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					Campus fountain fountain Campus

 campus fountain on the glittering

 campus fountain,
 campus fountain,
 Yinzhou District Experimental Primary School five classes Li Yuxin

  glorious sun filled the sky over the campus, according to the entire campus,
glittering, over the direct light through the campus fountain in front of Ikegami.
  early in the morning, when I enter school, the first thing that your eyes are as soft as
spun yarn, such as stream-clear fountain, the sun makes it shine. Sometimes the water
was spewing the same as the fireworks to the jet around, but also like a blossoming
flower, gradually, the petals were re-emission of water waves smashed, and broken
every one of the petals falling into the pool, splashing from a spray, spray and then
gradually disappear and eventually disappeared. Red goldfish in the water having fun,
they are hard to beat the water, as if to rushed out of the water.
  class, and the playground of fun never stopped coming. Play tired, I often stood
beside the pool, to enjoy the continuous flow. The pillars of a sprinkler next to one
emitted by the water rushed to join, there will be many interesting and beautiful
blisters. Blisters more, have become a string of pearl-like necklace. Sometimes, the
two water column gushing water in the same time, collision with, into a small drop of
water, small water droplets began to fly around, the wind gently blowing the little
drops of your Lian Pang, disappeared before, you revel in this piece of cool being.
  sunset afterglow over through the campus, to a golden sprinkled sprinkler Ikegami,
this time the water in the breeze the breeze ripple under a golden thrown. Sunset
gradually receded, receded ... ...
  I do not know when the moon hung quietly over the campus, the beautiful campus
and it is as soft as spun yarn, such as stream-clear fountain was lit up again.

 Instructor: Dong Qiu Board
 reviews: This exquisite, beautiful language and detailed descriptions of the campus
of a scene (the fountain), showing little of the observation, sensibility.
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