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  feeling happy Wuhan first two days of the first junior high class Huang Jingwen
everyone is happy, life , the well-being everywhere, as long as you thin to go to taste,
you will find that the original meaning of happiness is so rich and varied: access to
happiness, dedication is a happy, happy to enjoy success and experience the
frustration on the well-being, a hero is Well, born in this world, and grows more
mature and a blessing.
  virtually remember a story, the story is less the content of this:
  very happy that a girl from another quarrel with her mother, her mother told her to
pique, not to return home the. So, the girl stormed away. Days, dark gray, the girl
shiver involuntarily. Suddenly, in front of a noodle stand, the girl went up to her to
buy a bowl of the wonton, but when she paid only found out when the original forgot
to bring money, but she has a hungry, they can not go home So slow refuse to leave.
Noodle stand owner was a kind-hearted old lady, her Seeing this, it can not help heart
health sympathy. She told the girl: "I ask you to bowl ravioli, right?" ... ... Just eat a
few bites, the girl burst into tears when she learned what was going on, the old woman
asked: "I only ask you to eat a bowl of wonton, you moved to burst into tears, and
your parents do for you how many meals ah? you have been so moved by it? "girl was
  when the girls rushed to get home, she saw her mother is anxiously looked around
downstairs ... ... to see the girl, her mother was relieved, and quickly come and take
her hand and said: "The rice has been well , and is waiting for you to come back is
going to eat! Hurry up or a bad cold on the stomach ... ... "the girl again eyelids in
earnings, she finally came to understand, the original well has been at her side. But
she has not felt it.
  feeling happy, you will find the beauty of spring; feelings of happiness, you will find
the meaning of a smile: feelings of happiness, you will send the true meaning of
life ... ...
  You feel around you happy?

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