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					Fly to the moon the moon fly

 flying to the moon Chinese mythology

  in China, spread with a beautiful fairy tale: the Moon. The story of Chang'e is the
medicine of God fly with the moon, and today's China, with the help of high
technology into space achieved a myth. When Shenzhou spacecraft carrying the
aspirations of millions of Chinese people into the sky, the Chinese also will take off.
  2003 年 10 月 15 日 9 hours, at 9 o'clock on the October 12, 2005 the whole and
at 21:10:04 on the September 25, 2008, China's manned spacecraft Shenzhou-5, 3,
Shenzhou 6 and the launch of Shenzhou-7 has opened a new era of China's manned
space industry. The three big things on my feelings, my mind had a great desire - fly
to the moon.
  launch Shenzhou VII, the astronauts Zhai Zhigang in at half past four p.m. on the
September 27 extravehicular well, I'm worried for him, excited for a long time at
night, they began to slowly fall asleep ... ... Suddenly, I eye opener. Hey, this is not the
Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center? How I sat inside the spacecraft? That is not me my
parents to wave it? Do I have to go to the moon? "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one, ignition, launch! "Commanders shouted. "Bang" to a loud noise,
rocket off the ground!
  12 rockets off, the spacecraft entered the preset orbit, ran to the moon. Ground
command center received the instructions, I dined, the United States and the United
States in the sleeping bag slept. Spacecraft in space like a leaf boat and slowly travel,
fly over the earth and the moon and in points. Here, the Earth is extraordinarily
beautiful, like a blue and Ying Ying's water polo; front, fascinating distant sight, the
moon also has its shining the bright silver, like just out of jade round of dehydrated
ice mirror, spotless. 28 hourly for 14 hours after launch, the ground sent a call center,
the spacecraft began to slow down the flight, before long, I'm going to the moon! Two
hours later, lunar module landed on the moon smooth. I am excited and thrilled to
report to the center of the ground: I have been to the moon it!
  I opened the door, down the steps, the moon, I feel surprisingly calm. Armstrong left
footprints that, I began a hectic work. Chinese flag stuck to the first, then plug in to
the monument, and then start collecting lunar rocks and lunar soil, installation of solar
wind measuring device, TV camera, laser, on seismometers and other instruments.
The work is completed, I sighed with relief, the lunar module to return to the land
under my feet, waving hands, the start of the lunar module left the moon.
  "ticking", alarm clock rang. Ah, this is a dream! But I firmly believe that this dream
will become reality! .. This article from [worry document] collection
and sorting, for the original author. / Center>

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