
                                                                          your receipts. Put them in the fundraising box in Holly House.
     Our Children’s Choir will also begin that Sunday around noon
with lots of fresh music from Madison. The handbells will resume
                                                                          Cartridge World: We receive about $ .75 for used ink cartridges.
rehearsals on Wednesday evening, September 8, at 7:00 pm in the
                                                                          Just drop them in the Cartridge World box, which is currently in
Chaffin Room.
                                                                          the Chaffin Room. NOTICE: Cartridge World is no longer able to
     For all you handbell “roadies,” the bells will perform on Friday
                                                                          receive the large toner cartridges.
evening, July 23, at the Plymouth UU Church on Town Square in
Plymouth for their restoration fund. Come to the oldest parish in
America for a delightful summer evening.
     And the Wednesday 12:15 pm organ recitals will continue on July                     Summer office hours for Gail (Office Mgr.)
28 with “Old-timer's Day at the Organ” and August 25 with “August
Aires.”                                                                                  Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Have a great summer !

                                                                                                                                     Page 5
                              Unity Church
                                      of North Easton
                                       9 Main Street
                                   North Easton, MA 02356

Unity Church is an organized religious society and a member of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

We Affirm: The essential goodness of humanity, The worth of every individual, The transforming power of love, Democratic government, The
never-ending search for truth, An actively ethical religion, Justice and compassion for all, A unified and peaceful world, The authority of
conscience and reason, The right to disbelieve.

Parish Minister: Rev. Dr. Tess Baumberger (508) 238-6373
Email: tbaumberger@uuma.org. Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday - 9:30 am to
2:30 pm; first Saturday of month 11:00 am - 2:00 pm (Please call for an appointment.)

Minister Emerita: Rev. J. Holly Bell

President: Cathy Adler (508) 238-6373

Religious Education: (508) 238-6373

Organist & Music Director: Richard W. Hill (508) 238-6373
Email: music@unity-church.com

Office Manager: Gail Bruno (508) 238-6373
Email: office@unity-church.com. Office Hours: July / August - 8:00 am to 12:00 pm - Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Sexton: 508-238-6373
Unity Church on the web: http://www.unity-church.com

Easton Cultural Council will hold its first annual Lantern Parade on Saturday August 28, starting at 6:30 at the Historical Society,
and ending at the Library's gardens, where there will be music, food, and fun for the whole family. (Rain Date: Aug. 29.)

Come to the Library to make a lantern to bring to the parade! Please bring an empty, clean soda bottle. All-ages are welcome.
Dates: 8/18 at 11:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. and 8/26 at 6:30 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.

                                                                  Sunday Helpers
             Thank you to everyone who will be making Sundays wonderful in July / August, 2010
 Service Leaders: Rev. Tess Baumberger, Richard Hill, Harry Hope, Bobbe Anderson, Jannelle Codianni, Frank Smith, and Cathy

                                                                  Sunday Helpers
                   Thank you to everyone who helped out during worship services in June, 2010
 Service Leaders: Rev. Tess Baumberger, Richard Hill, Alana Esterman, Lori Miller-Freitas, Frank McGowan
 Worship Associates: Mary Lu Love, Peter Leitch, Ken Love, Sue McGowan
 Greeters: Ken Love, Cathy Adler, Donna Taylor

                                                                                                                                      Page 6
                                July / August 2010 Calendar of Events
Thursday, July 1                                    Thursday, July 15
9:30 am - 12:00 pm - Cemetery Mtg. (PH)
6:00-7:00 pm - Peace Vigil (Foxboro)                Friday, July 16
                                                    7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)
Friday, July 2                                      8:00 pm - Co-ed Pictionary Night (TBA)
7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)
                                                    Saturday, July 17
Saturday, July 3
9:30 - 11:00 am - Lay Pastoral Mtg. (HH)            Sunday, July 18
                                                    10:30 am - Summer Worship Service
Sunday, July 4
10:30 am - Summer Worship Service
12:00 pm - Outdoor CG (meet in PH before leaving)   Monday, July 19

