Geometry Pictionary 4 Grade

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					                                      Geometry Pictionary
                                          4th Grade
1. Launch:

2. Navigate to the following website and take notes on various geometry terms:

3. Launch

4.    Use the              to create a title page: Geometry Pictionary (Add shapes to the
      title, if desired)

5. Click                   to add a page.

6. Use the shape tool                 and select a filled circle to draw a point.

7. Use the                   to type the word point and a sentence which provides a

8. Choose other words to illustrate and describe such as: line, line segment,
   intersecting line, ray, angle, and plane. Create additional pages for geometry
   terms such as parallel and perpendicular lines and right, acute, and obtuse
   angles. (See sample)

9. To draw a line use the                    tool.

10. To draw a ray use the                    tool.

11. To draw a line segment use the                   tool.

12. Use the filled circle in the                area to add points to the lines, rays, and

To add the degree symbol to a number: Hold the CTRL key and type 0176.

13. Add images from the Stickers window to display authentic examples of the
    geometry terms.

14. Click                  and save each of the slides. When            launches, remove the

      checkmark next to Include Title Page.                         .

15. Choose a blank white theme.

16.            and            .

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