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Geo Sketch


									                                 Geo Sketch
                                  Game Instructions

   Geo Sketch is a game similar to Pictionary; although Geo Sketch deals with
   geometry terms instead of animals or other normal categories you would find in the
   Pictionary game. This is a great game to play with students who are learning
   geometry vocabulary. The good thing about this game is that there are easy, medium,
   and hard level cards, so most grade levels can play. (Recommended: grades 3-5.)

Game Pieces
   Yellow dice
   3 sets of cards (easy, medium, difficult)
   1 dry erase board
   2 dry erase markers
   1 wipe-off cloth
   1 spinner
   2 cube playing pieces
   Game board
   Stop watch (to keep time)

How to play Geo Sketch:

   1) Set up the game board and put the two game pieces on “start”. (Decide which
      team will be what game piece color.)

   2) Divide the number of players into 2 equal teams.
          You can play with 2 people, but it’s always more fun to have more
          If you have 3 players, one person can be in charge of sketching and the
             others can guess. (You can always switch jobs if you would like.)
          If you have an uneven number of players, one team can have more players
             than the other.

   3) Once you have set your teams, choose 1 person from each team to roll the dice to
      see which teams goes first. (Highest roll wins.)

   4) The team who won the highest roll will choose which set of game cards to use.
      (Easy, medium, hard.)

   5) A player on the team who won the roll will pick up the first card on the deck.

   6) This player is the first sketcher for his/her team. The sketcher has 60 seconds (1
      minute) to sketch the word or phrase written on the card he she drew from the
   card pile. (The person will draw on the white board and time will be kept on the

7) If the team is able to guess the word of phrase on the card within 60 seconds, the
   team will spin the spinner and advance to whatever space the spinner says.

8) If the team is unable to guess the word/phrase within 60 seconds, the other team is
   able to steal, but they may only guess 1 time. (If they guess correctly, then they
   will spin the spinner and advance on the game board. If neither team is correct,
   the card is put at the bottom of the deck and no team will win that particular

9) Whichever team wins that round, the next team will go and play will continue.

10) Play continues until a team reaches the “finish” spot on the game board. This
    team is declared the winner 

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