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					Flying past flying dove of peace dove of peace

 peace dove flying past in the past

 peace dove, wings flapping Ling vacated. Our past, but also flying ... ...
 title in mind our past, in the little time you put up the horns is braided by your wings.
Each home will run to the balcony, facing the opposite of your home, shouted:
"Pigeon ... ..." Sometimes, delighted to find that your little head from the dark green
of the glass edge of the drilled , but more often just plain your mother answered the
cries of: "dove not go home. "We're just a child's playmate, dismal only know each
other's pet name, but vowed to each other in mind.
 Yeah, in the past, each bearing in mind that drilling in the past ... ... there is no room
for adults, playing laughing to do every family. You always complain there is no
groom, and I always muttering poor your skills. We are so happy, even memories can
not pass through this time of notebook.
 I clearly remember, you said you like pigeons, as mother told you, dove is a symbol
of peace. I have just smiled, I know that no matter how many people call you, but I
must be your only happiness. Because, then, who can replace the friendship between
us then? So innocent, not the slightest modification. Even if you put her hands get
dirty, her paint your face with dirty water.
 What happened then? How was like out? I only take it lightly and ask myself, ah yes,
the past, and a her ... ... Now, there are more. After that move, do not know How many
years because of something in the boarding house when he was only re-see you. Do
you remember me, I still remember you, but, when I have more friends than you care
about. Dove, pigeon gray is not the past, and like the wings of a dove, frank generous.
Small, not a shred of my growing up because of your cold quietly uncomfortable.
Three children, they lie on the bed. Around you, feeling lost a lot, no longer speaking
to each other could not finish it, but the silence of silence. Adults turn off the lights,
you also quietly to sleep. I just wronged, gently wipe the tears of his eyes, falling
asleep ... ...
 that night, probably the most vivid recent memory of the. I'm just sad, like his older
brother to me good, but you just looked cold. Like his brother, because my wayward
cry, and you just playing the game quietly. Like his brother, he smiled to me, but you
just do not do sound's gone. Perhaps then, you completely away from the heart,
perhaps from then on, my brother as he became my best friend.
 re-grow up, have to now. I remember back of your small, little sweet, a little promise,
but people have changed ... ...
 year of test results would be released that day, I'm just a light but eagerly anxious to
know friends their results, one by one inquiry in the past, one by one the blessings of
the past, the Cited place orders for you. But today, suddenly the memories, suddenly
struck, can not tell the lonely, can not tell the sad, really want to loudly ask her mother:
"Mom, how pigeons exam. "But not say it's only silence.
 dove, promise, I forgot, instead of just sad. We have said that grew up with, I do not
know one of you down, will alone.
 had a grandfather left behind a group of pigeons on the roof, each saw their own past,
will think of you. And now that Grandpa is gone, Pigeons are scattered, and I do not
know whether their forgetfulness of cruel, but I hope you can know and hope you will
not blame me. Perhaps the time is so cruel, I am not aspiring to eternal friend, just
want to say, pigeons, we are still friends.
 In the past, has a dove of peace, is yearning for you and me. Personally flying it, our
hearts are full of feeling of the divine. However, time is no longer, now, If I were
given a chance, I would hope and you fly with it, perhaps, it is our past friendship.
 is a pigeon, flying with peace. A pigeon, send our past friendship, peace dove flying
past, our friendship, is flying ... ...
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