Forget - forget the sorrow sorrow by fdjerue7eeu


									Forget - Forget sorrow sorrow

 forgotten sorrow of Nanning endless

 forgotten - sad

 forgotten - sad
 Guangxi Nanningnanning foreign language classes started this 2 Huang Ting
 untold suffering to me slowly extend
 until my inner world,

 sometimes aroused my endless yearning
 sometimes aroused I was sad breezes rolling

 My world is no longer full of light
 I have only blindly struggle
 desire to have the support of the sun
 desire for love, surrounded by

 life has been lost confidence
 has lost the passion for life

, but only faith can give me the courage to
  passion can only give me power

 waiting for the fate of
 thousand years of transmigration only
 walk through the narrow gap
 I came today

% No matter how bad D% A I am willing to wait no matter how much

 hard I try to believe that

 loss does not mean that never again never again have
 I will blindly wait
 would like to forget forever the sad
 never to do the tarried

 I want to forget the past and
 not miss the pain
 from scratch, I believe the eternal
 will always have to ask you how far
 it is because I love you forever
 meteor seen across the moment
 tear was no longer designated drop
 forgotten just because a U.S.
 sad that America is called

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