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  Frontier Seasons
  wife, mother, war, conquest of desire like a huge whirlpool, with irresistible force,
sweeping all the innocent people from entering.
  title record warm spring
  treasure of Emperor, Western Xia Yuanhao emperor, Sung court summoned crusade
  Tokyo suburb, the coast of the willow in the wind blowing, wire touching the general
frivolity, YANG Hua sky flying. Gap in the shadows of the trees, a few pedestrians
are off.

  mother and wife are treated in Ku Cheng. I bear the burden, which the mother before
leaving for my close gap sweater. I Niuzhuan Tou, tears will only increase at this time
of sadness. Come on Come on, we must endure Jungun of late. Loudly urged the
officers and men in front.
  "Son, remember that cold weather had to wear that sweater ah. "Behind him came
the sound of trembling Qi Su.
  "come back early, we are all here waiting for you. "Thank you weave a charm for me,
my wife.
  Take it easy, baby I was defending the homeland, certainly made a triumphant return,
outward success, the family line.

  climbing wading, and finally to the extension of the state.
  large military camp, is full of iron horses Ge, in addition to also deserted. A horse
Chi Guo, flips billowing smoke, choke my nose. It's hair in the sun under a dazzling
shine. Distribution of horses until the day I knew it was my horse, my career in the
long war's most loyal partner. I named the fire ear to it.
  spring is the season of hope and see what feels full of life, no decadence, no pain.
However, the basic plot and all the tragedy, as at the beginning of the hope that the
larger end of the disappointment.

  summer weather is getting hot, the ground steaming with heat, attempting battalion
brothers tried to egg hit the ground, a few minutes to ripen as long as the compartment
tissue, since you can save some firewood the. Even the rare touch of hot wind is
  since that did not come here to rain. The sun shining with impunity on this land,
some land and even opened cracks.
  training camp, eat, sleep, go on so endlessly repeated. In this hot dry summer will
give us some consolation probably only a few brothers every night to chat with lying
on the ground. Northwest of the stars is particularly bright. Today is Tanabata, I saw
the Altair and Vega, and you see that? Tens of thousands of miles away from you and
me, why do I feel this is still far away than the Milky Way? Legend of Love can still
get together once a year, if I had the privilege to die, then I can have white hair on the
temples, like the road side of the old heart of the willow in the spring and could dance
no more.
  I began to regret it.
  brother who said he had been digging fortification for the king who, official abuse of
forced recruitment before he came here. He would rather my life be like in the past
from the days not so bright, night work to do, feel very tired, when to go home. Even
if ... ... ... ... eat only wild coarse grains, is also a bowl of vegetable soup to pick his
daughter, his wife washed thin to his son early in the morning to firewood, his mother
keep The head of the fire in the stove side. A force together, proudly bowl of soup,
then simmer with patience, the time in the night, lit a candle for him back taste.
Zaikuzailei, after all, can remain in their homeland, can see his family every day,
drink a bowl of vegetable soup, is dead, and soul can survive. Now, it must be long
voyages crossing thousands of miles to go that the death feast.
  yes ah, great wealth how can I match up with the warmth and family? I was wrong.
  did, however, even aware of this, they will also be captured soldiers.

  for several months, still does not rain. I have forgotten what the taste of the water.
  fire of my ears! It lay on the ground, the horrendous thirst, painful moaning, issued a
final soon as vocalization, tranquil and ground died. I kneel next to it. It's hair
reflected light stung my eyes, its body temperature as the combustion when the
Phoenix Nirvana general. Rain
  I do not know is the rain running down his cheeks or tears, masi, like wind, like a
lonely wind swept wilderness. Dimly through tears, the I thought I saw you go to the
field every day for my meal, catkins falling in your hair. At that time, the wind in the
willows wind your hair, Qingwu flying.

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