Career Fair Skits _ Cheers - Mia by fjwuxn


									      What Cheer Am I?
  1.   Everyone divides into equal teams.

 2.    Each team picks a card from a hat and
   has 10 minutes to prepare. Use the Internet
   for hints!

 3.    The team with the person whose birthday
   is approaching the soonest goes first!

 4.    The first team to guess the career
   correctly gains 50 points and performs next!

 5.    The winning team is the one with the
   most points after all 4 teams have
   performed. Good luck!

   1. This game should be played in 1 hour.
   2. Assign 1 mentor to play “MC” and direct
     teams on and off the stage, as well as
     keep time during performances.
   3. Assign 1 mentor to record all key words
     used/guessed during performance so teams
     earn due points.

            TEAM A – The Cheer Squad
            Find your rhyme and shake that thang!
            Prepare a cheer that describes the
            career your group has been assigned.
            Every key word you include in your
cheer will gain your team 10 points!
Time Limit: 5 minutes

TEAM B – The Actors Guild
charades, get the audience to guess the
career your group has been assigned.
Every key word they get correct, your
team gains 20 points!
Time Limit: 10 minutes

              TEAM C – The Picassos
              Be artistic! Using Pictionary, get
              the audience to guess the career
              your group has been assigned. Every
              key word they guess correctly, your
              team gains 20 points!
              Time Limit: 7 minutes

TEAM D – The Soap Opera Stars
Be drama kings and queens! Act out a skit to get
the audience to guess the career your team has been
assigned. Every key word you use gains your team 10
Time Limit: 7 minutes
Genetic Engineer                Biochemist
Geneticists are researchers     The biochemist studies the
who study how various           effects of foods, hormones,
characteristics pass from       drugs, and toxins on plants,
parent to offspring.            animals and single cells.
Gene transplant work has        Their aim is to know what
given rise to the promising     chemical compounds make up
field of genetic engineering,   living things and how they
and genetic engineering         interact in metabolism,
companies are now               growth, reproduction and
manufacturing hormones,         heredity. They are
enzymes, and proteins for       researchers working in
medical and industrial use.     medicine, agriculture or

Medical                         Evolutionary
Microbiologist                  Biologist
Microbiology concentrates on
microorganisms, such as
bacteria, yeast, fungi,
protozoa and one-celled
algae. Since many organisms
cause disease, medical
microbiologists are concerned
with diagnosis, treatment and
Molecular                       Human Geneticists
                                These scientists provide new
Biologist                       explanations for such mental
Genetics have discovered the    disorders as schizophrenia
substance of the gene, DNA      and depression. They are also
and learned how to transplant   concerned with the treatment
genes from one organism to      and prediction of birth
another. Scientists who study   defects and heritable
DNA and its action are known    diseases such as Huntington’s
as molecular biologists.        chorea. Some geneticists have
                                mounted a massive effort to
                                map the human genome,
                                identifying all human genes
                                and pinning down their
                                locations on the chromosomes;
                                this effort has already
                                resulted in the ability to
                                test for many disease genes
                                and has also raised a number
                                of important ethical

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