Monday, July 5                                      Tuesday, July 20
10:00 am - Barton CG (Tramontano home)              6:00-8:00 pm - UCRC (PH)

Tuesday, July 6                                     Wednesday, July 21
6:30 pm - Comm. On Ministry (HH)                    7:00 pm - Bell Rehearsal (CR)
6:00-8:00 pm - UCRC (PH)
7:00 pm - Temple Israel Board Mtg. (CR)             Thursday, July 22

Wednesday, July 7                                   Friday, July 23
11:30 am - Book Group Mtg.                          7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)
7:00 pm - Bell Rehearsal (CR)                       7:30 pm - Bells perform at Plymouth Unitarian

                                                    Saturday, July 24
Thursday, July 8
                                                    Sunday, July 25
Friday, July 9                                      10:30 am - Summer Worship Service
7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)
                                                    Monday, July 26
Saturday, July 10                                   7:00 pm - PFLAG (CR) 7:00 pm - Emerson CG
                                                    (Young Un home, Mary Lu - Facilitator)
Sunday, July 11
10:30 am - Summer Worship Service                   Tuesday, July 27
                                                    7:00-9:00 pm - HHRC Mtg. (HH)
Monday, July 12
7:00-9:00 pm - HHRC Mtg. (HH)                       Wednesday, July 28
7:30 pm - Temple Israel Board Mtg. (CR)             12:15 pm - Organ Recital (Sanctuary)

Tuesday, July 13                                    Thursday, July 29
7:00-9:00 pm - Executive Committee Mtg. (PH)
7:00 pm - Bell Rehearsal 9CR)                       Friday, July 30

Wednesday, July 14                                  Saturday, July 31
                                                    12:00 - 4:00 pm - Function (PH)
Sunday, August 1                                     Tuesday, August 17
                                                     6:00-8:00 pm - UCRC (PH)
Monday, August 2
                                                     Wednesday, August 18
Tuesday, August 3                                    7:00 pm - LREC (HH)
5:30-6:30 pm - Comm. On Ministry (HH)
6:00-8:00 pm - UCRC (PH)                             Thursday, August 19

Wednesday, August 4                                  Friday, August 20
11:30 am - Book Group (Tramontano home)              7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)
                                                     8:00 pm - Co-ed Pictionary Night
Thursday, August 5
6:00-7:00 pm - Peace Vigil (Foxboro)                 Saturday, August 21

Friday, August 6                                     Sunday, August 22
7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)                Newsletter Deadline (church office)
                                                     10:30 am - Summer Worship Service
Saturday, August 7
                                                     Monday, August 23
Sunday, August 8                                     7:00 pm - PFLAG (CR)
10:30 am - Summer Worship Service
12:00 pm - Outdoor CG (meet in PH before leaving)    Tuesday, August 24
2:00 pm - Historical Society Mtg. (CR)               7:00-9:00 pm - HHRC Mtg. (HH)

Monday, August 9                                     Wednesday, August 25
10:00 am - Barton CG (Tramontano home)               12:15 pm - Organ Recital (Sanctuary)
7:00 pm - Emerson CG (Young Un home, Mary Lu - Fa-
                                                     Thursday, August 26
7:00-9:00 pm - HHRC Mtg. (HH)
                                                     Friday, August 27
Tuesday, August 10
                                                     7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)
7:00-9:00 pm - Executive Committee Mtg. (PH)
                                                     Saturday, August 28
Wednesday, August 11
                                                     Sunday, August 29
Thursday, August 12
                                                     10:30 am - Summer Worship Service

Friday, August 13
                                                     Monday, August 30
7:00-8:00 pm - Non-Function Mtg. (HH)
                                                     Tuesday, August 31
Saturday, August 14

Sunday, August 15
10:30 am - Summer Worship Service                    NO CHILDREN’S CHOIR BOTH MONTHS

Monday, August 16                                        NO BELL CHOIR BOTH MONTHS
7:30 pm - Temple Israel Board Mtg. (CR)

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