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					Boys and girls girls teacher

  female teacher was born in follow
  boys and girls in our class
  boys and girls in our class seems born to a group of small enemies, in front of other
classes are filled with very harmonious, in secretly, thick smell of gunpowder lot,
  in the classroom, teachers often say: "You boys and girls learn and get to see people
more obedient!" Then Min Zhuozui girls laugh, boys will whisper: "What a great,
obviously eccentric teacher! "shaking his fist even frighten boys in girls:" You smile
again, be careful a beating! "girls just can not agree, because we have a secret weapon
- the teacher of" surreptitious. "
  music class, teachers will sing for girls, boys on one side to go with. The reason is
simple, we may from time to sing okay then convinced the boys I do not know Who
was the head of a singing girl, boys, queer below to sing along to songs of female
purity and preventing the mess. Teacher angry, boys still can go its own way.
  course, there are boys "flex its muscles in it." That festivals such as classes, teachers
give boys and girls were the same size of a newspaper, a newspaper on the station See
more people. We girls hold you squeeze me, for fear of their stations do not go up, the
results may dilute the Palestinian newspaper foot rot. The boys use their brains, both
the method of speaking about technology, neat and orderly form a pyramid, so really
impressed us. After the success of the boys were ecstatic, proud of his antics get to us,
we that look like Shuangda of eggplant, crestfallen.
, however, there are boys and girls, when harmony. For example, mass labor, our class
particularly strong sense of honor, regard the "personal grudges" cast aside. Tired girls,
boys come and help; boys scratched hands, put their girls to boys with the Band-Aid,
all want to be first class. Can work off, the "war" has begun.
  hey, really "not enemies would meet somehow" Ah! But I really like this class.
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