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Flower splash tears when a sense of understanding on the matter


									Flower splash tears when a sense of understanding on the matter

 poet in fact do understand

 flu flower splash tears
 Chinese poet has written: "flu flower splash tears Do not hate birds startling. "In fact,
the phrase is illustrated poems love scene with the move of the truth. Understanding
of things and feelings a person has a lot.

 for ordinary people, the grain of sand is sand, but in the eyes of a poet, a grain of
sand can be filled with the world. Drops in the eyes of a poet can be a reflection of the
world. Because of the emotional poet, things will be different from the average
person's understanding. "A thousand thousand eyes of Hamlet", also may be due to
feelings of intimacy is a thing different result.

 in the "thinner than yellow," the woman poet Li Qingzhao eyes, her live in peace,
happiness and less suffering by the war, so She will "Xing Jin late return boat crossing
the competition transition really does compete in a pool Oulu;" things vicissitudes,
however, she later suffered war-displaced, widowed hate, for her, when the boat is
"Zai Budong lot of worry." A boat is a happy and well before the carrier, after a boat
has become a melancholy and pain of sustenance. Is boat changed? No, but her
feelings changed --- people have changed everything off. Her understanding of things
or the right, or wrong? In fact, no fixed rule, the answer is colorful.

  Some people say that the Chinese created the month. In fact, these words are not
exaggerated. In science, only one month of life and feeling no ore, but because of
China's countless beautiful poem the poet has given many a moon of eternal life. In
Wang Wei's poem goes: "Moon Song illuminates, the clear upper stone." Zhang poem:
"frost sky falls of Wu Ti, Jiang Feng fishing-boat on the melancholy sleep." Li Bai's
poem: "Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves, not allow Jinzun
air-to-month." Su Shi's words: "A comparative study of wine and the sky?" These
beautiful lines, has thin body odor, fragrance still to population, endless feeling.
However, we can find the poet's feelings are different: Wang's well-being, Zhang's
frustrated, unrestrained Li Bai and Su Shi's dead Kuang Yuan. This is true, for the
same understanding of things are not quite the same month. Similarly, for other things,
the poets also have a different understanding, it was hi the spring, it was sad spring;
was hurt, the more it was flu. Emotional understanding of things is a point, a
divergent source.

 thousand centuries, our great leader Mao Zedong's "Moment of Romance of days old,
world is full of vicissitude" is expressing a generation of great open-minded mind and
ambition. He "days" is precisely the knowledge of things with his grand ambition and
broad mind linked.

, therefore, the feelings of closeness were different understanding of things will be
different. The so-called "eye of the beholder," the feelings of parents, the love of
things, feeling tired of thinning the right things. In fact, this is a matter of opinion.

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