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  on the friends Yingkou Yingkou City, Liaoning Province, Yan Nan School Six years
Li Yang
  I am 13 years old, and I already have numerous friends, this is in this short 13 years,
I am most happy to do.

 childhood, as some expect are not met, together with students from time to time of
cynicism, I often complain about the unfairness of things. Now, I have been a middle
school student, I really feel life is intense and rich, competition is fierce and cruel. But
this time, I no longer have avoided the idea. Because, "In the distance," I have many
good friends.

 good friend, no need to contact every day, because in each other's mind, there is a
rain line underlie; good friend, always ready with open arms, completely I accept the
imperfect; good friend, give me courage to fear the cold; good friend to accompany
me across the vulnerable and confused ... ...

 this world, Some people deliberately distance, but want someone else's close; people
want to assess the first harvest, in the modest pay; people want to be loved, but do not
want to love their own initiative. But I still believe that love does not pay, can not be
love! So, I try to do something with their own little power, I hope love will always
reverberate from person to person! Finally, I found, as long as I love with this world,
to care about every person who loves me, nothing can be stumped me!

 friend told me: "Time, Soon both died young, only one!"

 friends told me: "Do you want happiness, we must put down nostalgia, down sorry!"
 good friend told me: "Happiness is like a living, do not give yourself too great a
burden, that life has no joy at all! "

 friend told me:" the ability to adjust their own people, the real strong! "

 thank my friends for giving me help and encouragement, I know, they have been
quietly watching me, for my delight every little progress for every setback I
encountered worry about. I wish I did not let them down - I will stick to travel in their
own way, indefinitely!

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