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									Matthew Fisher

                                                                   Born 1976, Boston, Massachusetts
                                                               Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York

2000 Virginia Commonwealth University, Master of Fine Arts
1998 Columbus College of Art and Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Solo Exhibitions:

2010: Heskin Contemporary, New York, New York (upcoming)

2009: Lonesome George, ADA Gallery, Richmond, Virginia
      Forever Is, RARE, New York, New York

2006: Letting Go, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      While You Where Away, ADA Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

2005: Paintings, Stephanie Theodore at SCOPE, New York, New York

2004: Drawings and Paintings, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Group Exhibitions:

2010 Flat Earth, Winona State University, Winona, Minnesota (upcoming)
     Folksmusic, Daily Operation, Brooklyn, New York, curated by Jon Lutz
     Natural Reaction, Metropolitan Green, Brooklyn, New York, curated by Elizabeth Heskin,

2009 Ripple Effect, The Athenaeum, Alexandria, Virginia
     Beautiful Human, Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania,
     curated by Shelley Spector
     Vintage Violence, Space 414, Brooklyn, New York

2008 Political Winter Redux, Molloy College, Rockville Center, New York, curated by Dr. Yolande
     Trincere (catalog)
     The Drawing Narrative, Jenny Jansky Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (catalog)
     The Indigenous Visitor, Heskin Contemporary, New York, New York
     Spot Check: Academy Contemporary, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Philadelphia

2007 The Colonial Show, Second Street Gallery, curated by Leah Stoddard, (catalog)
     The Comic Uncanny, curated by Stephanie Theodore, Shaheen Modern & Contemporary Art,
     Cleveland, Ohio
     This Place is Ours! Recent Acquisitions at the Academy, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts,
     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     One Day I Will Control the Sun, The Arsenal Gallery in Central Park, New York, New York
     In Summer, The Song Sings Itself, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Trash Menagerie, Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada, curated by Christina Vassallo

2006 Posture and Expression, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2005 Hello Sunday, Sixtyseven Gallery, New York, New York, curated by Holly Coulis
     Casper David Séance, Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, New York
     Drawing For It 2, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Introspective Men, Madder 139, London, England, curated by David Kefford
     Operation RAW, Icebox Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Sasquatch Society, Sixtyseven Gallery, New York, New York
     Honeymoon With Romeo, Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel, Switzerland, curated by Holly Coulis
     Folklore for a New Millenium, Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angles, California
     Pencil on Glass, Sushi Art at Voz Alta Project, San Diego, California

2004 The Great (Re)Masters, Spector Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     AC, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, New York
     Pictionary, Kravets/Wehby Gallery, New York, New York, curated by Andy Cross
     Toys in the Attic, Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., New York, New York, curated by Stephanie
     Death to the Fascist Insect That Preys on the Life of the People, Gallery 800, Brooklyn, New
     This is for Real: War and the Contemporary Audience, State University of New York, Stony
     Brook, New York

2003 The Winter Show, The Painting Center, New York, New York
     The Next, SPACE Gallery, Portland, Maine
     Homeland Security, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, New York

Public Collections:

      Dogfish Head, Milton, Delaware
      Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


2007 Yaddo, Saratoga Springs, New York

2005 Millay Colony for the Arts, Austerlitz, New York
     Vermont Studio Center, Full Fellowship, Johnson, Vermont

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