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 more beautiful tomorrow, our law

 for a better tomorrow

 for a better tomorrow, Shandong Province Zibo Zhoucun Zhoucun first 02
experimental school 2 classes Yuanyuan
 high school is the dream of the times, countless dreams for our youth to make us
happy, to bring hope into tomorrow ... ... How then do we make their future more OK

  CPC Central Committee and State Council has forwarded the "Central Propaganda
Department, Ministry of Justice on civil law publicity and education in the Fourth
Five-Year Plan", from which "young students to raise the quality of law into the
efforts. at all levels, all schools should set up legal education classes, and make plans,
lessons, teaching materials, teachers 'implementation of four', to ensure universal
access to basic legal knowledge of the tasks completed during the nine-year
compulsory education "of the request, we side also seemed a little something more -
the legal system. Shows that the rule of law in the future society, with legal quality is
very important; Not only that, but the law can defend people's lives, because the law
is designated by the state to provide rights and obligations as the main content,
compulsory and universal constraints of national forces rules of conduct. In modern
society, people's survival and development are inseparable from the law.

 law also play many roles: it can be clearly tells us that social life can do, the right to
do, can not do, what must be done, which makes us do things with direction, playing
the role of its guidelines. The evaluation of an act of law is correct, and draw lessons
to regulate people's behavior, play the role of escort for a living, this is the role of its
evaluation. It also allows people to anticipate their actions, to determine their choice
behavior and orientation, which is the law by providing for the legal consequences of
human behavior, play a role in the forecast. Legal education also played a role, that is,
through its normative values reflect the mainstream of society and moral values, so
that people are the rule of law and justice education. Most importantly, it played a role
in enforcement, legal, through its coercive power to protect people's legitimate right
to punish criminal acts, as the escort lives of citizens.

 We live in an era of respect for the rule of law. We want to be a new era in the
development of a qualified civil society, should we do?

 First of all, we should strive to learn the knowledge of law students. Especially with
their lives, some of the most basic legal knowledge to understand and master. Now we
are in the era of knowledge economy forward, a legal literacy is difficult in a rapidly
developing and increasingly complex society to survive, let alone made a big
accomplishment. A better understanding of some legal knowledge is the rule of law
our minimum requirement, which we abide by the law, use of the premise.

  Second, we should abide by the law, develop good conduct and morality. Rights of
law-abiding respect for others is also a protection of their rights. We are law-abiding
students to understand the consistency and protection of their rights, but also to
enhance the consciousness of acting according to law, adhere to the law-abiding as
their basic obligations, as a concrete expression of respect for social ethics; In
addition, the law contains human moral requirements to become a noble person
should also have good legal quality and good moral character. Therefore, we must
abide by the law, but also cultivating morality, and make a dignified, with the United
States and Germany, people of high character.

  again, we should be good use, good at using legal weapons to protect their legitimate
interests. Our rights are conferred by law, and therefore will be protected by law. Once
the illegal infringement of our rights and interests and can not be obtained with the
general compensation, access to justice will be our wisest and most effective option.
On the contrary, swallow, make compromises in order not only make people think you
are a sign of weakness, but also condoned the illegal and criminal. Those tooth for a
tooth, blood gas succeed the courage, self-retaliation would violate the law, so that
victims become victimizers themselves from the results will be brought to justice, to
drink their own brewed Moved and repentant. Therefore, we must understand that
citizens in safeguarding their legitimate rights and interests shall not prejudice the
rights of others Oh!

  21st-century students, as well as for our bright future, we should try to be a
law-abiding, citizen of high moral character and qualified to undertake the building of
a socialist modernized country's sacred mission. Are you ready?

 Supervisor: Teng Yu Jie
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