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					Task: You will create picture flash cards of terms and concepts from this section of your book.
Then you will quiz other classmates on their knowledge of the term or concept.


   1. First you will have read the appropriate section from your textbook

   2. You will partner up and you will each be responsible for drawing eight “picture flash
      cards” (or half of the sixteen terms below)

   3. Each picture flash card should be ¼ the size of an 8 ½” x 11” piece of paper

   4. Each picture flash card MUST HAVE a picture of the definition of the term NOT the
      actual term

   5. Flash cards may not use letters, words, or numbers

   6. Flash cards must include color

   7. Each flash card must have the answer on the opposite side

   8. Partners will group up with another pair to form a group of four

   9. Finally, each pair will quiz the other pair on their knowledge of their terms (an
      interpretation of the definition of the term)

Terms/Concepts to be defined using pictures:
John Cabot                                        Bombay
Newfoundland                                      Henry Hudson
Sir Francis Drake                                 Northwest Passage
Sir Walter Raleigh                                Cape Horn
Sea Dogs                                          Jamestown, VA
King Philip II                                    Plymouth, MA
Spanish Armada                                    Slave labor
British East India Company                        Smuggling

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