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					Dad, I want to say to you ... Mom and Dad

 late father more than a mother

 Dad, I want to say to you ...
% D % A Dad, I want to say to you ...
 Chang and validate the Changli Hebei Province, five (2) Ban Wang Yifan
 Dad, I want to say to you ...

  Dad Dad, I want to say to you ... It was a depth of the evening, because I lost the
language books, so come back late late. You have been at the school gate waiting for
me to see you freeze the purple face, I actually shed tears not live. Although this
matter over the past almost a year, but every time think of it, then the scene will
emerge before my eyes.

 remember another occasion, a night under heavy rain, I suddenly launched a high
fever. As high as 40 degrees Celsius, when you held my hand a small hand, the other
Shoumo me very hot very hot forehead, the firm said to his mother: "We must send
their children to the hospital." Talking to do give me a dressing action. "The sky is so
dark, it rained so much," her mother discouraged for you to say "must be very muddy
road, how do you take her to the hospital?" You did not care so much, and said
nothing, they hold me to Hospital ran. My family are 200 meters away from the
hospital, you have a moment in a hurry, forget bring rain gear. You step in to run in a
smooth way to the hospital. To the hospital soon, and did not think you a stagger, fell
down the stairs. I'm afraid to cry: "Daddy, Daddy, how do you up." With weak breath
you said to me: "Nothing, nothing." While holding my hand tightly, the subsequent
section of the road, you have tightened my floor, I fear half of rain Lin Zhao. Finally
to the hospital, though you were poured into a drowned rat, jacket, trousers spattered
the mud. You have completely ignored, and hurried to carry me into the pediatric
ward, the diagnosis I was diagnosed with pneumonia caused by a cold, you need to
read the diagnosis of a single infusion, paused and said to the doctor: "Well! It quickly
lose it! "in your good care, I recovered quickly. Later I learned that you have a cold
that day, but did not say it, only they have been quietly endured the pain.

 Dad, I want to say to you, thank you for your concern and care. Later, I will be more
careful study, I assume you want to become pillars of the nation were a person can do.

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