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					Galaxy motherland brilliant brilliant

 brilliant Milky Way motherland, China

  really late, I am watching the dark sky a brilliant blue sky, the Milky Way, an untold
emotional impact heart. Miao Yuan deep sky the stars gleaming Shuoshuo, exile a
pure, shining.
  looking at the stars, reminds me of the motherland today, China's great achievements
as the stars. Each and blinking with bright light, every Chinese are very stimulating.
From the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games successful Olympic bid to the lunar probe
toward the moon, bit by bit, the growth record of China, economic prosperity,
technological advancement, all walks of the booming health and prosperity.
  walk in the campus, and I find the growth and progress of Chinese education,
circular plastic track, artificial turf, tall school buildings, picturesque teaching
  into the classroom, projector, television, computers, a complete set of equipment,
living in the 21st century, I was like rain in the seedlings grown in the fertile soil of
the motherland this one, absorbing nutrients motherland. How happy. In the school
has a record of my experience growing up, from first grade ignorant naive to today's
outstanding young pioneers, including sweat and growth difficulties on the road,
count them, but there will have to pay return my certificate plastered walls of the
bedroom, excellent young pioneers, poetry contest third prize, second prize
competition of modern culture, women's 400-meter run No. 1 ... ...
, this is not my mother grew up witnessing the development of it?
  wealthy and strong country, peace and prosperity, we attached a small house.
  into the neighborhood, blocks of skyscrapers, lots of green grass. Since my home of
40 square meters have also moved into the small house of 90 square meters big house,
our lives than there used to be major changes. LCD computer, flat screen TVs,
high-end refrigerators and washing machines. Motherland is growing, more and more
people's lives happy ... ...
  further recalls his childhood: I Ya Ya learn English pronunciation is the first "Mom",
I first of all recognize the word is "Chinese" I will sing the first song is
"Anthem," ... ... Since then, the tender heart, ah, the bent toward the motherland and
mother, then I came to know is 5,000 years old motherland.
  Now, I, a sixth-grade young pioneers, still has a unique share of the Chinese people
proud of, that is proud of the difficulties that inspired me, I have to give up, let me
re-grip onwards. Life on the road 12 seasons, has been with me that the motherland
has always been, and I was growing up in China, is the mother of history had told me:
No mother, no home, the state is not strong, bullied by others! Therefore, I have to
study hard for their future, for the prosperity of the country. I am trying, striving,
growth was!
  take-off in China, the growth experienced a hundred years of humiliation, a hundred
years hard work, gradually matured, and I, as a pure Chinese nation must keep pace
with the growth of the motherland.
 late at night, I softly sang: "We are successors of communism ... ..." I do not know
why, suddenly think of the night, the stars are so bright ... ... This article comes from
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